RIM Offers Anti-Virus To iPhone

Research in Motion (RIM) slowly began to adjust its mobile strategy with the motto, "if you can not beat them, join them."

The motto at the top shows how RIM is trying to convince users of iPhone and Android, not to switch to using a BlackBerry, but RIM is trying to offer anti-virus software which is a rival to its own platform.

RIM-made anti-virus software is named Mobile Fusion, which offers a new security package that can be used on the iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets. Anti-virus enables surveillance or the device can monitor all activities. This software also came with a remote content deletion or locking certain access into the device.

"We want to fulfill what is sought by customers in the company and this is an opportunity for us. It will become a de facto recognition as a platform (security)," said Alan Panezic, Vice President of RIM, told TG Daily, Wednesday (11/30/ 2011).

Of course, this is a good idea about the company's major customers are using devices other than BlackBerry. RIM mimiliki assumed belief that all companies will continue to use the BlackBerry forever, but now Android and the iPhone has also been transformed as a device that offers users in the company to switch.


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