How To Factory Reset Your ATT Nokia Lumia 900

HowTo Factory Reset Your ATT Nokia Lumia 900 - Nokia just launch the new variants of Nokia Lumia, Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920. It is the hottest news for Nokia Lumia users, maybe you want to buy it and want to sell your ATT Nokia Lumia 900? Or you find some issues with your Nokia Lumia 900 perfoemance. Good for you to refresh it with factory reset.

ATT Nokia Lumia 900
How to factory reset your ATT Nokia Lumia 900 device, it doesn’t take an hour just a few minutes. Ok let start:

Step One
In Home screen on your ATT Nokia Lumia 900 go to Settings.

Step Two
Scroll down to the About listing and tap on it.

Step Three
Tap Reset Your

Step Four
Confirm, twice, you are sure you want to reset your device.

Your device will then reboot and wipe all information stored on it. When it comes back up, it will be at the original Windows Phone welcome screen you saw when you powered it on for the first time.


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