How To Activate Your New ATT iPhone 5

How To Activate Your New ATT iPhone 5 – Some user of the new ATT iPhone reported with problem to activate new iPhone, cause they found unclear instructions in the box. And when they reported to ATT, the answer is Plug it into iTunes.

Activate iPhone 5

How to Activate Your New ATT iPhone 5:

Step One

Step Two
Verify that the IMEI number  listed matches your new iPhone 5. You can check this by going to Settings on your iPhone 5, then selecting General, and About.

Step Three
After activating the phone via the website, wait around 5 minutes and restart your iPhone 5.

Step Four
If this does not work, call the ATT activation number at: 18003310500. They should be able to help with the activation issue.

We hope this tips will helps you when you find problem on how to activateyour new ATT iPhone 5.

Source: ATT 


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Hi, i am eligible for an upgrade on AT&T on a 2 year contract, i know the upgrade fee is $36. Will i be able to upgrade to the new iPhone 5 ? How much will everything cost?
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