GO SMS Pro App For Android Review

GO SMS Pro App For Android  Review - Go SMS Pro App, you might use the default Android SMS app, you would possibly use one provided by your handset manufacturer. It's got plenty a lot of happening than simply sending SMS messages. There are add-in apps, that extend the functionality, and plenty of on-line services too, like cluster chat and Facebook integration on GO SMS Pro App for Android.
GO SMS Pro App

Perhaps the foremost vital feature is integrated backup and restore of your SMS messages. Backups are stored to your SD card, and it simply takes a handful of button pushes to form a backup, or restore from one. This permits you to stay password protected messages on the device, which can be inaccessible if your phone gets nicked or left in a very pub. There are downloadable themes too. The default one is pretty naff, however there are some that ape the iPhone look and feel, and a few nice dark themes and even one within the sort of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you are a Facebooker, there is additionally access to its chat service, directly from the Go SMS Pro App. You authorize the app via the Facebook API, therefore there is no real security risk here. If you are ready to sign in for an additional service, there is a GO Chat app included too. Here you'll share doodles along with your cluster similarly as voice messages. Here you'll see your inbox, outbox and sent messages at the side of drafts, MMS messages and even create your own folders. This is often a pleasant feature and can charm to high-volume texters.

GO SMS Pro  prices nothing, and adds much functionality to your text message system. You can get The GO SMS Pro App for Android via Google Play Store directly.


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