Asteroids Gunner iPhone App

Asteroids Gunner iPhone App

Asteroids Gunner launched with low expectations. Asteroids is one in all the oldest games around, and it's exhausting to check how even Atari will squeeze something a lot of from this relic. however lo and behold, it has. Asteroids Gunner may be a exceptional freemium dual-stick shooter, turning the top-down 2nd gameplay of the first into one thing graphically spectacular and addicting at an equivalent time.

The graphics and sound are most likely what you may notice 1st. It clearly appearance higher than the previous 2nd line drawings, nevertheless the gorgeous asteroids, ship, rocks and backgrounds are clean and easy enough to place the gameplay front and center (the mechanics are nearly a twin of the previous Asteroids game). The ambient soundtrack deserves a mention furthermore, because it sounds nice.

That's nice, however gameplay is that the star of Asteroids Gunner. Not solely do the dual-stick controls do their job well, however there are heaps of rewards to realize as you break apart rocks and guide your ship round the gamespace. you'll collect crystals to upgrade your ships, or a stunning quantity of powerups, as well as a gravity shockwave, an expansion shot, a time warp slowdown and even an "ice laser" that fires a straight line across the screen. There also are several of achievements to earn, thus each couple of minutes, through each wave, you get plenty of nice bonuses and nice rewards that keep the sport moving along.

It starts off straightforward and gets more durable, however there is over one hundred fifty waves to play through, which suggests there is a ton of content for a game that beings comparatively merely. there is additionally full Game Center integration, and 3 completely different ships to unlock and play with. maybe better of all, Asteroids Gunner is free. you'll pay some in-app purchases to upgrade your ship or weapons, however the core game is thus well tuned that they don't seem to be necessary.

I was shocked by Asteroids Gunner. it is a solid game that updates a classic well. undoubtedly provides it a download.

Siri Integrated With 3rd Party App


3rd-party integration into Siri remains at the highest of the many of our TUAW want lists. Imagine having the ability to mention "Play one thing from Queen on Spotify" or perhaps "I wish to listen to a neighborhood police scanner." And Siri replying, "OK, you've got 2 apps that have native police scanners. does one wish ScannerPro or Wunder Radio?"

So why does not Siri do that?

Well, initial of all, there are not any third party APIs. Second, it is a difficult downside to implement. And third, it might open Siri to plenty of potential exploitation (think of an app that opens when you say "Wake me up tomorrow at 7:00 AM" rather than deferring to the built-in timer).

That's why we have a tendency to sat down and brainstormed how Apple may accomplish all of this safely using technologies already in-use. What follows is our thought experiment of how Apple might add these APIs into the iOS ecosystem and very permit Siri to explode with risk.

Ace Object Schema. For anyone who thinks I simply sneezed whereas typing that, please let me justify. Ace objects are the assistant command requests employed by the underlying iOS frameworks to represent user utterances and their semantic meanings. they provide a context for describing what users have said and what the OS must do in response.

The APIs for these are non-public, however they appear to incorporates property dictionaries, almost like property lists used throughout all of Apple's OS X and iOS systems. It would not be exhausting to declare support for Ace Object commands in an application data.plist property lists, simply as developers currently specify what types of file sorts they open and what quite URL addresses they answer.

Practicality. If you think that of Siri support as a form of extended URL theme with a bigger vocabulary and a few grammatical parts, developers might tie into normal command structures (with full strings files localizations after all, for international deployment).

Leaving the request form of these commands to Apple would limit the types of requests initially rolled out to devs however it might maintain the highly versatile approach Siri users will communicate with the technology.

There's no reason for devs to possess to consider 100 ways that to mention "Please play" and "I wish to hear". Let Apple handle that -- simply because it handled the initial multitasking rollout with a restricted task set -- and let devs tie onto it, with the understanding that these things can grow over time which devs might eventually provide specific localized phonemes that are essential to their tasks.

Handling. every quite command would be delineated by reverse domain notation, e.g. When matched to a user utterance, iOS might then launch the app and embrace the Ace dictionary as a regular payload. Developers are already well-acquainted in responding to external launches through native and remote notifications, through URL requests, through "Open file in" events, and more. Building onto these lets Siri activations use constant APIs and approaches that devs already handle.

Security. i would imagine that Apple ought to treat Siri enhancement requests from apps constant approach it currently works with in-app purchases. Developers would submit individual requests for every identified command (again, e.g. along side an outline of the feature, the Siri specifications -- XML or plist, and thus forth. The commands might then be tested directly by review team members or be automated for compliance checks.

In-App Use. What all of this adds up to is an iterative thanks to grow third party involvement into the quality Siri voice assistant using current technologies. however that is not the top of the story. The suggestions you only browse through leave a giant hole within the Siri/Dictation story: in-app use of the technology.

For that, hopefully Apple can permit a lot of versatile tie-ins to dictation options outside of the quality keyboard, with app-specific parsing of any results. Imagine a button with the Siri microphone that developers might add directly, no keyboard concerned.

I presented an easy dictation-only demonstration of these potentialities late last year. To do so, I had to hack my approach into the commands that started and stopped dictation. it might be incredibly straightforward for Apple to expand that sort of interaction possibility in order that spoken in-app commands weren't restricted to text-field and text-view entry, however can be utilized in place of bit driven interaction further.

New Apple Store In France Will Open

New Apple Store

A new Apple Store is ready to open next week within the French town of Lyon.

ifoAppleStore is reporting that the new La Confluence store can open on Wednesday, April four at seven PM native time. That date and time are slightly totally different from the standard Friday or weekend morning gaps; the shop gap is scheduled to coincide with the opening of a retail building that's a part of a 350-acre redevelopment at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers.

There's another Apple Store simply 3 miles away; no word on whether or not the prevailing half Dieu store can stay open when the new facility opens.

Star Marine : Infinite Ammo iPhone App

Star Marine iPhone App

Glitchsoft's oddly-titled Star Marine: Infinite Ammo (more on why that is weird in a very moment) is each smart at dangerous. First, it's smart at heart. Star Marine: Infinite Ammo could be a Contra-style run-and-gun title that has you controlling a soldier on a spaceship among alternative environments. Your job is to fight through hordes of aliens and escape. The action is nice and fans of the recent Contra game can realize lots to get pleasure from.

However, Star Marine features a few unfortunate problems. initial of all, the controls are to a small degree a lot of wonky than they ought to be. for instance, the action usually gets quick and furious. When things heated up in Contra, you may duck and jump out of the method reliably. Star Marine's bit controls, in contrast, do not perpetually get you where you wish to travel. I got hit by many stray bullets and alien flyers as a result of the controls weren't quite as tight as they ought to be.

Repetition is additionally a problem. whereas the setting choices eventually expand, the primary few levels are essentially an equivalent hallways and enemies over and over. an agreeable boss battle becomes drudgery when you have done it many times.

The freemium-style in-app purchase system does not facilitate, either. after you discover a gun you haven't unlocked with gems you have collected, you simply plain aren't getting it. Plus, the gems return method too slowly. If this was a freemium game, the speed could be acceptable (and I totally expect it to drop to free at some point), except for this value of US$1.99, it's too slow.

I've got an additional criticism. For a game known as "Infinite Ammo," there is only 1 gun I found that was really infinite. Everything else, as well as weapons you'll obtain, health packs and special attacks, are restricted.

Despite those problems, Star Marine: Infinite Ammo may be fun. there is even a Boss Rush and Survival Mode to get pleasure from when you have finished the most campaign. i do not understand that i would suggest it at the $1.99 price, however this game appears created to be discounted, therefore keep a watch out for it. At a rather cheaper value (or perhaps if the freemium system is tweaked to be to a small degree a lot of forgiving), Star Machine: Infinite Ammo features a ton a lot of going for it.

7 Little Words iPhone App

7 Little Words iPhone App

Puzzlejuice adds all types of bells, whistles and fun to the "word game" genre. The equally wonderful 7 little Words (free) goes within the other way, boiling wordplay all the way down to its core. It offers simply seven words and a series of letters (in teams of 2 or 3 at a time) to spell them with.

7 little Words is one in all those games that is super simple to play however fiendishly tough to master. There are fifty puzzles in every of the game's pack (each with their own set of seven words and grid of letters to settle on from), and you have got to create guesses for every word from clues like "bunny food" (CA-RR-OTS), or "make dirty" (SO-IL).

It's a "pure" expertise, in that there is no timer, no further points in the slightest degree, in fact. It's simply you, some letters, and therefore the words you wish to create with them. seven very little Words a awfully "Zen" expertise, nonetheless there is a heap of enjoyment to be had in sitting down, thinking arduous, and hopefully arising with the words you wish.

The game comes with fifty puzzles, and further packs is bought for ninety nine cents every (more are added since we tend to last checked out seven very little Words, furthermore as a replacement shuffle option). If you prefer crossword puzzles or simply word puzzles in the slightest degree, seven very little Words is well worth the download as expected. it'd frustrate you somewhat bit (seriously, a number of the puzzles can have you ever forehead slapping after you finally figure them out), however most word game fans sort of a sensible challenge anyway.

Temple Run Android App Hits 1 Million Download In Three Days

Temple Run App

For months, you waited on developer Image Studios to bring its iOS hit Temple Run to Android. For weeks you crammed our comments section with many replies (you kiss your mothers with those mouths?). And when Temple Run finally sprinted onto the Google Play store, you didn’t disappoint. In only 3 days the Android version of the sport racked up 1,000,000 downloads. And if the graph for brand spanking new players on the Google Play Store is correct, it isn’t slowing down any time soon.

For comparison, the iOS version has been downloaded forty five million times within the last seven months. With Android’s larger user base and a ravenous gaming population, it ought to be ready to match that figure fairly simply. The very fact that the sport is free on each platform doesn’t hurt – simply raise Rovio. Their free version of Angry Birds has somewhere between fifty and a hundred million downloads, and also the new Angry Birds house has over ten million installs on Android alone.

Most have given Temple Run positive reviews within the Google Play Store; however it’s not all sunshine and roses. House owners of older phones are experiencing some serious slowdown, and also the game’s stability leaves plenty to be desired. Considering how long the Android version took to arrive, that looks a little disappointing. Since the game’s launch on Tuesday it's not been updated. For those that can’t see it within the Google Play store or would like the 3D graphics to be toned down somewhat, look into some modded versions of the sport for older phones.

ATT HTC One X VS ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 VS iPhone 4S

 ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3

Which is phone best for you? ATT HTC One X , ATT  Samsung Galaxy S 3  or the  iPhone 4S? though neither the One X or Galaxy S3 hasn’t been availbale on sale, there are several friends are wondering that phone could be a higher option for. Personally, we'll drop the iPhone 4S, as a result of it simply a play game tools and comes with a pleasant however while not different special options.

As for the ATT HTC One X and ATT Samsung galaxy s 3, we'll opt for the later.  Exclude the configuration, ATT galaxy S 3 appearance a lot of lovely than htc one x. In options, the galaxy s3 is desinged with a 4.8 inch. larger and better revolution touchsreen, slimmer, thickness is simply for 7mm, therefore this handset is therefore cool. Especially, galaxy 3 battery life is stronger than ATT One X. though galaxy s 3 is powered by a 1.4 Hz processor, it's enough. Of course, as a result of samsung galaxy S3′s configuration and workmanship are terribly high, it'll be dearer than htc one x.

However, if you  have each the necessities entertainment and work, you must opt for the HTC One x.

ATT HTC One X Sale On May 6


ATT HTC One X may well be availbale on sale  in mid-May of this year it had been exposed by Phonegeek, several days ago,.  Exciting, these days we tend to hear that this hanset is also officially released on may 6.This rumour is revealed by a client who pre-ordered a ATT One X from Bestbuy, and Bestbuy sent a email to informs him the phone would be delivered on may 6. Of course, the time is also a shipped date for Bestbuy, however you'll be able to check additional infor by yourse. Obviously, each factor is also modified before the official unharness date was confirmed.

ATT’s LTE-enabled version of the ATT HTC One X, that is thought  as the ATT HTC One XL, it options a 4.7 inchesSuper LCD2 show with Resolution of 720×1280 Pixs, equipped with a 1.5GHz Qualcomm QSM 8960 dual-core processor, conjointly this handset has 1GB RAM and 32GB ofmemory, especially, it comes with a 8 million pixels to support 1080p high definition video capture, and additionally as a 1.3 megapixel front camera.

Lingibli iPhone App

Lingibli iPhone App

Lingibli is iPhone app that'll bridge that gap by serving to you learn vocabulary and basic phrases from native speakers. The app can teach you the highest a hundred words that comprise the majority of conversational language.

Lingibli iPhone app helps you to choose from a listing of common words or phrases. for instance, the Spanish language pack includes the word for pc, ordenador, and phrases like "turn on the computer" (encienda el ordenador). This audio element is that the key to learning the way to speak every word or phrase properly and Lingibli handles it okay.

To make the language learning method fun, you'll be able to additionally use Lingibli as a game. Lingibli incorporates a built-in QR code scanner that'll establish the word and speak it back to you. The app supports nineteen completely different languages together with Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, Slovak, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish.

NFL Flick Quarterback iPhone App

NFL Flick Quarterback iPhone App

If you wish to pass like Tom Brady from the comfort of your front room chair, then you must grab a replica of NFL Flick Quarterback for the iPhone. The app may be a flick-style passing game that allows you to battle the role of an NFL quarterback. the sport is not a full-fledged soccer simulation like Madden 2012, however a passing game as its name suggests.

You star as a quarterback of your favorite team and acquire to decide on your jersey variety. Your goal is to complete passes to receivers down field. You throw the pass by flicking the ball out of the quarterback's hand. The faster and straighter you flick the ball, the tougher and straighter your pass are going to be. the sport is straightforward and enjoyable that makes it good for the casual iPhone gamer.

NFL Flick Quarterback is offered for $.99 from the iOS App Store.

ATT Galaxy Nexus S Software Update

ATT Galaxy Nexus S

ATT Samsung Nexus S owners, can currently need to modification their system settings for obtaining the software update, assuming the device isn't already rooted and running a custom ROM.If you’re device is rooted, you'll still obtain a zipper file from XDA, which may be flashed using ClockworkMOD Recovery.However,if your device is running Android 4.0.3 you'll  apply the update.The OTA  is labeled IMM76D and contains Android 4.0.4. this can be only for the GSM version of the device solely.

Additionally, Android Central has shared an alternate methodology of obtaining the update if you're on a stock Android 4.0.3 ATT Samsung Nexus S. Here are the details:

•           Grab the OTA package .
•           Rename it to  This isn’t required for the Nexus S bootloader, however it makes things straightforward, if that’s how you favor them.
•           Copy it over to the interior storage on your Nexus S.
•           Power off, then hold volume up and power to reboot to the bootloader.
•           Using the quantity key to navigate, choose recovery, then use the facility button to verify
•           When you see the warning triangle and arrow, hold the facility button and faucet volume up.  You’ll see a menu.
•           From the menu, choose “apply update from /sdcard”, and select from the list.
•           Let it do its issue and update your system, radio, and different partitions.  When finished, select “reboot system now”

ATT iPhone Screen Size Sensiblelity

iPhone Screen Size

Developers and analysts tell us that a bigger iPhone screen size is sensible, and may arrive in Apple’s next refresh. But simply how massive can subsequent iPhone screen size be?

On Thursday morning, Reuters reported that Apple’s next iPhone would escort a 4.6-inch show, considerably larger than the 3.5-inch show the phone currently sports. If true, a show that size would place the iPhone on par with big-screen stunners just like the HTC Titan 2, that encompasses a 4.7-inch show, and therefore the common four.5-inch SamsungGalaxy S II

“I would be shocked if Apple didn’t launch an iPhone with a bigger show,” Canalys principal analyst Pete Cunningham told Wired. it'd be convenient if a bigger iPhone maintained this Retina show resolution of 960 x 640, Tsepko said, and if Apple kept pixel density at 300-plus (the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have 326 ppi displays) visually it'd be “magic.” Telfer thinks the screen resolution would scale proportionally to the iPhone’s current specs.

While a 4-inch or larger iPhone will surely edges users, it'd additionally create an additional burden for iOS developers. 

“We had 2 screen resolutions we tend to had to influence, however currently we've four: iPhone, iPhone Retina, iPad, and iPadRetina.

ATT HTC One X Release Date On May 6

ATT HTC One X Release Date

Several days ago, it had been exposed by Phonegeek ATT HTC One X may well be availbale on sale  in mid-May of this year.  Exciting, these days we tend to hear that this hanset is also officially released on might half dozen.This information is revealed by a client who pre-ordered a ATT One X from Bestbuy, and Bestbuy sent a email to information him the phone would be delivered on might half dozen. Of course, the time is also a shipped date for Bestbuy,. Obviously, each issue is also modified before the official unleash date was confirmed.

ATT’s LTE-enabled version of the ATT HTC One X, that is understood  as the ATT HTC One XL, it options a 4.7 inches Super LCD2 show with Resolution of 720×1280 Pixs, equipped with a 1.5GHz Qualcomm QSM eight 960 dual-core processor, additionally this handset has 1GB RAM and 32GB ofmemory, especially, it comes with a eight million pixels to support 1080p high definition video capture, and additionally as a 1.3 megapixel front camera.

ATT And Verizon Stop Cramming Phone Bills

ATT And Verizon Stop Cramming Phone Bills

ATT and Verizon have agreed to prevent “cramming” consumers’ phone bills with unauthorized third-party charges, Sen. Nelson Rockefeller announced Wednesday. The move comes when a Senate investigation revealed last year that customers were hit with $10 billion in fraudulent charges owing to the observe over the past 5 years.

A nowadays show/ investigation in July revealed how intensive and frustrating cramming is, with maddening, mysterious $10 or $20 charges showing each month on many Americans’ phone bills.

The investigation relied on a report commissioned by Rockefeller that found that 3 telecom companies – — Verizon, ATT and CenturyLink/Quest — earned $650 million as their cut of cramming charges levied by third-parties since 2006.

“ATT created the correct call to finish cramming by August,” the West Virginia Democrat’s workplace said in a very statement on Wednesday. “Something had to be done. And whereas the choices of ATT andVerizon are a step within the right direction, I still believe we want to pass a bill that bans this abusive observe once and for all.”

ATT has determined to discontinue most third-party billing on our customers’ landline accounts,” Michael Balmoris, an ATT spokesman, said in a very statement to “We currently receive cramming complaints for less than concerning one out of each thousand bills that contain third-party charges. However, owing to continued concern over the chance of unauthorized charges, we've got determined to require this extra step and eliminate third-party billing for many kinds of services.”
Verizon spokesman Bill Kula additionally confirmed the amendment, saying in an email: “On March nineteen, Verizon’s wireline business began notifying its billing aggregators (or “clearinghouses”) and carriers that it's reaching to stop providing third-party billing services for so-called ‘miscellaneous’ or ‘enhanced’ services. All billing of these services are phased out by the top of 2012. … Verizon wireline can still offer billing services for third party charges that typically relate to telecommunications or data services that use our network.”

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 4G ICS Update

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 4G

If you happen to possess ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 4G and little jealous of the great luck that befell the ATT Skyrocket, it’s time cheer up as a result of it's your handset’s flip to induce a politician ICS style through a leaked ICS ROM for the device.

The ICS update for the ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 4G, though unofficial, is of course overlaid with the custom user interface of Samsung and brings app compatibility and a multitasking menu to the handset. those that have already taken the freedom to flash this leaked ICS update onto their handsets reported that everything is already operating properly and is really a near-final build that the official ICS update for the handset will land any moment currently. whereas looking ahead to the official ICS update for the Samsung Galaxy S 2 4G, allow us to walk you thru the specs sheet of the handset for the meantime.

Released in October of last year, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 4G is as capable because the original version of the handset and encompasses a Samsung Exynos C210 chipset in its innards to confirm the orderly flow of power within the circuitry of the handset. A dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor operating with 1GB of RAM permits the handset to be a multitasking demon whereas a user’s storage wants is taken care of by the Samsung Galaxy S 2 4G’s 16GB of expandable onboard storage. just like the original version, the Samsung Galaxy S 2 4G conjointly comes with a shocking SuperAMOLED and show with a diagonal of 4.3 inches. you'll be able to conjointly chuck the purpose and shoot as a result of the handset is outfitted with an 8MP shooter at its back panel whereas its front 2MP webcam is right for video calls and self-portraits.

And if you would like one in every of the babies for yourself, a web retailer can allow you to take the Samsung Galaxy S2 4G home for less than one penny as long as you sign a contract that may causes you to stick with ATT for consecutive 2 years.

Commit iPhone App

Commit iPhone App

Sometimes staying committed to a daily task is tough. You get busy with different activities, and then you totally forget that you just promised to exercise (or write a letter, or observe piano) each day. If you've got issue integrating new activities into your everyday life, then you ought to investigate Commit for the iPhone.

Commit is one among those apps that do i issue and will it well. The app may be a basic reminder system for daily activities. It sounds lots like Reminders in iOS five, however Commit is meant to trace how typically you are doing your tasks, not simply send you an alert.

You start by adding a task that you just wish to try to to each day. The app presents you with an announcement like "I can 'xyz' each day" and asks you to fill within the "xyz" along with your activity. you'll be able to setup a reminder at a selected time and then hit the "Commit" button to feature it to your list of tasks. Once you've got a full list, you'll be able to open the app daily and check off the activities you've got completed.

Commit keeps track of what percentage days during a row you've got completed your task, that may be a powerful motivator. Once you reach double digits, you do not wish to miss every day and fall back to zero. it is also satisfying to visualize a lot of orange bars for the times you completed your task, and fewer brown ones that scream "I didn't reach my goal."

Though Commit excels many ways, it will have a number of deficiencies. First, the app solely supports daily tasks, thus you cannot use it to trace one thing you are doing once per week. The app additionally will not allow you to return and check off every day. i suppose it's designed to stay you honest concerning doing one thing daily, however there are times you only forget to mark off your progress. it'd be nice to be ready to return and fill in those days you missed.

These missing options do not detract from the utility of the app, though. It's still helpful for reminding you of activities and tracking how committed you're to them. The app additionally features a pleasing UI and is incredibly straightforward to use, that is ideal for an app that is imagined to be a motivator. When you are attempting to urge things done, the last item you wish may be a clunky app going in the means.

Commit solely prices 99-cents, that is cash well-spent if the app will assist you establish healthy and useful habits. you'll be able to additionally get a lot of info on the app at the developer's web site.

Boogieman Radar iPhone App

Boogieman Radar iPhone App

Boogieman Radar may be a cute iPhone app for folks whose young kids are fearful of a boogieman in their closet or underneath their bed. for folks, it is a virtual reality app with an overlay radar that you just use to scan an area for boogiemen. for tiny kids, it is a lifesaver that'll facilitate them go to sleep.

The app enables you to opt for a woman guide or a boy guide to assist your kid scan the space. once you create your choice, the lady or boy then talks your kid through the scanning method. The boogieman detector uses the camera to show the space on the screen and overlays a inexperienced radar screen with a line scanner. The app additionally makes the common blip and beep noises you'd expect with a radar. once concerning ten seconds of scanning, the guide can announce that the space is safe, and therefore the kid will rest simple.

Boogieman Radar is certainly for younger kid. My older youngsters (five to ten-years-old) enjoyed running around with the radar, however they were hoping to seek out a Boogieman lurking round the corner, not discover the space was safe. My younger youngsters (two to four-years-old), however, enjoyed scanning and appear reassured when the app announced the space was safe. If you have got a young kid who's fearful of this childhood monster, then Boogieman Radar is also an answer that'll facilitate reassure him or her that nothing is lurking within the dark. It's on the market for 99-cents from the iOS App Store

Play To App For ATT Nokia Lumia

ATT Nokia Lumia

 Nokia recently released a beta application known as Play To, that uses DLNA technology to permit ATT Nokia Lumia smartphone users to share media from their device to different DLNA-compatible equipment. 

To start Play To App, the appliance will share photos and video, however not music. ATT Nokia plans to feature music-sharing support at a later time. Nokia hopes that beta testers can facilitate it fine-tune the appliance before it reaches a planned general unharness through the Windows Phone Market. The software is absolve to download and use.

ATT New iPad Problems

ATT New iPad Problems

The new Apple iPad was pretty much awaiting within the upcoming gadget to launch list. Well however there are sure unhealthy news are coming back when the regular usage of the ATT new iPad with the retina detection by the fans. the issues of the ATT new iPad is concerning the overheating of the device, the charging of the battery problems, weak Wi-Fi association, and no Siri.

New iPad 3 issues List:

Battery charging problem:

Well additionally to the matter of overheating of the iPad, there comes with another downside that's concerning the battery charging. This new device charge up terribly slowly, it takes six hours to induce charged up totally. It additionally takes time beyond regulation to charge up when the device is employed whereas charging. Additionally, the new iPad when being utterly one hundred percentages charged it still charges for an extra hour. This downside shows that the battery indicator is not any correct.

Wi-Fi is weak:

Apart from the battery and overheating downside, another issue to debate here is concerning its weak Wi-Fi association. As compared to its ancestor iPad a pair of, the new iPad have terribly weak Wi-Fi connectivity in line with several of the reports. a number of the users faced the matter of no association or weak association where they were recouping connections strength with the ancestors.

Extra fragile than its ancestor:

After a dropping take a look at between each the devices the iPad a pair of and therefore the new iPad, from an equivalent heights from waist and therefore the shoulder a lot of injury cause to the new iPad than the iPad a pair of. The injury caused to new iPad was that the screen got whacked and one will say approximately popped off, whereas the iPad a pair of got injury of solely screen whacked, all this news is reported by sq. Trade.

No Siri:

Siri had become fashionable because it is launched in iPhone 4S, and therefore the Apple fan were expecting Siri within the new iPad likewise however they got solely disappointment.

ATT Nokia Lumia 800 Software Update

ATT Nokia Lumia 800 Software Update

Nokia nowadays indicated that the software update planned to succeed in the ATT Nokia Lumia 800 later this spring has been moved up and can be pushed out beginning nowadays. the latest software of ATT lumia 800 version is 1600.2487.8107.12070 and improves battery life, power management, camera performance, and in-call audio performance.

This update doesn't, however, bring mobile hotspot or information tethering options to the ATT Nokia Lumia 800. Nokia and Microsoft are still operating to feature those options. The update are going to be rolled out in stages over following four weeks. ATT Lumia 800 owners are inspired to see Nokia's internet web site to ascertain when the update can become out there to them.

ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Higher Performance Than iPhone 4S

ATT Nokia Lumia 900 vs iPhone 4S

ATT is do it's best to create the ATT Nokia Lumia 900 as a top model, According to, it's reported that ATT ‘s Jeff Bradley said  in an interview that the ATT Nokia Lumia 900 good phone conference level is beyond all previous, together with the Apple iPhone was 1st introduced by ATT  in 2007.

As we have a tendency to known, ATT can officially unleash the ATT Lumia 900 on April 8 for $99.99 with a pair of year contact, and currently the value of phone no contract version is additionally announced to be tagged at $ 449.99. 

Previously it absolutely was exposed that ATT Lumia 900 smartphone has came across ATT retail stores and ATT‘s employees has already in trial.

In addition, realized that ATT stores will sell the accessories for Lumia 900 phone. Since April 8, Nokia and ATT can hold a large-scale promoting campaign for Lumia 900, the event can last for 6-8 weeks.
Well, hopefully Nokia Lumia 900 can have a descent performance, even higher than the iPhone 4s.

ATT Nokia Lumia 900 White Version

ATT Nokia Lumia 900 White

What will we are saying, nokia white sets are somehow a lot of pleasant to behold than the everyday black slabs we tend to see. ATT Nokia Lumia 900 white is not any exception; in reality we're all in an exceedingly heated discussion concerning precisely that color we would opt for and that theme makes it look best. Device color aside, there is nothing new here, however we all know we tend we be breaking hearts if we did not get all shut and private with the sole color we've not had an opportunity to play with. 

As a refresher -- if you were sleeping when it launched -- the ATT Nokia Lumia 900 white is loaded with a four.3-inch Clear Black AMOLED 800 x 480 show, a 8-megapixel shooter with dual-LED flash, single-core one.4Ghz Snapdragon processor with 512 MB of RAM at hand for storage. Gallery is simply passed the break -- except for the record, dark theme with blue tiles appearance thus sharp.

ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Now On Ebay

ATT Nokia Lumia 900

As we tend to previously reported, ATT  has set the discharge date for ATT Nokia lumina 900 on April 8. If you signed a two-year contract with ATT,  then you'll be able to get this good phone at the low worth of $ 100.

However, if you don’t care the money, however you would like to induce the ATT Lumia 900 earlier than alternative friends, currently you would like to specialize in this news: currently the ATT Nokia Lumia 900 has been availbale for sale on ebay, of course, it's totally new however not used, and equiped with Nokia all the specified accessories. This handset  is priced at $ 769, the sale can last over 2 days. when the sale finished, they're going to begin to ship the ATT lumia 900 for patrons,  the shipped time ought to be around April 3. ATT Nokia Lumia 900 information

However, the handset isn't the official sale, so if you would like to induce it,  then you would like to be higher care. as a result of there's no news to reveal where the  ATT Lumia 900 on eBay from. it's going to come back to be  stealed from the Nokia internal, if so, it implies that though you win the device, you will be infected with bother. If this factor extremely happened, then, as soon as ATT noted it on eBay, this phone could also be forced off the shelf.

ATT Samsung Galaxy Nexus Can Use Google Wallet

ATT Samsung Galaxy Nexus

It’s not the newest news, early February in 2012, it absolutely was reported by TechCrunch that ATT Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone supports  supported the mobile payment service Google Wallet, this phenomena was discovered by one user of  droid-life. 

This friend said when he received the notification of optimizing your device compatibility update, then he will downloaded  the Google Wallet to his ATT Samsung galaxy Nexus phone.  At an equivalent time, users additionally found that the ATT Galaxy Nexus users will directly download the  Google Wallet through the AndroidMarket, however this doesn't apply to the Verizon galaxy nexus users used the  App program.

ATT Uverse Customers Having Growth Significanly

ATT Uverse Program

The annual study measured client satisfaction with residential TV suppliers, together with net Protocol (IP) TV, cable and satellite services. ATT Uverse often rolls out service enhancements to customers, together with new options, apps and services that deliver a stronger TV expertise, including:

Multi-screen TV, with TV shows offered across screens and devices with ATT Uverse Mobile, ATT Uverse online and ATT Uverse TV on Xbox 360.

Advanced ATT Uverse Total Home DVR options that offer ATT Uverse customers the flexibility to pause and rewind live TV on any Uverse receiver within the home.

The distinctive options and compelling capabilities of Uverse are serving to drive Uverse TV client satisfaction and subscriber growth.

ATT Uverse TV is that the solely one hundred pc net Protocol-based tv (IPTV) service offered by a national service supplier.

Call Of Duty : Black Ops Zombies iPhone App

Call Of Duty : Black Ops Zombies

The second zombie title released solely for the ios, Black ops zombies takes a neighborhood of the console version and delivers pleasing multiplayer expertise. 

With such a large amount of gorgeous games being released at the instant, the question is just whether or not ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies’ stands out from the pack. If the creators fulfil their guarantees, the latest COD app can achieve this standing.

A recent update was added to boost on-line association and overall stability. Activision, on the opposite hand, still does not quite get the App Store, and also the result's games like Call of DutyBlack Ops Zombies.
You shoot zombies, earn cash to shop for weapons and upgrade your map, and then shoot additional zombies to earn extra money. 

ATT iPhone 4S Owners Using Siri Monthly

ATT iPhone 4S

Parks Associates surveyed 482 iPhone 4S owners and found that 87 percent of respondents use voice assistant Siri at least once a month. Most people (55 percent) are satisfied with the service and use it to make phone calls and send text messages through iPhone 4S. About a third of users, however, are not using all of Siri's features like playing music, sending email and scheduling appointments.

If you fit the above profile and you're not sure what else you can do with Siri, check out this lengthy primer to the service by our own Erica Sadun.

Nixie Clock iPhone App

Nixie Clock App

I additionally like analog devices, therefore a Nixie Clock Radio the design of sounded like a neat idea: the look of the classic Nixie clock merged with streaming radio and an alarm/sleep timer. It works as advertised, however there is continuously space for improvement.The Nixie Clock app is simplicity itself. Tapping the radio icon logically brings up radio controls and can show you what channel is enjoying. Nixie Clock could be a nifty, limited-purpose however enticing radio alarm. 

You can simply produce it with multiple choices; move to your iPhone/iPod bit settings panel and faucet on Nixie Clock options. For iPhone bit Users, Alarm Sound from new Nixie Clock app plays through each speakers and headphones.


-Option to show/hide seconds, clockticking sound, date or setting button

-Large and straightforward to browse time show

-Options to alter background

-Turns off auto-lock to stop the iPhone/iPod bit sleeping while it's running

Survey The New iPad Market

The New iPad

While all surveys ought to be viewed with a skeptical eye, a recent study from Baird Equity analysis ought to create Apple watchers happy. As reported by Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt, the survey of 488 "younger, tech-savvier" on-line respondents by Baird showed some shocking results.

The first result showed that twenty four % of respondents arrange to purchase the new iPad. If that result's applied to the whole yank population, then Apple had higher get the plants in China and Brazil fired up, as a result of they're going to ought to manufacture concerning seventy five,180,000 iPads simply to stay the US market happy.

The next shocking results of the survey about the new iPad showed that twenty nine % of international respondents planned to get the new iPad among successive 3 months. That figure ought to additionally keep the Foxconn factories operating overtime. alternative data points provided by the survey embody that forty eight % of existing iPad house owners arrange to purchase a brand new iPad, together with thirty five % of these who already own an iPad two.

15 % of the US respondents said that they'd wish to purchase the newly discounted iPad 2, whereas twenty eight % said that they'd purchase an iPad rather than a laptop. Sure, 488 respondents could be a tiny sampling, however the numbers definitely purpose towards a banner year for iPad sales.

Rim Postpone Briefing With Analyst Before Launching Blackberry 10

BB 10

Research In Motion has determined to postpone its annual analysts' briefing till when it launches its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 platform. RIM generally briefs analysts at its yearly BlackBerry World event, which frequently takes place in could. "We determined to form BlackBerry World a lot of targeted on customers, developers and partners," RIM spokeswoman Tenille Kennedy said to Reuters. "We can hold a separate session targeted at the interests of the investment community later this year, once BlackBerry 10 is launched." RIM originally planned to launch BB10 and BB10 handsets within the early months of 2012, however has since said the devices will not reach the market till nearer to the tip of 2012. RIM has seen its share of the smartphone market erode in recent years to rivals Apple and Google. Its stock has lost important worth within the last year. BlackBerry 10 is its next-generation platform that's primarily based partly on QNX, PlayBook OS, and BlackBerry 7.

HTCSense.Com Will Close


HTC these days began notifying customers via email that it intends to stop giving its user back-up service at The service can officially shut April thirty. HTC recommends that customers log in to their account and download their information before the service halts operations. in a very statement emailed to PhoneScoop, HTC representative Jeff Gordon said, "This is in response to client feedback, and HTC is functioning to boost our services to supply a a lot of enhanced client expertise. What that enhanced client expertise sounds like is however to be announced."

iPhoto App Hits By One Million Users

iPhoto App Hits By One Million Users

Apple told Jim Dalrymple of The Loop that iPhoto for the iPad and iPhone reached one million users within ten days of the launch. Dalrymple points out that these are actual users, not downloads, which could be inflated by one person downloading copies to multiple devices. If you're interested in iPhoto for the iPhone and iPad, but haven't purchased it, you can check out our hands-on review. iPhoto is available from the App Store for US$4.99.

iPhoto App Magic Hour

iPhoto App Magic Hour

Photographers decision it the golden hour or the magic hour. It's that point when the sun is close to the horizon, or simply below, and therefore the character of the natural/available lightweight changes. the sunshine quality is best when the sun is 6-7 degrees on top of the horizon, and therefore the impact ends when the sun is 6-7 degrees below the horizon. it is not invariably a set time, as a result of it depends on the season and therefore the distance you're from the equator.

Photographers and cinematographers usually search out the golden hour; it will add a placing tone to your pictures.

Now, the iPhone involves the rescue. I've recently been using two apps that calculate the golden hour primarily based on your location. one among the apps is pretty easy. the opposite truly shows you where the sun are because it races toward the horizon, with a live camera read therefore you may recognize when it'll be in mere the position you would like.

First off, let's take a glance at Sun Scout. At US $9.99, it is not cheap, however it conjointly will the foremost. Sun Scout uses the compass and motion sensors within the phone to superimpose the anticipated position of the sun over a live read. I notice i am using it all the time therefore i do know specifically where the sun are to organize a landscape shoot. The positions I got from the app for the sun were correct, however you would like to create absolute to be beyond giant amounts of metal or the iPhone's compass will get confused. I noticed that downside after I was standing too near my automobile.

The other worthwhile app is Magic Hour. This free app could be a bit less complicated, however terribly helpful. It tells you when magic hour is for your location, how long till it begins, and it will even send you a notification that it's getting ready to begin. you will not get sun positions, however you may learn the most effective time to require your footage. Using the app is straightforward enough, and that i found the calculations to be correct.

Of course you will not be taking the images on your iPhone, however maybe on your DSLR or pocket camera. notwithstanding what you employ, once you create a shot to require your footage when the lighting is at its best, you will be amply rewarded with pictures you would like to stay for his or her sheer beauty. it is a nice time to shoot landscapes, however it is also nice for taking footage of individuals too.

iPhoto App Review

iPhoto App Review

Apple has released iPhoto for iOS, a $4.99 version of the consumer-grade Mac photo management app. whereas the Apple selling gears it toward the iPad, it will undoubtedly be used on the iPhone. This completes Apple's porting of the iLife apps to its mobile platforms, and it's arguably one among the strongest of those ports. For this review, we're that specialize in the iPad.

iPhoto does not take the place of Photos on the iPad however works alongside it. If you are conversant in iPhoto on the Mac, then this app will not be new. But, Apple has managed to form the present iPhoto higher and integrate it with bits and items of the abandoned iWeb to boost sharing photos.

At the core of iPhoto are photo manipulation tools that are managing to succeed in a similar depth (on some levels) because the recently released Adobe Photoshop bit. after you cite a picture to be edited, you'll tweak it in many ways that -- correcting exposure, fixing red eye, repairing minor areas, cropping and a lot of. Pro-level fixes may be done with finger gestures, that adds an incredible quantity of management.

Where iPhoto very shines is how these tools are presented to folks that may not have that a lot of expertise with fixing photos. iPhoto for Mac has continuously created this simple, however iPhoto for iOS visually represents these tools during a manner that even the foremost non-tech-savvy person might get it. this can be an app I might hand my in-laws and that they would be ready to fix a photograph.

Rotating a photograph is represented by either rotating your hand on the screen or adjusting a dial that allows you to rotate and crop at a similar time. Color adjustment uses common names instead of technical terms to deal with what you are doing. as an example, in nature photos, you are adjusting "greenery" and "skin tones," that are simple to know. the foremost advanced tools are represented during a spectrum of paint brushes and tools that permit you visually perceive what you are getting ready to do to your photo.

The help menu is strong. for every tool selected, activating the assistance menu allows you to apprehend precisely what that tool will and the way to use gestures to try to to it. whereas i'm not a lover of Apple's Marker font, utilized in the assistance space, it gets the purpose across in easy terms.

From iPhoto, you'll export to numerous locations, however the foremost enticing choice is that the ability to form journals with photos. this can be where a number of the recent iWeb comes in as you manipulate photos and organize them on the screen, adding dates, quotes and a lot of. it isn't that customizable -- i would prefer to see Apple contribute further fonts and therefore the ability to fine-tune pages somewhat a lot of -- however it will a decent job at obtaining a basic album of pictures on iCloud. Yes, journal pages may be uploaded straight to iCloud, and you'll share them via links with family and friends just like the Mobile Me galleries of recent. It is smart for Apple to fold this functionality into iPhoto instead of break it out into a separate app.

iPhoto is $4.99, and it's one among the terribly initial apps that ought to be loaded on any iOS device. With Adobe Photoshop bit quite twice the worth and not as user-friendly (13 tutorials? Really?) this can be good to possess on any iOS device for tweaking photos. On the iPhone, I will see this giving standard apps like Camera+ a run for his or her cash. It needs upgrading your iOS device to iOS five.1 before you'll install.

Zuma Revenge HD iPhone App

Zuma Revenge HD

Zuma's Revenge HD may be a nice game from PopCap. it is a colourful, casual, action/puzzle title, with straightforward|a straightforward} mechanic that is easy to know. however do not get too snug, as Zuma's Revenge HD gets troublesome quickly. It's existed as a laptop title for a short time, and is finally prepared for iOS.

Shooting very little coloured balls into one another is fun, and therefore the game's nice Aztec-inspired theme adds to it. it is a deep game despite the easy mechanic. you'll fireplace balls into a niche for bonus points and discern the way to close up the road of orbs as quickly as doable.

Zuma's Revenge HD may be a no-brainer as an excellent game from a corporation with a shining name for games rather like this. the sole concern (other than the dearth of Retina graphics -- a minimum of i do not assume they are in there nevertheless, and that i do not have a replacement iPad to check) may be the worth.

It's US$4.99 for a universal app. that is not really too high for a laptop game like this, PopCap's parent EA typically has sales, therefore odds are that we'll see this a trifle cheaper presently. whether or not you wait or not, however, you will likely like choosing this one up eventually anyway.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich On ATT Skyrocket Will Update Soon

Android ICS 4.0

It is a good news for ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket owners, it appears that the android 4.0  Ice Cream Sandwich update would possibly come back to ATT Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket even sooner, though recently att simply announed the Galaxy S II Skyrocket can get the ICS update within the next fews months following the HTC Vivid.

According to phonearena, it's exposed  by RootzWiki  the official ICS 4.0.3 firmware appeared. Esepcailly we have a tendency to are told that  ATT Skyrocket owners will  download the ICS 4.0.3 ROM and flash currently.  I hope this is often ture, as if so, i will upgrade my samsung Skyrocket straight away, I can’t nearly stand some problems on my phone. However, it appears that this update isn't terribly credible, following is a few thoough as for this android 4.0 update for ATT Skyrocket. Please cross-check the reality by yourself.

Everything appears to be operating properly on the ICS-flavored Galaxy S II Skyrocket. The Android 4.0 version comes with some serious skinning courtesy of TouchWiz, nothing too stunning considering this is often a Samsung device. during this update, there’s the added support for NFC with Google Wallet, which is able to enable you to pay along with your phone.

The build date for ICS 4.0.3 is March 14th, 2011, thus it's like it’s been out for a short while and this is often simply another hint that it’s returning sooner instead of later via the official channels. Hit the supply link below to download the files required to update.