Lookout App Review

Lookout App Review - Lookout App offering up a triple-threat of protection, this free, easy-to-use app could be a must-have for each Android phone owner. Lookout Security & Antivirus provides free security protection, remote locating, contacts backup, and screaming for both phones and tablets. The Lookout App for Android or iPhone needs you to form a free Lookout account, which might be accessed by going to mylookout.com site just signing in with your account credentials. Upgrading to a premium account ($2.99/m or $29.99/yr) adds safe browsing, a privacy advisor, backup of images and decision history, and remote locking and wiping.

Lookout App Review
The security protection automatically scans apps you put in and update and (optionally) new files for viruses and malware. The backup feature saves your contacts and, if you have a premium account, your photos and decision history to your on-line account. Premium account holders will favor to restore their data to another tablet or phone, a handy feature if you are migrating to a replacement device. The missing device feature enables you to remotely control your device from your on-line account. If a thief replaces the SIM card in your phone with their own, the Lookout App can detect the modification and show the new number on your on-line account. If you upgrade to the premium account, automatically the safe browsing feature detects and alerts you if you visit a phishing or malware website. and also the privacy advisor helps you identify apps that may be invading your privacy by listing apps that have sensitive permissions, like those that will read identity data, access messages, or track your location.

When evaluating Lookout App for iPhone or Android on my Android phone and iPhone I didn’t realize any major problems. Though Lookout uses an equivalent uninstall protection as alternative security apps (setting the app as a tool administrator), it'd be great to examine further uninstall protection thus it’s more durable for thieves to remove it.

Overall, this can be an excellent app to help defend your Android smartphone or iPhone. You can get the Lookout App for Android via Google App Store and Lookout App for iPhone through iTune App Store for free.


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