6 Best App To Follow the 2012 Olympic Games

6 Best App To Follow the 2012 Olympic Games - Since NBC is covering the Olympics, it is the solely app during this assortment which will have live streams of events. With athletes from all over the world competing for their respective countries and it's easy to get excited as you root for your country to win

6 Best App To Follow the 2012 Olympic Games

Reuters Olympics London 2012

Reuters Olympics London 2012 allows you to expertise the Olympics games with huge high-res skilled photos. The app incorporates a distinctive touch-screen interface and showing a timeline of all the events with stunning photos. At the terribly prime you get the most recent photos from events, and as you scroll down, you'll be able to see photos all the thanks to preliminary events and qualifiers.

You also will originate notifications for results of specific events and select your country therefore it'll notify you when your country's athletes are successful. You furthermore might have the power to look at solely photos from specific events, by touching a photograph Filter button within the higher right of the most screens, then touching the icon that corresponds to your favorite events. Download Reuters Olympics London 2012 App for iPhone.

NBC Olympics Live

NBC Olympics Live additional is that the official app for streaming video from the network covering the games here in North America. I am hoping NBC can discern the video issues therefore we will all check up on events wherever we tend to are.

The interface includes buttons across the highest for the house screen with the most recent videos, video clips shifting by individual sports also a schedule of events and a Favorites section where you'll be able to faucet a heart-shaped icon next to events to stay track of what interests you most. The London 2012 Official Results App is precisely because the name implies, and it's nice for maintaining with what is going on and when your favorite Olympic events occur.

The Live section shows a scrolling blog with photos and news things for every event happening at the instant. You furthermore might have buttons across rock bottom to browse by schedule, medal counts, athlete bios, sporting event and a My Games section where you'll be able to track your favorite events. During this last section you will be prompted to pick your country, set your location to look at the schedule in native time (GBR is that the default), and originated push notifications for your country's events and daily event roundups.

Though the interface is fairly complicated, the London Official Results App has all the information you would like for with regards to something surrounding the 2012 Olympic Games. If you are looking for an Olympic app with exhaustive data concerning the games and nicely this can be the app to own, if you'll be able to get past the confusing interface. Download NBC Olympic Live App for Android and iPhone.

Summer of Sport

With Summer of Sport you don’t have to be compelled to be in London or in front of the TV to relish the 2012 summer Olympic Games. The apps can offer you with all the action and drama from the London games, and we've included some additional ones which will allow you to have some Olympic-themed fun. Download Summer of Sport App for Android and iPhone.


IntoNow, you’ll even be ready to see a programming schedule for upcoming Olympics broadcasts, still as medal counts, images, athlete bios, and more. Download IntoNow App for Android and iPhone.

BBC Olympics

BBC Olympics, The BBC has the rights to stream content solely within the UK (NBC has the rights to all or any Olympics coverage within the United States); therefore solely UK users are going to be ready to stream video with this app. Download BBC Olympics App for Android and iPhone.

2012 Team USA Road to London

2012 Team USA Road to London Support Team USA at the Olympic Games with this dedicated app.

You can explore photos also videos of the athletes and cheer them on with a special button that sends personal messages to athletes collaborating via Facebook and Twitter.

Other nations with free team apps for each Android and iOS embody Austria, Ireland, South Korea, Netherlands, and Slovenia. Download 2012 Team USA Road To London App for Android and iPhone.


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