Android 4.1 Won Substansial Praise

Android 4.1 Won Substansial Praise - The biggest reason Android 4.1 has won substantial praise, particularly because it relates to its smoothness and it performance on the favored Nexus 7 tablet. Its Google currently, its default browser is Chrome for Mobile and heck, you'll unlock it by blinking (even if that’s not thus secure).
Android 4.1 Won Substansial Praise

I’ve been showing off Android 4.1, on each a Galaxy Nexus phone and also the Nexus 7 tablet, and what individuals dig concerning each is that the nearly intangible improvement to the planning and feels.

The latter could be a common expertise on Android devices running 4.0 and earlier. “Project Butter” is, in fact, a highly touted facet of Android 4.1; however it helps to own a frame of reference for what’s been created buttery. Beyond home screen sliding, the opposite major amendment is how one switches between apps. If there’s any delay, it’s within the moment before the app launches, instead of having a shell screen pop up and watching as all its knowledge and pictures force themselves awake from a nap. Heading back to the house screen conjointly doesn’t feel sort of a huge request. Looks little, feels big.

Automatic widget/app shuffling: Move an enormous widget onto a home screen where an app or 2 is within the manner, and people apps automatically fly into empty areas elsewhere on the screen.

More descriptive and interactive notifications: Android has long had a grip over Apple when it involves showing individuals what’s occurring. Then iOS added its Notification Center that was still somewhat unwieldy, however a pleasant enough try. Email notifications embrace the primary few lines, text messages have primarily the complete message, and apps will select no matter actions they’d wish to provide you with. My personal favorite? Take a screenshot, and you get a notification--which looks redundant, however then you faucet “Share” and fling that screenshot to Dropbox, Gmail and wherever I’d like.

Camera operation: The camera in Android 4.1 hundreds terribly quick. When viewing photos you'll pinch “out” to enter a “filmstrip mode,” where you'll then fling photos up or all the way down to quickly delet. That's why Android 4.1 won substansial praise.


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