AT&T Unlimited Plans Maybe Will Remove AT&T Text Message

IntoMobile writes that an "agent / employee discussion forum on HowardForums has revealed the possibility of new data plans for AT&T unlimited plan." The new plans would be a little cheaper, but ending in text messages and imposing a "soft cover" of 5GB of data usage per month in the package called "unlimited" MediaMax, and users who go over that urged (?) to join a more expensive plan. Urged? Paperback? How does that work in a business situation? Unlimited is unlimited, right?
“Unlimited PDA data plans will be reduced to $ 30, with unlimited access to MediaNet going for just $ 15 per month. However, text messages will no longer be bundled with data plans. More than $ 5 for 200 SMS text messages per month, $ 15 gives you 1500 text messages, $ 20 gets you unlimited individual texts, and $ 30 gives your unlimited text messaging family plan".

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AT&T Plans Must Suit And Protect Android Plans In Anti Trust Case

Android may be the superior operating system in the U.S. and beyond, but its success has given rise to any competition, legal and business affairs. Google is now fighting to protect their plans for Android in the next antitrust suit against AT&T and T-Mobile plans. Android operator has become more competitive sensitive documents to the Justice Department in the investigation of the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile, revealing product development and launch of Android plans. This information is important in the antitrust case, but Google filed a motion in federal court in Washington last night asking a judge for release before the hope of maintaining the content (which also includes customer information) confidential.

It's just another sore spot in the world only in part of mobile technology, and Google may not be the only one seeking protection in the case of high-level fusion scheduled for trial in Februaryregarding to AT&T plans and Android Plans. Motorola, which is currently in merger process itself through its acquisition by Google, you may also want to protect your confidential documents in this matter, and Samsung, another maker of Android, you might want to keep confidential the sensitive content well.

AT&T Outage Problem In Los Angeles

Los Angeles experienced a day of dropped calls or straight out impossible connections on the AT&T network outage over the weekend, which had started  Saturday about 3pm and continued until the wee hours Sunday morning. AT&T was having a pre-recorded message that technicians are working on the problem, but they don't have an exact deadline when it will be fixed.
While Los Angeles residents have been joking that such days with AT&T in the city are just called Sundays, company spokespeople have confirmed that there were issues with the power at more than a 1000 cell phone towers, which brought on the wireless service disruption. That sounds like a huge number, so quite a lot of people must have been affected. Did you feel the AT&T outage in LA over the weekend?
And how AT&T outage in Southern California?

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AT&T Outage Service In Southern California

The interruption of AT&T outage, Saturday and Sunday and anger provoked mixed reactions from customers, but the service has been restored, though not completely, but most of the customers of AT&T Wireless in Southern California.
Around 3pm on Saturday overnight, customers reported difficulties in receiving or making calls within the network of AT & T. However, since the cut affected only voice service, customers were still able to send and receive text messages and data.
According to Red Meredith, a spokesman for AT&T, the wireless connection problems due to a hardware equipment issue, but later confirmed that it is a mechanical problem with switching equipment that routes calls.
The hardware problem affected 900 mobile phone towers within the network across the country from Los Angeles. As of Sunday morning, service was mostly restored.
During the interview with CNN spokeswoman Meredith Network, she said: "We are almost all back online with the exception of a handful of towers to be operational soon"
The company gave no figures on how many users were affected massively cut, but the masses and customers were angry enough to cut AT&T trends in Twitter.
A report by KTLA said AT&T outage is considering rebates to customers on a base-by-case basis, but without a clear indication of how to qualify for refund or credit.

New ATT Text Plan For Their Customers

AT&T's killing their $10/1,000 text plan. Now, you'll have to choose between $20 for unlimited, or forgo a plan and pay $0.20 per message. AT&T calls this "streamlining." We call it what it is: an outrageous, gigantic scam.

It's important to note, before considering anything SMS, that text messages are essentially free. Not for you, of course, but for companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Unlike uploading a video to YouTube from your phone, which eats mobile bandwidth, text messages ride the same itsy bitsy communication channel your handset uses to check in with local towers to make sure it's turned on. Each text hitches a ride on an infinitesimally small data packet, chugging through traffic that would've been there anyway. For AT&T, it's basically a freebie—160 bytes of data. A trifle. Compared to the rest of what they're transmitting, AT&T's texts are like amoebas on the back of a tyrannosaurus.

For you, it's quite the opposite. For you, text messages cost money. A lot of money. How much money? Well that all depends. Starting next week, the only texting options for new AT&T subscribers will be a $20/month unlimited buffet, or paying per text, which is insane.

And here's why it's insane. Absolutely, skull-implodingly, village-razingly, jump-out-your-window-into-spikes insane.

AT&T offers a 2 gigabyte per month phone data plan for $25. By breaking this down, we can find out how much they think each text's worth of data costs. And according to this value, when you're using the same amount of data to send a text without a messaging plan, they're charging you 100,000 times more. Yes. Blink a few times and read that again. When AT&T calls data texting, it costs 100,000 times more than when it's in the form of photos, music, email, or anything else. They're ripping you off with the force of a nuclear bomb.
Here's how it breaks down:

AT&T charges $25 for 2 gigabytes of mobile data, which states how much they think their bits and bytes are worth. That comes out to 80 megabytes per dollar. 80 megabytes will get you 500,000 text messages—assuming you're writing the largest possible message, which you're often not (i.e. "Hey" "Nothing" "lol").
Now divide that dollar by the 500,000 potential texts. That comes out to $0.000002 per text—two ten thousandths of a cent. A very, very, very small amount of money.

Now, let's say you send 5,000 texts a month. That's a large, though wholly realistic number. Multiply that by the above worthless cost per text, and you've got—hold onto your wallet!—$0.01. A penny for five thousand texts, according to how much AT&T says its data is worth in a data plan.

But outside of the data plan? Oh boy! Things get very different very fast. And by very different, I mean inordinately overpriced. Those same 5,000 texts, at a rate of $0.20 per message, will cost you $1,000. Not a penny—a grand. Two very different prices for literally the exact same thing.

They're not alone—every other carrier charges similarly grotesque rates for texting without an SMS plan. The difference here is that AT&T's taken away new customers' option to spend less, whereas carriers like Verizon still offer tiered texting plans for varying budgets. (Though don't be surprised if they follow suit—AT&T's been leading the industry in its data/pricing, often in the worst ways.)

When the blue curtain's pulled back and you see the enormous money tree they're shaking, there's nothing to conclude but outrage. Texting messages are as costly to AT&T as blowing bubbles, but they sell them to you like they're vomiting molten gold.

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ATT Uverse Reviews

ATT Uverse coupon codes, which only are accessible on the World Wide Web. You will not only can save a lot of cash, but goes on the web can save some time, so, as long as you happen to be prepared. When you are looking for a company additional network packets, you may discover online can far exceed what is acquired by calling the Network service companies individually.

The only factor that needs to prepare now is deciding what type of buyer World Wide Web they are and what you want your network is equipped to execute. So this may mean you have to understand the amount of hours they spend each week on the Internet, the more effectively the bandwidth you are using of are just go online on your property, or want the network to travel with you? This is your initial determination about what you want your Internet to do. When you need to take your Internet connection with you, you will have a pair of wireless options on the inside of your home, or mobile wireless so you're ready to surf on your laptop or mobile phone when you using ATT Uverse.

Based on the size of your area, there may be several companies that provide service near you. The easiest way to resolve is sort of a way to be able to quickly to see what each provides to you.
But it is not an easy as you create your personal letter, simply because there are websites that have done the role for you. ISP are comparison shopping guides, and are dedicated to keeping it simple for anyone to recognize and discover about the right connection for them.

Some of the info and guide you can learn in a good web site, in addition to the schemes of the plans are the sections that indicate what are the different types of Internet connections. This could certainly help if you want to change your existing service, but is not sure what kind of Internet connection you want.

Another element that could help customers is critical. Become able to read the opinions of others can be provide you with understanding of what a company is like. But when you prefer to read an unbiased look at a company, an independent evaluation may work better for you. Further high-quality network service provider comparison websites should offer both types of evaluation.

When a website keeps your information periodically updated, this may only serve to help even more. Being able to know about the latest offers from local suppliers network service will help you keep your cash.

And if you find a lot of businesses near you, you could be finding a lot of discount options. So the question very ideal to always deal with a large number of offerings is continuing to calculate their value and then examine and contrast with what is in the time available. For example, an organization can provide a website free modem brand new subscribers, which could really be worth a couple hundred dollars. Could supply an extra six months of service at a discount.

When you are in the network, which is to be located generally get the best deals. An outstanding example is only coupon codes ATT Uverse, and there are plenty more.

What AT&T FAmily Map Offer To You

What the AT&T Family Map offers to you? When the first time you read the review of this program the skeptical and maybe not impressed with the experience, but after you signed up online and got subscription right away you will be able to locate your family easily. The Family Map even gives you a chance to schedule your checks on a daily basis.

After you signed up online and got subscription configure it with your family phones. They received a text message to permit you to locate them anywhere they are. This application was so easy to use. When you use the application online through your PC a perfect representation of your family member’s location will be seen in a map. Pretty convenient when you forget to check it, you will got an email and a text message tracker info and I thought I was supposed to choose which one I preferred for ATT Family Map.

AT&T Customer Services Number

AT&T is the most popular telecommunication company and the largest provider of Mobile and fixed Telephone service in United States, this company based in Texas. American Telephone and Telegraph Company or we always call it AT&T has reach over 96 million subscribers from broadband and internet services, mobile phones and fixed landline.

Need to contact AT&T customer service when you have problem regarding to their services or want to ask something and getting touch then you can try the following: 1-800-331-0500 or 1-877-722-3755. You can contact them between Mon-Fri: 7am – 9pm MT and on Saturday: 9am – 6pm MT.

You can also reach the AT&T Email Support at:

AT&T support website:

If you want to buy any AT&T products or have a sales enquiry or just want to know more about a product then dial to : 1-866-505-1765

Already bought a product or service from AT&T then call 1-877-213-1053 for Order status.
AT&T 24 Hour Information number at 1-888-294-8433.

For Automated Self Service AT&T Customer service number try 1-800-288-2020 or TTY: 1-800-397-3172 or 711.

If you need get to the Repair Service line then try the Quick Service Automated Help Line at 1-800-ATT-2020 or Service Center: 1-800-246-8464 (24 hours).

AT&T Expands Mobile Broadband Coverage in Libertyville

As part of its continuing network investment to support growing demand for advanced mobile devices and applications, AT&T today announced the activation of a new mobile broadband cell site in Libertyville that will enhance coverage for area residents and businesses along N. Milwaukee., N. River and the Tri-State Tollway. With mobile broadband speeds, AT&T customers can surf the Web, download files faster, and enjoy the very latest interactive mobile applications.

The new cell site is one part of AT&T's ongoing efforts to drive investment and innovation to deliver the nation's best, most advanced mobile broadband experience for customers. With the nation's fastest mobile broadband network, AT&T provides accelerated mobile data speeds and simultaneous voice and data capabilities.

"Our goal is for our customers to have an extraordinary experience. As part of the Libertyville  community, we're always looking for new opportunities to provide enhanced coverage, and our investment in the local wireless network is just one way we're accomplishing that," said AT&T Illinois State President Paul La Schiazza. "In addition, our recently announced agreement to acquire T-Mobile USA will strengthen and expand our network in Libertyville. If approved, this deal means that we'll be able to expand the next generation of mobile broadband – 4G LTE – from our current plan of 80 percent of the U.S. population to more than 97 percent."

AT&T's mobile broadband network is based on the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) family of technologies that includes GSM and UMTS, the most widely used wireless network platforms in the world. AT&T has the broadest international coverage of any U.S. wireless provider, providing access to voice service in more than 220 countries and data service in more than 200 countries. AT&T also offers voice and data roaming coverage on more than 135 major cruise ships, as well as mobile broadband services in more than 130 countries.

"We want you to have an extraordinary experience whether you're making a phone call, sharing videos and photos with friends, checking the latest scores, or keeping your business mobile on your AT&T device," said AT&T Illinois Vice President and General Manager Dave Fine. "Smartphones, tablets and laptops are continuing to drive unprecedented demand for wireless access everywhere. We're investing in a combination of technologies right here in Libertyville to meet these needs and ensure an advanced broadband experience for all our customers."

AT&T also operates the nation's largest Wi-Fi network** with nearly 27,000 hotspots in the U.S. and provides access to nearly 190,000 hotspots globally through roaming agreements. Most AT&T smartphone customers get access to our entire national Wi-Fi network at no additional cost, and Wi-Fi usage doesn't count against customers' monthly wireless data plans.

For more information about AT&T's coverage in Libertyville, or anywhere in the United States, consumers can visit the AT&T Coverage Viewer. Using the online tool, AT&T customers can measure quality of coverage from a street address, intersection, ZIP code or even a landmark.
For updates on the AT&T wireless network, please visit the AT&T network news page.
*AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc.

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AT&T Agreed To Buy T-Mobile

AT&T just announced they agreed to buy T-Mobile in March from Deutsche Telekom, a collective vision heard from their consumers. The condition was hard to  anyone who thought that was a good idea, but no one asked Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft, all signed letters this week to encourage the U.S. government to approve it this agreement.

How To Use Your iPhone On AT&T Go Mobile Prepaid Network


That is fantastic when you use your iPhone 3G on AT&T Go Mobile Phone Prepaid Network. AT&T officially doesn’t  iPhone, iPhone 3G  or iPhone 3GS using pay as you go feature, but ypu can do it by doing these set up. This acts doesn’t need a jailbreak and you will more easier making calls or using prepaid data after doing it.

Acer Iconia TAb A501 Android Tablet


The ACER Iconia Tab 4G A501 AT&T is android tablets come with beautiful shapes and sizes, this is just more than we can add to the list, but not many have the full support of 4G. SlashGear Take a look at some photos, videos and benchmarks and see if this is the pill for you.

AT&T Go Phone Plan Begin In 18th September


AT&T just announced that from September 18 GoPhone (AT & T version of prepaid) customers are able to select a plan of $ 25 monthly which include 250 voice minutes at national and unlimited nationwide messaging where the number will reset itself every 30 days. It seems that Verizon Wireless could have had the wrong target in the crosshairs after putting his last $ 50 unlimited prepaid plan in the market. can not be unlimited in all aspects, but if you happen to speak to less than 10 hours each month, why not reduce your monthly expenses with this particular plan.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G


The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G is coolest AT&T device mergering of gaming and communications in a single device, which combines a certificate PlayStation gaming device with the ability and portability of an Android phone.

AT&T Lte Modem 4G


AT & T will selling LTE modems now to try to capture mindshare 4G Verizon. It will become its LTE network in the summer. The mobile operator said that it will operate at least 15 markets by the end of 2011. AT & T Mobility LLC LTE modems will begin selling on Aug. 21 without turning on its new LTE network for commercial use.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Reviews


The Samsung Galaxy S II is the phone the Korean firm with super Amoled screen, with a 1.2GHz processor, super-slim chassis and feather-light innards. the Galaxy S2 has definitely improved on that, with a superbly crisp and vibrant screen. The front of the phone is pretty sparse, with the home key the only piece of furniture on offer.

AT&T HTC Jetstream Android Tablet Now Avalaible


Last week at IFA 2011 in Berlin, the Jetstream tablet from HTC broke cover. The tablet is an exclusive for AT&T and the pricing listed was surprisingly expensive at $699 with a 2-year contract making it more expensive than the iPad 2 in some forms. As of today, you can order the Jetstream tablet if you want one. We already know the $699.99 commitment pricing and the no commitment price for the tablet is $849.99.

BlackBerry Bold 9900, High-Resolution Touchscreen Display With the Classic BlackBerry Design


The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Bold 9930 are of the iconic BlackBerry design, showcasing a front-facing physical keyboard. The Bold 9900 is the GSM version of the phone. The BlackBerry family of smartphones, the Bold brand is positioned as the premium offering, representing the best of everything BlackBerry, and more than any Bold before it, the 9900 lives up to its name. 
 The new BlackBerry Bold 9900 exemplifies what the Bold brand is about luxury by design. The back of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is stylish yet functional. The usual buttons and ports surround the perimeter of the BlackBerry Bold 9900.
All of the newly-announced BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, including the BlackBerry Bold 9900, are running the Qualcomm Scorpion MSM 8655 processor clocked at 1.2GHz on the Snapdragon chipset. If you want to experience something magical, try typing on the BlackBerry Bold 9900's keyboard. The keyboard on the Bold 9900 isn't exhausting.  The BlackBerry Bold 9900's 2.8-inch (diagonal) 24-bit display runs VGA at 640 x 480 pixels, for 287ppi. The BlackBerry Bold 9900's display really is nice. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 ships with 768MB of RAM and has an additional 8GB of onboard memory for media storage.  
The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the first BlackBerry to support NFC, or Near Field Communication, which is a short-range wireless technology (4cm or less) that allows two devices to communicate - there's always an initiator and a target. The photo above shows exactly how RIM put the NFC antenna into the BlackBerry Bold 9900. The BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the best BlackBerry ever built and answers the call to everything I've been wanting in the iconic BlackBerry design.