Dish Network Sport Package

Are you a lover of sports? Want some exciting sports events to spice up your life with fun and entertainment? Whatever your choice in terms of sports and games DISH Network has all to meet your needs. Ask for any sporting event DISH TV offers you in twinkling of eyes. DISH Network, the premier satellite TV in the whole of United States, has a wide panorama of sports events and gaming strategies.

In one word, DISH Network has turned out to be the invincible champion in the arena of sports entertainment. Starting from hockey, basketball, soccer and more you can get all in your fingertips. Apart from common gamers, special sports like martial arts, adventurous sports are available in order to entice those who just want to live in the midst of thrill, adventure and many more. In order to get more fun from sports a subscriber also can opt for pay per view package being offered by DISH Network.
Now let us throw a quick look at some of the DISH Network sports programs that are being offered by DISH Network:

DISH Network Multi-Sports Package with NFL RedZone: Presently you can enjoy NFL Network’s NFL RedZone that comes under DISH Network Multi-Sports pak.

That is not all as you can also get the fun of all the local sports events that are happening all across the nation. Also in over thirty channels you can watch most professional and college teams who are involved in big fat fighting spree.

Also channels like Altitude, Comcast Sports, Fox Sports, Net regionals, MSGTV, NBA TV, NESN, Sun Sports, Sports Alternates, NFL RedZone, NBA TV, NHL Network are also included in this package. Besides you will get more than 25 local sports networks.

This entire package comes at $ 7. 00 per month (with Qualifying Package). Channels are155, 409-453 and 474-479

ESPN GamePlan Package:

ESPN GamePlan enables you to view nearly fifteen principal matches from top college football conferences per week. Also you can see the fun of the sorts events from the ACC, BIG 12, BIG EAST, MAC, PAC-10, SEC, SUN BELT and WAC. Presently it is available at $ 135 per season or $ 33. 75/mo in 4 payments.

Fox Soccer Plus:

The premium sports network, Fox Soccer Plus, rightly complements Fox Soccer Channel by providing the complete international sports experience. Here we will get to watch all live, exclusive soccer matches from all the famous leagues of the world. Also you get to view some of the premium rugby matches from Magners League, the Heineken Cup and the Guinness Premiership etc . Its price is $ 15. 00 / mo. Channel number is 406.

Willow Cricket:

This is the top shot pack for all the cricket lovers. Here also all the cricket lovers will have treat since they will watch all the important matches from the cricket world including the live home matches from Australia, New Zealand, England, and South Africa. You can also watch live ICC Champions League matches with this pack. Its price is only $ 19. 99 per month. Channel Number is 582.
Throw a sneak peek at DISH Network that offers multitudes of sports channels and more. Go through the DISH Network packages and pick up the suitable sports package for yourself.

HTC One X The ATT Smartphone

We just saw HTC announce the HTC One X smartphone, but we were waiting to see which carrier would carry the device out here in the States. Well now it’s official gang- the HTC One X is on its way Stateside thanks to ATT. ATT has not only announced it will bring the 4G LTE device to the U. S., but it will be its first Android 4. 0 and Beats Audio smartphone. Among the noteworthy features we can look forward to is a 4. 7-inch screen with 720p HD display and Gorilla Glass, a snappy dual-core 1 . 5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, an 8MP camera and the brand-spankin’-new Sense 4. 0 UI slapped on top of ICS. Because this phone is HTC’s latest cutting-edge device, it has also introduced new camera software called ImageSense, which is a suite of camera and imaging features with improvements to every part of the camera. Also of note is the Video Pic function- which allows users to capture pictures while recording video in HD and has the ability to capture a still image from previously recorded video.

ATT has not yet given word on pricing or when we can expect to see the cutting edge device Stateside. We’d bet that ATT will provide full details sooner than later and see the phone arrive in stores faster than we think. Hit the break for the full presser from Ma Bell.

DALLAS and BELLEVUE, Wash., Feb. 26, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ - Key Facts Available exclusively from ATT* in the coming months, the HTC One(TM) X will be the first new smartphone from ATT to feature the latest version of the Android operating system (4. 0) paired with the power of ATT’s 4G LTE network.

HTC One X will be one of the first phones in the U. S. to feature HTC Sense(TM)4, the new version of HTC’s branded user experience that introduces ImageSense, a suite of camera and imaging features with improvements to every part of the camera.

HTC One X will also be ATT’s first smartphone with Beats By Dr . Dre(TM) Audio built-in to the hardware and software. Beats Audio on the HTC One X is enabled across the entire multimedia audio experience including apps, offering richer, more authentic sound on music, games, videos and movies.
ATT stores will soon carry Beats By Dr . Dre accessories for the first time.

ATT customers will immediately recognize HTC One X as the latest in smartphone superiority. The combination of 4G LTE, the nation’s largest 4G network and an unsurpassed user experience in audio and imaging, HTC’s leading design and plenty of power under the hood, will make this superphone a hit with customers of all types. Customers interested in learning more can visit http: //www. att. com/htconex.

HD Entertainment Customers who enjoy watching TV shows or movies on their smartphone will be amazed by the 4. 7-inch 720p HD screen on the HTC One X which provides sharp screen images that appear detailed and visible from every angle - even angled up to 80 degrees - or connect the device to any TV using HTC’s wireless HDMI Media Link HD adapter** to enjoy content on a larger screen.
The laminated cover glass and touch layer eliminates light reflection for superior sharpness and clarity, and is protected with Corning® Gorilla® Glass. HTC One X also features a beautifully crafted polycarbonate unibody design that showcases its clean lines and seamless construction.

Authentic Sound HTC One X is the first device from ATT with Beats Audio integration built into the hardware and software, offering rich, full sounds with professional-grade sound engineering to play the music how the artist intended. Beats Audio By Dr . Dre provides a distortion-free sound at higher volume and rich bass at all levels for video, gaming and music. HTC One X is custom tuned for the best audio performance when used with Beats By Dr . Dre accessories**.

With built-in software on the HTC One X, customers can connect it to a computer and HTC’s Sync Manager software that automatically installs to your computer and once connected, makes it easy to transfer songs, artists and playlists from a music library. The new HTC Music Hub is also customizable to include customers’ favorite streaming radio services and music apps, making them easily accessible all in one location.

Additionally , an enhanced audio experience will soon be available to HTC Vivid(TM) customers in the coming weeks. Sound engineers at Beats Dr . Dre and software engineers at HTC have teamed up to bring an improved audio experience to the HTC Vivid through an upcoming software update that will provide Android 4. 0, an updated HTC Sense experience and Beats By Dr . Dre audio profiles.
ATT will begin carrying exclusive Beats By Dr . Dre accessories this spring.

Amazing Camera With ImageSense, HTC One X’s 8MP HD camera rivals traditional digital cameras with improvements to every part of the camera including the lens, sensor and software, while integrating the new HTC ImageChip. The combination reduces noise, removes color bias and enhances picture quality in photos and videos. More than just megapixels, its best-in-class f-2. 0 lens with a backside illuminated sensor takes amazing pictures in low light and its quick launch feature makes sure you never miss an important moment.

It takes less than one second to launch the camera from the lock screen and the camera’s autofocus locks in on your subject in under a second, to take nearly unlimited continuous shots simply by holding the shutter button. To ensure the best shot is captured, HTC ImageSense also introduces autoburst which will automatically take a burst of shots if the subject moves while you press the shutter button.

For those torn between whether a moment would be better captured via video or in photos, HTC One X includes Video Pic so you never have to choose again - the device can capture pictures while recording video in HD and has the ability to capture a still image from previously recorded video.
A high dynamic range (HDR) feature presents more contrast in captured photos and enables the camera to capture multiple photos from one instance, each with a different exposure level, layering the images together to create a single photo that combines the best parts of each for a more accurate range of light across the image.

The 1080p HD video camera automatically removes jitters and lets you lock the focus on a moving object. Slow motion video recording is also possible at a maximum of 108 frames per second.
The HTC One X smartphone’s next-generation 1 . 5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon(TM) S4 dual-core processor allows customers to run heavy duty tasks such as creating and editing homemade videos smoothly without any lag, while the 1, 800 mAh embedded battery offers hours of uninterrupted entertainment time.

HTC Sense 4 HTC One X will be one of the first devices in the U. S. with the simple and intuitive HTC Sense 4 user experience. It helps make the Beats Audio experience possible while listening to any audio component and features camera enhancements including a quick launch feature for the camera on the HTC One X - dramatically cutting down the time needed to move from the lock screen to snapping a picture.

Quotes “Of course HTC One X is an outstanding device with the hottest specs, ” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, ATT Mobility and Consumer Markets. “This device takes the power of those parts and creates a customer experience like no other, bringing superior hardware and sights and sounds to life. ”

“HTC One X is a true showcase for HTC’s heritage of innovation providing our fastest camera, our best images even in the worst conditions and the ability to take video and photos at the same time, ” said Jason Mackenzie, president, global sales and marketing, HTC Corporation. “I’m proud to bring these remarkable new experiences to ATT customers with the HTC One X. ”

Limited 4G LTE availability in select markets. 4G speeds delivered by LTE, or HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul, where available. Deployment ongoing. Compatible device and data plan required. LTE is a trademark of ETSI. Learn more at att. com/network.

ATT products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of ATT Inc. under the ATT brand and not by ATT Inc. Accessories sold separately.

Smartphones require a new 2-yr wireless agreement with voice (min $39. 99/mo) and min monthly data plan ($20/mo). Subject to Wireless Customer Agrmt. Credit approval req’d. Activ fee $36/line. Geographic, usage and other terms, conditions and restrictions apply, and may result in svc termination. Coverage and svcs not avail everywhere. Taxes and other charges apply. Data (att. com/dataplans): If usage exceeds your monthly data allowance, you will automatically be charged overage for additional data provided. Early Termination Fee (att. com/equipmentETF): After 30 days, ETF up to $325. Restocking fee up to $35. Other Monthly Charges/line may include a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1. 25), a gross receipts surcharge, federal and state universal svc charges, fees and charges for other gov’t assessments. These are not taxes or gov’t req’d charges. Visit a store or att. com/wireless to learn more about wireless devices and services from ATT.

Android Market VS Apple App Store

Android Market VS Apple App Store

A study comparing the price of the most popular paid applications in Android Market and Apple's App Store. Who has the higher price? 

The result, prices in the Android Market applications are rated higher than the price of an existing application made in the Apple App Store. 

Global research conducted by Canalys which calculates the cumulative cost for the 100 most popular paid applications in Android Market and Apple's App Stroe. 

Top one hundred applications in the Android Market reached a total of about 374.37 U.S. dollars. So that on average about 3.74 U.S. dollars per application. 

While in the Apple App Store a total of only around 147 dollars, or about 1.47 U.S. dollars per application. 

"The price of the Android applications on average about 2.5 times larger than the apps in the App Store," said Senior Canalys analyst Tim Shepherd. 

What is this? One of them, according to Shepherd, because the competition is keener paid applications on the App Store. 

For example, Electronic Arts (EA) often offer discounts on the App Store. This is done so that their products remain on the list of most popular applications. 

As a result, applications that are sold sehaga EA 0.99 U.S. dollars at the App Store, Android Market, the price was 4.99 U.S. dollars. 

Of course this comparison can not be swallowed whole.Ecosystems in the Apple and Android applications are different. 

One of them, Shepherd said, the purchase in the app (in app purchase) is more crowded in the App Store than the Android. 

In addition, a list of 100 most popular paid applications in Android is not the same as the 100 most popular paid application in the App Store. 

Research was conducted in the United States, but Canalyst find the same data in Germany, India, Singapore and the UK....

Apple Fans Celebrating Happy Birthday Steve Jobs

Apple fans were celebrating the birth and express my sincere thanks to Jobs.

On the social networking Twitter, fans around the worldcommemorate the words "Happy Birthday Steve Jobs" which had entered the global trending topic on that day.

According to The New York Post, the fans of Apple also plans to hold an event at Apple's retail stores in New York, United States.

If Jobs is still there to this day, he reached the age of 57 years.Jobs died on October 5, 2011 due to pancreatic cancer.

After his death, Jobs acknowledged as an inventor of geniusvisionary nan. In the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, the name of Jobs listed in 300 discoveries in the field of technology.

Watch US President Campaign On Your iPhone

United States Presidential election will be held on 6 November 2012. U.S. presidential candidates campaign more interesting to follow. Who will be the winner? 

You can follow the news about the U.S. presidential campaign at any time from your iPhone. 

Download latest applications "Campaign 2012" developed doapp. You can get information and news about all the candidates. 

Of the Republicans, there are 10 names, including Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry. Of the Democrats, Barack Obama, and there is Randall Terry. From the Libertarian, Roger Gary, RJ Harris, Carl Person, R Lee Wrights. From the Independent, there is Stewart Alexander and Danny Woodring. 

In these applications, there are a number of menus, including "YouTube" that show the U.S. presidential candidates campaign. 

On the "headlines", you can follow the news about the U.S. presidential election, which quoted from various sources, including the Huffington Post, TPM, NPR, Washington Post. 
U.S. News & WR and other sources. 

On the "calendar", you can check the schedule of the campaign in 2012 to the Republican national convention in Tampa Bay, Florida (August 27 to 20) and the Democratic national convention in Charlotte, NC (3-7 September). 

On the "latest poll", you can keep abreast of recent polls, while in the "U Submit", given the opportunity to post news, photos, and videos about the American presidential election of 2012. 

Recommendation: This application is very useful for those who want to get the latest information and also an interest in following the political developments and the U.S. presidential campaign.

ATT Outage Problem In New England

 ATT customers throughout New England lost cell phone service for over an hour Wednesday.

An ATT representative says the area experience a cell phone outage because of maintenance and upgrades being done on cell phone towers.

They say ATT worked with a third party access provider to quickly resolve the power-related issue.

Cell phone service was restored Wednesday afternoon.

Source :

iPhone 4 Settlement Antenna Class Action

Apple has settled a class-action suit over its iPhone 4 smart phone, agreeing to pay $15 or provide a free bumper case to owners of the phone, which Consumer Reports confirmed had reception problems in 2010 lab tests.

More than 21 million owners of the phones are eligible for the settlement, according to Ira Rothken, the co-lead counsel for the suit, which brought together 18 different lawsuits in to a single action filed in San Jose, CA. The combined suit accused Apple of "misrepresenting and concealing material information in the marketing, advertising, sale, and servicing of its iPhone 4—particularly as it relates to the quality of the mobile phone antenna and reception and related software."
Here’s what we currently know about what the suit means for iPhone 4 owners: 
  • You'll get the case or the money, but only if you didn’t get a free case earlier. Correction: Despite other reports, "class members who obtained a bumper under the free program are eligible under the settlement agreement to submit a claim form for the 15 dollars," according to Mr. Rothken. In July 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, saying the company was “stunned and embarrassed” by the reception controversy, offered a free case to all owners of the iPhone 4, to alleviate the signal issue. In September 2010, the company ended that program, but it invited iPhone 4 owners who were experiencing problems to contact Apple to request a frame-like Bumper case. Bottom line: If you did receive a case earlier, you can still request the cash, but if you bought the phone from someone who received a case already, you won't be eligible for a claim in the current settlement.

  • Apple will contact owners directly. Original iPhone 4 owners will hear from the company via e-mail as well as through advertising. Apple has till April 30th to notify claimants, who will have 120 days to respond.

  • A settlement website is expected up to be up soon. Apple has set up a Web site ( that it promised will give prospective claimants more details about the program; at this writing the site is not yet active.

  • Terms of the settlement also require Apple to print a notice of the settlement in USA Today and Macworld. We haven't seen these notices appear as yet.

We will update our coverage as more is known about the settlement. 

Source :

iPhone Lawsuit On ATT throttling Case

A judge in Southern California on Friday awarded $850 to an iPhone user who was throttled on ATT’s network, according to the Related Press. Judge Russell Nadel of Ventura Exceptional Court in Simi Valley found in favor of Matt Spaccarelli, who filed a small claims case against ATT last month. Spaccarelli argued the provider unfairly slowed rates of speed on his iPhone 4′s unlimited data plan and said their phone was being throttled after using a mere 1 . 5 gigabytes to 2 gigabytes of data per month, even though AT&T’s 3GB monthly plan costs the same price of $30 per month. Judge Nadel awarded Spaccarelli $85, instead of the $10, 000 this individual requested, for each of the 10 months left on his contract — totaling to $850.

Samsung Introduce The Galaxy Ace 2 And Galaxy Mini 2

Samsung re-add the smartphone product line of Android-based Galaxy loved ones. On Tuesday (2/21/2012), the South Korean manufacturer has introduced two new products, the Galaxy Ace 2 and Galaxy Mini 2 .

Galaxy Ace 2 is reinforced with a higher specification hardware than it is predecessor, the Galaxy Ace. Galaxy Ace 2 dual core 800MHz processor, 768MB RAM, 4GB internal memory with MicroSD slot, and works the Android operating system 2 . 3 (Gingerbread).

Screen size and resolution of the Galaxy Ace 2 is also improved. Spans a 3. 8-inch WVGA screen resolution of 480x800 pixels. From the camera, the Galaxy Ace 2 has a 5MP camera with LED flash and VGA front camera, just like Galaxy Ace.

Improved requirements are also experienced by the Galaxy Mini 2 . This smartphone is equipped with 800MHz processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory with MicroSD slot, and jogging with Android Gingerbread.

Galaxy Mini 2 screens designed larger, 3. 7-inch HVGA resolution is also improved, 320x480 pixels. However , it remains a 3MP camera, without the LED flash and front camera.

Galaxy Ace 2 will be available 1st in the UK in April, while the Galaxy Mini 2 will be promoted in France next month, next new circulating throughout the world.

Samsung has not provided information about the price of this smartphone.

Apple Release iPad Mini, Amazon With Kindle Fire Max

When rumors of further tightening that Apple may release a mini iPad (7 inches) to compete with Fireplace Kindle, Amazon Kindle rumored to be releasing it with a screen-sized iPad Fireplace.

As reported by CNET, Amazon may release an updated version of its flagship tablet, Kindle Fireplace 10 inches, within attempts to secure a place in the middle of dominance over the iPad.

With a 10-inch screen, Amazon is really going to put the Kindle's main opponent iPad Fireplace as it also has the same screen size.

Meanwhile, Digitimes reported, Amazon has questioned Foxconn Electronics as an ODM (original design manufacturer 's) of tablets to be promoted in the 2012 about half.

As for the supplier components in Taiwan, Wistron will start creation Nook Tablet to Barner & Respectable.

Kindle Fireplace previous versions, sailing 7-inch, manufactured by Quanta Computer, the manufacturer that also makes Nook Tablet to Barner & Respectable.

Vendors typically appoint an ODM when launching a new product. But as written by Digitimes, they will then seek additional ODM to reduce threat and price negotiations if the new product is getting very good response from your market.

According to IHS iSuppli, Amazon has sold 3. 9 thousand Kindle Fireplace, while Barnes & Respectable Nook sells 1 . 92 thousand tablets in the fourth district of 2011.

Digitimes Analysis estimates that, in the 1st district of this yr, it sold 1 . 5 thousand and 300, 000 Kindle Nook Fireplace Tablet.

Samsung Rugby Smart For ATT

Samsung’s Android lineup in the United States just got a serious dash of toughness with the addition of the Rugby Smart for ATTWireless.

The handset is built up to mil-std 810f military spec standards. It is dust proof, surprise tolerant, and can be be submerged in 1m of water for 30 minutes. Extreme temperatures are also dealt with by the device.

The phone specs include a 3. 7″ WVGA Super AMOLED display, 4GB of built-in memory, and 5MP snapper, effective at shooting 720p videos. Full connectivity suite is present sans LTE. The OS on tap is Android 2 . 3 Gingerbread. Strangely, the CPU and amount of RAM are not available at the moment.

The Samsung Rugby Smart actions come in 122. 4 x 65. 9 x 12. 19mm, while its weight ideas the scale at the highly acceptable to get a rugged device, 119 grams. It is battery power has 1650mAh capacity.

The handset will be available exclusively for ATT on March 4 for $99. 99 with a two-year contract. The provider has released a convenient video, which showcases some the talents of the Samsung Rugby Smart. See it below.

We are already itching to find out how hard it is in our possession, so expect some live impressions from your Samsung Rugby Smart in the nearest potential future.

ATT Offers Push To Talk Pilot Program

Let's face it, walkie-talkies are off from glamorous, except for giant and little enterprises that have confidence real-time communication, the WWII artifact remains an integral a part of the workday. Now, ATT has set forth on a journey to relinquish its ATT push-to-talk services a contemporary makeover, and it's recruiting many partners to affix the search. additionally to providing PTT-enabled smartphones, the carrier are going to be testing IP-based technologies that supply workflow automation for tasks like fleet management and dispatch. Additionally, the system also will provide integration with ancient radio systems like PMR and LMR, which implies a corporation will not got to transition its entire crew promptly. you'll be able to realize a lot of regarding ATT's hybrid communications system within the PR when the break..

ATT Announced Offering Physician And Patient Convenience

ATT GO... Subject to its devices receiving necessary FDA approvals, Boston ScientificCorporation (NYSE: BSX) will have the capability to transmit implantable cardiac device data to physicians and other healthcare providers in North America across the ATT wireless network in the future, ATT announced today.

Using its extensive clinical expertise in remote patient monitoring, Boston Scientific plans to embed  ATT wireless technology in its LATITUDE Patient Management system, which will be utilized in the company’s future generations of pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) and cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators and pacemakers (CRT-Ds and CRT-Ps).

Boston Scientific’s current remote monitoring system, LATITUDE, allows physicians the ability to conduct remote follow-up of implantable cardiac device patients to monitor specific device information and heart health status.  The system can also detect clinical events between scheduled visits and send relevant data directly to a highly secure website that can be accessed by physicians.  Future wireless connectivity under the new agreement will allow the transmission of data to physicians from most locations without the need for landline-based technology.

“There is no question that the convergence of healthcare and mobile technology is happening today and offers limitless opportunities in the future.  We are very focused in helping drive this innovation.  Together with Boston Scientific, we will enable more convenient care for patients and more opportunities for physicians,” said Glenn Lurie, president, emerging devices, ATT Mobility.

“Physicians are asking for flexible connectivity solutions for remote monitoring systems that can improve efficiency,” said Joe Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President and President of the Cardiac Rhythm Management Unit for Boston Scientific.  “Boston Scientific is pleased to collaborate with ATT and benefit from its depth and breadth of cellular technology expertise to help physicians and their patients.”

For the complete array of ATT offerings, visit

Sourc : ATT Press Room

Schedule Update Android 4.0 for the Galaxy S II

In December last year, Samsung Electronics has announced a family of seven smartphone Galaxy will receive Android 4.0 update (Ice Cream Sandwich) in the first quarter of 2012.

The promise is likely to be observed by Samsung. The first device will be upgraded to the newest version of Android is the Galaxy S II.

This news was reported by Talk Android Twitter status quotes from Eldar Murtazin, which mentions the Samsung Galaxy S II will receive rations Ice Cream Sandwich on March 1, 2012.

Eldar Murtazin is the chief editor of the tech site Mobile Review. In his Twitter status on 10 February, Murtazin also have to disclose information related to the release schedule for the upgrade Ice Cream Sandwich phonetablet Note Galaxy.

If the Galaxy S II is expected to be allotted Ice Cream Sandwich on March 1, Galaxy Note and other Samsung devices will be allotted the same operating system around March to May 2012.

However, the operating system upgrade Murtazin admitted to the Galaxy S II was supposed to only be done through the OTA (over the air) or through Samsung Kies sync software.

In addition, upgrades to the user's schedule also mentioned will depend on the geographic region or the availability of the respective operator.

Numberlys iPad App Review

Numberlys iPad App

Spend any time with some of the iOS apps created by Moonbot Studios, and you get the sense that the developer really has a passion for words and stories. From The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore to the more recent release Numberlys, Moonbot’s visually striking apps convey a love for language and an appreciation for how story-telling can add color to our lives.

Take Morris Lessmore, a masterpiece of an iPad app that we recognized with an App Gem award last year. Morris Lessmore tells the story of a Buster Keaton-esque young man whose life gets upended, only for him to find comfort in a world of books.

Morris Lessmore began life as an animated film—it’s vying for an Academy Award for best animated short later this month—and Moonbot could have simply repackaged the movie as an app without any changes and it still would have impressed. The look of the app is distinct and evocative, the music perfectly complements the animation, and the story itself is undeniably moving.

But Moonbot went beyond merely repurposing the Morris Lessmore film. Instead, the app comes loaded with interactive features that augment the storyline. When a windstorm blows Morris out of his comfortable life, you can make houses fly off with a flick of your finger. A bowl of alphabet soup becomes a canvas for forming words. You help Morris piece together fragments of a torn up page. Everything neatly fits in with the action, and it’s a terrific way to get drawn into the saga of Morris Lessmore, particularly for younger readers.
In interviews elsewhere, the brains behind Moonbot have said that they’re not really trying to do movies or books or games—rather, they’re creating apps that draw upon elements from all three categories. That philosophy is on display to perfection in The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. It’s a breath-taking example of the new kind of story-telling that the iPad can foster. But more important, it’s just a really great story to get lost in for a while.

Numberlys is Moonbot’s follow-up to Morris Lessmore, and like its predecessor, it offers up a very distinctive visual style. The story is set in a monochromatic universe dominated entirely by numbers, and it follows the adventures of five roly-poly creatures in their quest to introduce letters into their dull, gray world. The description for Numberlys name-checks such black-and-white classics as King Kong and Metropolis, and while you can certainly see those influences in the sprawling cityscape fo the app, it’s also clear that Moonbot was able to create a striking world all of its own for this app.

Numberlys is not just about telling a story, but also introducing interactive elements that engage the reader. You help the Numberlys create the letters of the alphabet through a series of activities—firing a cannon to turn numbers into letters, spinning gears to pull letters into shape, and using a trampoline to split letters in two. Unfortunately, it takes a little while for those interactive elements to come into play—the young readers who will likely get the most out of this futuristic tale of ABCs could become frustrated long before they get to the meat of the story.

It also doesn’t help that the version of Numberlys that I reviewed—1.0.3—is still a little unpolished. The transitions from narration to animation to activity are often abrupt and jarring. They’re certainly more noticeable than they are in Morris Lessmore, which makes it hard to get lost in the story.

Numberlys runs on all iOS devices—great news if you’re an iPhone owner, and you’re eager to dive into Moonbot’s immersive worlds. If you’re using an older device, however, note that the intricate animations in Numberlys may be too much for your hardware to bear. On my iPhone 3GS, for example, the animation was a bit halting, as opposed to the free-flowing action I saw when watching the story unfold on my iPad. I’d recommend at least an iPhone 4 or fourth-generation iPod touch for enjoying the full Numberlys experience. Also, crashing continues to be a problem with version 1.0.3, at least on my original iPad.

Rough patches aside, there’s plenty to like about Numberlys, not the least of which is probably the most stirring rendition of the ABC song ever recorded. I’ll live with the odd crash or occasional jarring transition if it means an app that really embraces a new kind of storytelling that’s perfectly suited for Apple’s iOS devices. On that front, Moonbot Studios is delivering again and again.

Source : McWorld

Habits Pro iPhone App Review

Habits Pro

We’re a month-and-a-half into 2012, and the more ambitious among us are still trying to stick to those New Year’s resolutions we made to become better, smarter, healthier people. There are a number of iOS apps to help you stay on track with those resolutions (or to get started with new ones, if you don’t limit your self-improvement efforts to the beginning of the calendar year). Unfortunately, Habits Pro, a $3 offering for iPhone and iPad from Track & Share Apps, is not one of the better offerings.

To be fair, Habits Pro offers many options for making goals and sticking to them. You can add goals to the app, tasks to achieve those goals—even slotting in which days of the week are best for performing those tasks—and check in daily with your progressing to achieving it all: If you have a goal of sleeping seven hours a night—early to bed, early to rise, and all that—the app will applaud you for meeting 114 percent of that goal if you sleep eight hours. You can track your daily, weekly, or monthly progress via a series of charts, and you can share that information with your friends and family using Twitter or email.

The problem with Habits Pro is that it seems overly elaborate, without any sort of in-app tutorial to guide you through the process of adding new tasks or eliminating the goals that come pre-programmed into the app. I stumbled through the process before making a trip to the developer’s website, which offered plenty of guidance. There’s a big contrast between this and a goal-oriented app like Next, which is simple, elegant, and intuitive to use.

One other complaint: This app can be used on both the iPhone and iPad, but there appears to be no way to sync the service between devices. Productivity apps are less useful if their information is confined to a single device.

Goal-making apps should make it easier to achieve your aims, instead of bogging you down in detail. Habits Pro doesn’t quite pass the test.

Source : McWorld

Noteshelf iPad App

The iPad is just a bit smaller than a traditional sheet of looseleaf paper. Sometimes, however, the tablet doesn’t seem quite as useful as pen and paper—especially when you want to jot down some quick notes. Sure, Apple’s stock Notes app works fine, but only if you have the time to tap out your notes on the iPad’s virtual keyboard. When you need to scribble some notes down in a hurry, or when you crave the ability to scrawl down more than just typewritten text, it’s time to take a trip to the App Store.
Ramki’s offering is the $6 Noteshelf. It’s an impressively deep, feature-rich app that aims to simplify the process of jotting down notes.

The first time you launch Noteshelf, you get the option of stepping through a 17-page user guide. (A 17-page manual, of course, is something old-school paper notebooks almost never ship with.) The guide is well-worth flipping through, as it describes much of the ap

p’s tucked-away functionality in detail.

The app’s titular shelf is very reminiscent of the bookshelves in iBooks. You keep different sets of notes in different virtual books; you can create as many books (each with as many pages of notes) as you’d like. Noteshelf offers 15 different attractive notebook covers to choose from, and 20 different page options. Those page designs include traditional lined paper, graph paper, blank paper, music notation sheets, a day planner, and plenty more. And each notebook can contain any permutation of pages, so you can use graph paper for the first page of your Remodel notebook, and then a blank sheet on the next page to sketch out your new kitchen.

Of course, if you use the day planner template, that won’t mesh with the events in your iOS calendar. But if you prefer the scribbled approach of days of yore, yet still want to take advantage of your shiny iPad, Noteshelf’s approach may suit you just fine.

You can add many more options to Noteshelf—oodles of notebook cover options and page templates—through various in-app $1 purchases. You can even spend a buck to get alternative bookshelf options.
So you know you have options for how your multitouch notepad looks. How’s the process of actually making notes within the app?

Not too shabby. You get a few options. My least favorite one is using my finger as a pen. I like my printed handwriting just fine; on the iPad, my finger-writing gets sloppy, oversized, and frustrating. That’s not a fault of Noteshelf per se, but it does make the app one of the few with which I prefer using a stylus.

You get plenty of pen options: You choose among 17 pen colors, using a slider to select your thickness. To make writing even easier, Noteshelf includes a cleverly-implemented zoom mode, which repurposes the bottom half of the screen for a close-up of a subset of your page. Writing in the zoomed-in section is perhaps the easiest way to handwrite within a note, and the zoomed-in section advances cleverly as you reach the edges. It’s very well done.
An update in January added the option of typing in text as well. You can create text boxes, and then type into them with the on-screen keyboard. You can also add photos, icons, and highlights to your notepads, too.
Importantly, Noteshelf includes unlimited undo/redo. I’m a sucker for unlimited undo, especially when an errant finger could unintentionally scrawl a giant, unwanted line through the middle of the page.

Another clever option in Noteshelf is its Wrist Protection mode. Enable it, and you can rest your wrists on the iPad’s screen as you write (a much more natural writing position) without your wrist marking up the bottom half of the screen. To avail yourself of Wrist Protection mode, however, you need to turn off iOS 5’s multitasking gestures in Settings. I love those gestures, but Wrist Protection mode is excellent. I’ve taken to (temporarily) disabling the gestures when I intend to spend time in Noteshelf.

The app sports numerous other features that make a good thing great: A Page Finder view shows thumbnails so that you can quickly find, move, delete, or copy a page of your notebook. You can tag pages and then search by those tags. You can share notes via email, export them as PDFs or images, share them with Dropbox or Evernote, and print them.

In short, I’m impressed with Noteshelf. The iPad isn’t the world’s easiest hand-held note taking machine. Sure, hook up an external keyboard, and you can type up all the notes you need. But if you’re sans keyboard and you’d rather avoid going back to the paper and pen of your youth, Noteshelf offers a masterfully crafted alternative.

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iPad 3 Will Use A6 Quad Core And 4G Processor

iPad 3 Rumour

Apple does not seem to play in third-generation release of iPad this year. This is evident from its plan to pin the latest generation of Apple's processor, quad core A6 and network support Long Term Evolution (LTE) or 4G.

These rumors come from BGR who received photographs of the third generation iPad detail. The photos were claimed from iBoot, bootloader of Apple iDevice.

In the photo, type of processor that will be embedded on third-generation iPad uses S5L8945X model number. The model number is the number of processors is the latest model of Apple and Apple will probably be called quad core A6.

If this is true, then the third generation iPad will be the fastest IOS device from Apple's product lineup.

Previously, Apple uses a single core processor in 2010 A4 and A5 dual core in the last year. Apple is the processor model A4 and A5 are S5L8940X S5L8930X.

In addition, the photo also shows two model J1 and J2. iPad first model will come with WiFi only, but the iPad model equipped with both WiFi and GSM / CDMA / LTE.

ATT Updated ATT Uverse TV App For iPad

ATT Uverse TV Package

ATT has updated its Uverse TV app for iPad, offering new features such as the ability to turn their tablet into a fully-functional remote control, receive recommendations on what to watch, and share information with friends on Facebook.

The new app can also stream TV shows and movies on-demand over any Wi-Fi connection even outside the home, based on the subscriber's ATT Uverse TV package, including shows and movies from STARZ, ENCORE, TBS, TNT, truTV, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.

In full, the new iPad app offers: extra content and information about the TV show a viewer is watching; a full-featured remote control for Uverse TV with channel, guide, DVR, interactive app and on-demand controls; advanced search functionality; recommendations on what to watch with ratings and reviews; the ability to share information on what a subscriber is watching with friends on Facebook; and video-on-demand content.

The new app's functionality mirrors what is available on the Uverse Mobile app that ATT launched in 2010, and which is now available for more than 20 devices and four mobile operating systems.

ATT recently posted another huge quarter for its IPTV service 'Uverse TV', adding 208,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2011 to reach a total of 3.8mn in service.

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ATT Galaxy Note Will Available In US Stores Soon

ATT Samsung

ATT and Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) today announced their sponsorship of fashion brand rag & bone for the U.S. launch of their upcoming device, the Samsung GalaxyNote(TM) exclusively at ATT, available in-store Feb. 19 and for pre-order now. As the ultimate device, the Galaxy Note consolidates the core benefits of a tablet while maintaining the portability of a smartphone. In celebration of the release of the Galaxy Note, rag & bone designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville have designed a custom case for the Galaxy Note, available soon. 

In addition, ATT and Samsung Mobile will serve as the title sponsor of the rag & bone Fall Winter 2012 Mens and Womens Collection shows on February 10th during New York Fashion Week. As a part of the sponsorship, David Neville and Marcus Wainwright will host the Galaxy Note U.S. launch party during New York Fashion Week on February 14th. The creative collaboration between the Galaxy Note and rag & bone is a perfect fit as both emphasize inspiration and ease of use whether through fashion or technology. "Working with Samsung on this project has been a very exciting process. We are looking forward to the release of the Galaxy Note and to be involved in the launch of such a cool device that merges technology and design," said Neville and Wainwright of rag & bone. 

"The Galaxy Note is the perfect device for designers, such as Neville and Wainwright, as it allows everyone to sketch out thoughts and ideas, and easily share - no matter where you are," said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Mobile. 

ATT, Samsung and rag & bone have created a co-branded advertising campaign, which will launch later this month, to promote the Galaxy Note(TM) and the rag & bone sponsorship. There will also be a Facebook page offering an interactive experience for consumers, which will feature daily giveaways including rag & bone gift cards and merchandise, Samsung Galaxy Note devices, VIP passes to rag & bone's Fashion Week show and postings by the designers. The Facebook page can be viewed by going to . 

The Galaxy Note allows users to capture, create and share in new and unique ways. With a 5.3" HD Super AMOLED(TM) screen (1280x800), the Galaxy Note combines smartphone capabilities with an integrated S Pen(TM) and larger viewing screen in an easy-to-carry device. The pressure-sensitive S Pen can be used to take notes or personalize images which can be sent via email or text and its touch-screen. The Galaxy Note includes 16GB of built-in memory, an SD card slot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. It also features an 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording on the back and a 2-megapixel camera on the front. The Galaxy Note will be available in carbon blue and ceramic white in ATT stores on February 19, with pre-orders beginning on February 5. 

Founded in 2002, rag & bone designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville had one objective: to make clothing they and their friends would love to wear every day. Since its inception, rag & bone has grown into a global lifestyle brand offering men's, women's, footwear and accessories collections that are available at high end boutiques and exclusive department stores worldwide. rag & bone also operates six stores in NYC, one in Washington DC, one in Tokyo and an e-commerce site at 

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