How To Use AT&T Applications on HTC Freestyle

HTC Freestyle AT&T Phone user can download and manage AT&T application on their device. AT&T give user access to set it up. if you have or just buy HTC Freestyle there are applications available that AT&T provider put it on your smartphone.

  • AT&T Appcenter
AT&T AppCenter is an online store provided by AT&T where you can download free and paid apps to be used on your device.

To access AT&T AppCenter, select Menu>AppCenter

  • AT&T Family Map
 AT&T FamilyMap is a subscription service that allows you to conveniently locate a family member’s wireless phone on a map from your device. To sign up or learn more about AT&T FamilyMap visit

  • AT&T Navigator
AT&T Navigator is a GPS application that requires a subscription. When you have subscribed to AT&T Navigator, you can use the application to get turn by turn directions, find local business and more. Contact AT&T for further details.

To access AT&T Navigator, select Menu>AT&T Navigator. 

  • AT&T Radio
The AT&T Radio application (accessed from the Main Menu) that allows you to listen to 300+ stations anywhere you go. AT&T Radio does require a subscription outside of your data plan. For additional details, contact AT&T.

To access AT&T Radio, select Menu>AT&T Radio.

Connect a Wired Headset (it acts as the antenna) and select a station. 


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