ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Release Date And Price In US

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Release Date And Price In US - Holding ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 in your hands at the beginning of next month June 1 would be some intense instant gratification, but it may be smarter to attend in this case for a unharnessed through  ATT and different U.S. carriers.

Who need to be among the first within the U.S. to have ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 on June 1 will pay a steep price. Samsung and U.S. wireless carriers are however to announce their versions of the Galaxy S 3, which sometimes vary from one another both internally and externally. Thus what you'll be getting for $800 is the 16GB SIM-free international version of the S 3 blue or white, conjointly known as GT-i9300, with a large 4.8-inch show, 1GB of RAM, an 8-megapixel camera, and Android 4.0 with plenty of Samsung software goodies.

What you do get for the ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 price for $800 is the quad-core one.4 GHz Exynos processor. It’s not known whether the processor will create it to U.S. versions of the phone; there's no 4G LTE version of the processor, so the carrier-customized Galaxy S 3s are expected to use a dual-core chip instead, just like the Snapdragon S4, which has LTE support.

More, when the ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 releases through ATT will likely be significantly cheaper with a contract.


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