How To Track Your Klout Score

How To Track Your Klout Score - klout has released an iPhone app that allows users to track their Klout score while on the go.

How To Track Your Klout Score

Klout tracks your influence over varied social networks, giving perks for true "Influencers" moreover as recommendation on a way to increase your Klout and influence.  After putting in the Klout app on your iPhone, you will see there is not an entire lot to it. 

The settings for the klout score app are fairly basic. you are able to regulate push alerts for +Ks and when your Klout score changes. you can conjointly enable an alert badge, which can be displayed on the app's icon, that will show your current Klout score. good for those Klout users who obsess concerning their score.

An Android version of the app is in the works, per Klout, in conjunction with the flexibility to provide +Ks in app. Klout for iPhone is offered in the App Store right now, for free.


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