Strikefleet Omega Android App

Strikefleet Omega Android App - Take the war against insects to the vacuum of house with Strikefleet Omega, Bugs. Why it is continuously gotta be bugs? Strikefleet Omega, a method game for Android with illustrates a grim future where, once again and bugs have evolved and gotten the jump on humanity. Sheesh. Somebody spray some Raid already.

Strikefleet Omega Android App

Developed by Harebrained Schemes the smart individuals behind Crimson: Steam Pirates and therefore the original Shadow run, Strikefleet Omega App pits you in a very spacebound struggle against the alien Hive Queen and her Brood. while Earth has been destroyed and equal with you’re humanity’s last hope. Achieving victory in Strikefleet Omega App means that warping around completely different star systems and enduring wave when wave of attacks from the creepy crawlies. Some out there friends embrace particle projection cannons and Strikefleet carriers,and with artillery gunships lot bomber carriers and many more.

A tap can unleash the fury of your artillery gunships, whereas your particle projectile cannons may be directed by dragging a path for his or her hearth.

Strikefleet Omega Android App hits the Google Play Store. Enlist, and then line up for your shots—those bugs carry diseases that don’t even translate into English, beyond rough descriptions like “Oh God” and “Why?”


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