Samsung Impression For AT&T Reviews

The first impression of Samsung Impression was a good one; it's a substantial phone that nevertheless doesn't feel heavy. It's located on the right side of the device, on the lower portion. From the moment you flip open the Impression, it’s quite apparent that something different is firing below the glossy 3.2-inch screen on the phone. Haptic feedback, which makes the phone buzz when you press an icon, makes a nice (literal) touch, as well.

Any phone running at the point on AT&T becomes an immediate competitor to the iPhone, which makes the Impression a tough sell, even as an otherwise well-rounded device. The Samsung Impression, one of the latest from AT&T, has a large touch-screen display and a spacious keyboard, along with an excellent camera. It's an exceptional device that might make you decide you need a new phone.

Display: The front of the phone is dominated by the 3.2-inch AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display.

Keyboard: The QWERTY keyboard is surprisingly roomy, and I really enjoyed using it. The keys are illuminated for nighttime use, and the Impression is the easiest phone to use in dim conditions so far, thanks to the exceptionally clear key labels.

In short, it's just about the best physical QWERTY keyboard I've ever used, and if you do a lot of messaging, the Impression would be a great choice if you're tired of trying to use the tiny, thumb-cramping keyboards found on most phones these days.

The Samsung Impression is one of the many phones AT&T dropped a few weeks back that features a full QWERTY keyboard. The Impression stands out from the rest as a full touchscreen device that uses an AMOLED display. The phone mimics many smart phone features, and has a very polished UI that reacts smoothly to the user’s command. It’s honestly a great feature phone, yet the experience using it left me feeling I was using a very limited smart phone, which might be the point.
The device is smooth and curved. The subtle chrome accents make the Impression stand out, and small features, like a proximity sensor to turn off the display when near your face, add to the overall quality of the Impression.

TouchWiz on the Samsung Impression is fast and fun to use. Whatever else this phone offers, the first thing you notice, and the biggest selling point, is the AMOLED display. The display is the real draw to this device. If you buy this phone, get a screen cover.

The Impression is a good phone. The speakerphone on the Impression also worked well. The browser can be used with either the QWERTY keyboard, or a full touchscreen keyboard that pops up when you close the device. Both keyboards worked well (but more on that later). I’ll admit, the 3.0MP camera is good for a camera in a cell phone. The phone also features a decent suite of photo editing and enhancing features that, to be honest, were surprisingly easy to use.

The second main feature of this device is the full size QWERTY keyboard that slides out from behind the display. The keys are widely spaced and large, offering a soft click when pressed. The touchscreen keyboard can be T9 or full QWERTY depending on if the phone is in portrait or landscape. It has many of the features that make smart phones desirable, such as the full QWERT keyboard, GPS, and a touchscreen display. The Impression is priced the same as the iPhone 8GB, and it seems that whoever would buy the Impression for it’s features would be better off just making the jump to the iPhone and the smart phone category as a whole. The questions to ask yourself if considering this phone are these: Do you need it right now? This phone wants so desperately to be a smart phone, but too many “feature phone” features prevent it from being anything but another victim of iPhone envy.  Once the price drops, this phone will be a fantastic device to use, but at the current price, you’re better off waiting.


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