Google Voice Search Update Adds More New Languages

Google Voice Search Update Adds More New Languages - Google has updated the Google Voice Search application for android devices. The new app boosts the quantity of languages to the total of 42 when using the 13 latest additions. The new languages embrace basque, bulgarian, catalan, european portuguese, finnish, galician, hungarian, icelandic, norwegian, romanian, serbian, slovak, and swedish. According to Google, devices running android 2. 2 and up will just be updated when using the new language support automatically. Older devices can really need to manually install the application coming from the Google Play Store.

Google Voice Search Update

Google Voice Search is only able to get additional correct after a while with further users, as Google uses the search queries to develop the service.

Every new language typically needs that we both initially collect numerous a large number of utterances from volunteers and, though Google been acting on speech recognition for a few years, adding these new languages led our engineers and scientists out to tackle a few distinct challenges. Whereas languages like romanian follow predictable pronunciation rules, others, like swedish, needed that we both recruit native speakers to produce us when using the pronunciations for a large number of words.


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