Adobe Flash Player Will Present In ATT Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Adobe Flash Player, which is not included in the Ice Cream Sandwich's first smartphone in the world ATT Samsung Galaxy Nexus , was complained of by many users. However, the Galaxy Nexus is rumored to be soon coming of Flash and AIR 3.1 in December.

Adobe has just confirmed the Adobe Flash Player 11.1 and Adobe AIR 3.1 is present in the Galaxy Nexus in December. This is because the number of complaints about the provision does not feature Flash on Android version 4.0.

Moreover, it does not complete if the current Galaxy Nexus is present in the United States (U.S.) is not equipped with Flash and AIR, considering this phone is very sophisticated and has been running on LTE or 4G networks.

If Adobe will incorporate Flash and AIR to the Galaxy Nexus, the indications of this being the last to flash the mobile version. Actually, a smart phone that features a Flash certainly better and become the perfect phone. So that was launched Internet News, Wednesday (11/30/2011)

Fingers crossed the news on Adobe Flash that will be present in the ATT Samsung Galaxy Nexus in December right, because perfection Ice Cream Sandwich Android smartphone without Flash, become lost. Given recently also discovered a bug (system disorder) that occurs in the volume of mobile Ice Cream Sandwich, made
​​by Samsung.


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