iPhone 4S As The Remote To Star A Car

iPhone Remote

This staggering of Siri again found. Having previously could be used to measure the temperature inside the house, now an assistant personal voice of the iPhone 4S could serve as a remote to start the car.

Siri on the iPhone 4S is now not only can serve as a personal assistant by relying on the excess noise in terms of information retrieval to beat Google, but now can be used to turn on, open the door and opened the trunk.

Earlier this week, the public was surprised to find Siri applications can be added to the control termostrat. Through videos uploaded 9to5mac, show cars Acura TL was able to adopt Siri seems to turn on the engine. Similarly, as quoted by The Next Web, Friday (11/25/2011).

While this is a relatively rapid progression of Siri, Siri but the developers say that this is a common and quite reasonable. Especially when considering the previous voice command has been simplified to the point where almost the same as the conversation.

"Siri Proxy plugin that I designed to handle the actual php script running on my personal web server. Scirpt php that I developed months ago as a personal assistant, allowing me to be able to send perintak into my car, if you have a module that is equipped Viper SmartStar, "Siri said the developer on his official blog.

"Orders are accepted, could serve as the engine vehicle, turn off the engine, running and also to stop the vehicle, it can even turn the alarm on the vehicle," continued the developer.

Possible future car not only be controlled by the driver, but can be taken over with smart phones that have adopted high-tech.


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