ATT Will Lead LTE Windows Phone Charge

2012 is the year that Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system will begin to make its presence felt.
Several makers are poised to release LTE-compatible handsets featuring Windows Phone in the first half of the year, and every one will debut on ATT's wireless network, in line with a SuperSite blog source. The Nokia Ace, Samsung Mendel and HTC Radiant all are said to get a shout out at the upcoming consumer Electronics Show in January. The Ace is anticipated to drop on March 18, 2012. we have a tendency to could learn more regarding release dates for the other 2 at CES.

While little is thought regarding the Mendel or the Radiant, explore for a 4.3-inch display on the Ace, beside a one.4GHz processor, 16GB of storage and an 8MP camera with auto-focus.

The report says ATT's competitors will get their hands on some Windows Phones in the first half of 2012, solely they won't be LTE devices. Nokia's Lumia 710 (codename "Sword") is ready to hit Verizon Wireless in April. T-Mobile's version of the 710 will press on sale the second week of January, giving America's fourth-largest carrier a three-month lead on Verizon.

Despite toiling in relative obscurity up to the current point, the Windows Phone operating system could be able to make a big push. Some analysts estimate that it may may surge into second place in market share as soon as 2015 – passing Apple's iOS, trailing solely Android – thanks to Microsoft's new international partnership with Nokia.

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