How To Root Your ATT Huawei Fusion

ATT Huawei Fusion U8652

How to get the rooted on ATT Fusion U8652? What‘s the strategies of rooting ATT Huawei Fusion U8652? We typically see  the Fusion u8652 users are probing for the tutorials to root ATT Fusion, therefore we particularly collected the tactic of accessing the  root privileges for ATT fusion u8652 house owners.

Steps of the way to root ATT Fusion U8652: the ‘ usb debug’ mode: setting-applications-developed-  usb debug
2. Download and put in the most recent version of ADB driver here on your computer.
3. system dial, and input *#*#2846579#*#* and wait a second, get into the project menu -background settings -log settings -Turn on Log Switch and set Log Level Settings to Verbose
4.  Download the nothing file of  unlockroot v2.3, extract it on your computer, then run the runme. bat, follow the prompts, and your phone can automatically restart
5. I actually have tried this technique on my phone, I realize i used to be are unsuccessful for the primary time. therefore run the runme.bat file once more.
6.After the runme.bat  running fihished, reboot your ATT phone, then you may get the foundation access of your phone.


schagerty said... That is the All-Things-Root Thread from androidforums! It will teach you how to root, run custom recovery images, and install custom roms! Such as Cyanogenmod etc.
Eventually we will also have OC kernels available. Check it out!

Justin Evans said...

cant find drivers for Huawei Fusion U8652

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