Temple Run Android App Hits 1 Million Download In Three Days

Temple Run App

For months, you waited on developer Image Studios to bring its iOS hit Temple Run to Android. For weeks you crammed our comments section with many replies (you kiss your mothers with those mouths?). And when Temple Run finally sprinted onto the Google Play store, you didn’t disappoint. In only 3 days the Android version of the sport racked up 1,000,000 downloads. And if the graph for brand spanking new players on the Google Play Store is correct, it isn’t slowing down any time soon.

For comparison, the iOS version has been downloaded forty five million times within the last seven months. With Android’s larger user base and a ravenous gaming population, it ought to be ready to match that figure fairly simply. The very fact that the sport is free on each platform doesn’t hurt – simply raise Rovio. Their free version of Angry Birds has somewhere between fifty and a hundred million downloads, and also the new Angry Birds house has over ten million installs on Android alone.

Most have given Temple Run positive reviews within the Google Play Store; however it’s not all sunshine and roses. House owners of older phones are experiencing some serious slowdown, and also the game’s stability leaves plenty to be desired. Considering how long the Android version took to arrive, that looks a little disappointing. Since the game’s launch on Tuesday it's not been updated. For those that can’t see it within the Google Play store or would like the 3D graphics to be toned down somewhat, look into some modded versions of the sport for older phones.


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