ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Jelly Bean Update Featuring New Touchwiz

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Jelly Bean Update FeaturingNew Touchwiz - Samsung uses a track record of as well as new features of its own at the side of major os updates ready for its phones., leaked build of Jelly Bean regarding the ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3. However, since that day an newer version has arrived at lightweight, revealing not no more than stock Jelly Bean features like Google Now and of course the redesigned notification shade, however a bunch of additional Touchwiz goodies too. 

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Jelly Bean Update Featuring New Touchwiz
A typical Jelly Bean feature, Samsung has unsurprisingly incorporated the redesigned notification shade into its Android 4. 1 update regarding the ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3. The redesigned date and time section is present up prime, whereas the Touchwiz settings controls stay beneath. jelly bean’s new expandable notifications are supported too -- you'll drag down on a few messages to actually expand and read a lot of info, by way of example what it s all about body associated with an email, or maybe a screenshot you’ve simply taken. Sure apps even enable button controls direct from notification shade too -- by way of example, screenshots get a “share” button, whereas calendar notifications often is snoozed or dismissed.

Alongside S Beam, the ATT Galaxy S 3 on jelly bean can support file transfers through jelly bean’s built-in android beam feature. Jelly bean brings making use of it the new Google search application, as well as the Google Now feature, that attracts upon location and Google account info to actually show relevant messages like weather, calendar appointments, navigation information and sports scores.

One of the significant of such happens to be the ability to actually switch between 2 home screen “modes.” Simple mode automatically populates your apartment screens with giant widgets showing your favorite settings, apps and contacts, additionally to actually some of larger Samsung widgets. users will switch between simple mode and basic mode across the mode management space as to the “settings” menu.

Finally, we ought to note that a number of the home screen enhancements of stock jelly bean are ported over too, thus icons will currently be bumped out the manner to actually create manner for larger widgets. Adding folders is currently little a lot of intuitive -- to actually develop a folder with an app within it, Merely drag it up towards the produce folder management along at the prime as to the screen.

Different “dormant mode” choices embrace the ability to actually block incoming calls and alarms or disable the led indicator fully.

S Memo has is eliminate, replaced with the use of a cut-down version as to the full-blown S Note app found on ATT Galaxy Note devices. S Note lite lets you produce multimedia notes by the ATT Galaxy S 3, incorporating texts, drawings, sound, video and voice recordings. The version within the current leaked firmware remains little buggy. Simple mode isn’t the only real manner within which Samsung’s aiming to actually create the ATT Galaxy S 3 less intimidating to actually first-time users. The jelly bean update too includes a dedicated new “help” application, that walks you through learn how to perform basic tasks o the phone. within the current leaked build the facilitate app covers learning basic functions like keys, the lock screen and notification space, further as how to remove vital settings like wi-fi or bluetooth and ringtones.

The possibility to actually limit background information usage, that was confusingly absent from ICS-based ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 firmware, is currently out there within the jelly bean update.


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