7 Little Words iPhone App

7 Little Words iPhone App

Puzzlejuice adds all types of bells, whistles and fun to the "word game" genre. The equally wonderful 7 little Words (free) goes within the other way, boiling wordplay all the way down to its core. It offers simply seven words and a series of letters (in teams of 2 or 3 at a time) to spell them with.

7 little Words is one in all those games that is super simple to play however fiendishly tough to master. There are fifty puzzles in every of the game's pack (each with their own set of seven words and grid of letters to settle on from), and you have got to create guesses for every word from clues like "bunny food" (CA-RR-OTS), or "make dirty" (SO-IL).

It's a "pure" expertise, in that there is no timer, no further points...no points in the slightest degree, in fact. It's simply you, some letters, and therefore the words you wish to create with them. seven very little Words a awfully "Zen" expertise, nonetheless there is a heap of enjoyment to be had in sitting down, thinking arduous, and hopefully arising with the words you wish.

The game comes with fifty puzzles, and further packs is bought for ninety nine cents every (more are added since we tend to last checked out seven very little Words, furthermore as a replacement shuffle option). If you prefer crossword puzzles or simply word puzzles in the slightest degree, seven very little Words is well worth the download as expected. it'd frustrate you somewhat bit (seriously, a number of the puzzles can have you ever forehead slapping after you finally figure them out), however most word game fans sort of a sensible challenge anyway.


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