ATT Pantech Swift Review

The ATT Pantech Swift QWERTY slider is cute as a button, has an angled screen, and uses finger-friendly icons and a home button for simple navigation. The ATT Swift is scuffable despite its weight, its processor is very slow, and therefore the bit screen is unresponsive.

Positioned because the excellent very little messaging phone, the Pantech Swift for ATT encompasses a cute, compact frame, a rather tilted slider screen, and a finger-friendly menu system that works well with the mini screen. We tend to conjointly saw problems with the e-mail shopper, and battery life is brief.

We happen to like the Swift's whimsical style, despite the very fact that it's short (4.3 inches tall and 2.2 inches wide), thick (0.58 inch), and significant (6.3 ounces). We tend to conjointly relish the purple hue that wraps the spines and accents the phone's single navigation button, camera housing, and keyboard keys. 

The Swift encompasses a little a pair of.8-inch QVGA bit screen (320x240 pixels). Since it is not a smartphone, and since it's a supplemental keyboard, the menu of larger, finger-size menu buttons largely works. Sadly, the screen quality is poor, that the screen itself is not responsive. It is not a smartphone, however the Swift comes with 3 home screens. At very cheap of the screen reign four static navigation buttons for the phone, your contacts, messages, and therefore the menu. net browser has simplified button controls. A 2-megapixel camera lens adorns the rear. On the rear there is the 2-megapixel camera. Compact keyboards suit us, thus we tend to did not personally notice the Swift's to be overly shrunken. Mostly, Pantech kept the planning straightforward, that suited us fine.

The ATT Pantech Swift comes with the clean minimum quantity of task management options. Game costs, however, are ridiculous compared to smartphone pricing, however "normal" for carrier stores from before the smartphone App Store revolution. Frogger prices $6.99 for unlimited play or $2.99 a month, and unlimited Tetris prices a whopping $7.99. 

The device conjointly encompasses a mobile e-mail shopper, where you'll be able to add your ATT Mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or AOL account.

Many apps are not native on the handset. A similar white balance choices, color effects, self-timer, and exposure meter are seen in video recording still. The Pantech Swift may be a phone we actually needed to love. 

Of course, if you are making an attempt to avoid a phone with knowledge arranges, and then the  ATT Pantech Swift, whereas facing some issues, is not the worst of your restricted choices.


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