7 Steps How To Move Back Up Your iPhone To New PC

7 Steps How To Move Back Up Your iPhone To New PC

7 Steps How To Move Back Up Your iPhone To New PC - When You buy a new laptop or new PC, you want to back up your ATT iPhone Data. If this happen you need an external data drive to complete the process. iTunes allows iPhone users to back up their file or content stored on their iPhone to their PC or Laptop. It make iPhone or smartphone users easy to transfer their data. If you have iPod you don’t need external data drive.

1.      First find Location, Menu – Preferences – Press Advanced – Take note of the folder location – Press OK.

2.      From the File Menu, go to Library and then go Organize Library from the drop down menu.

3.      Check the box next to Consolidate files and press OK. You'll be warned that the action "will copy all of your music into the iTunes Media folder" and that it can't be undone. Press Ok to continue.

4.      Now exit iTunes and plug in your external hard drive. Open the drive and then drag and drop your iTunes folder, which includes the library file that contains your playlists and settings, into the drive. If you're using your iPod as an external drive, simply drag and drop the file into this instead.

5.      Right-click on the drive under Computer in Windows and press Eject. Shut down your machine and boot-up the PC you want to transfer your iTunes library too. Download and install iTunes if it isn't already on the machine and then launch the program. Now connect your external drive to this new PC.

6.      On this machine, locate the iTunes folder, which can be found in My Music and drag it on to your desktop. Now locate the iTunes folder you transferred to the external drive and drag this to the location of the iTunes folder you just moved.

7.      Open iTunes. You should know find all your music, contacts and apps as well as playlists and settings have been transferred.


How To Save Your ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Battery simple Tips

ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Battery Fix

How To Save Your ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Battery simple Tips – Going Around together with along with your ATT Nokia Lumia 900 and realize downside with your battery. Once you are on travel or vacation, you wish to long life your battery phone, you can make a choice from EDGE, 3G or 4G knowledge to avoid wasting your battery life. There are some codes that launch diagnostic apps and utilities on the Lumia 900. Apparently if you kind in ##3282# it opens the information Field takes a look at utility. One that pops up, pressing the three at all-time low of the screen will permit you to tap and open up a Settings screen.

How to fix it, below settings, modification the “Network type” from 2G or 3G only to Automatic. Tap the rear button to travel back one screen then choose the last possibility that is labeled “Toggle ENS (REBOOT).” Click “Start” and then, once some seconds, click “Stop.” At this point the phone will reboot.

After the reboot, once you go into Settings and then cellular, you may have the power to set your highest association speed to Edge, 3G, or 4G.

Galaxy Nexus Fix Battery Problem With Android 4.0.4 Update

Galaxy Nexus Fix Battery Problem With Android 4.0.4 Update

Galaxy Nexus Fix Battery Problem With Android 4.0.4 Update  - ATT Galaxy Nexus Users now can update to android 4.0.4, this firmware solved poor signal problem. Before google release this google android 4.0.4, there are some problem with the Android 4.0.1. Several problem of using android 4.0.1 is poor signal and etc. Google has resolve it with the latest firmware, this Android 4.0.4 IMM761 new firmware update comes with two version. First is Yakju version and Takju version, but ATT Galaxy Nexus owners can can download it. The takju version of this latest firmware comes with google wallet.

ATT Galaxy Nexus Android Firmware 4.0.4 Update Download HERE.

LG Release LG Cloud

LG Release LG Cloud

LG Release LG Cloud - The Korean handset maker LG just announced LG Cloud, is free online service for users to store up the file or data for 5 GB.  But if your own LG Smartphone or Smart TV you will get 50 GB for six months free. The LG Cloud will available in starting today in Korea and United States and works only for music, video and photos.
LG Cloud only running for android 2.3 and up, The LG statement said the LG Cloud they will work hard to improve it and its will look like web portal. LG users can install this app on their phones. According to our source the LG Cloud seems similar with iCloud or Airport from Apple


ALLSport GPS App

ALLSport GPS ATT App - The AllSport GPS route and mapping program permits you to trace and map your bike rides, runs and alternative outside activities, together with distance travelled, average speed, calories burned, etc.

Using a further subscription application for your cell phone, your route is automatically mapped via GPS and uploaded to your laptop. Previous routes you have created and/or routes created by others may be downloaded to your phone to use in determining the days' run or ride.

If you are like me, you have in all probability spent it slow on varied mapping and route designing websites, recreating rides you have done and mapping new ones to search out potential distance.

Clicking here and there, making an attempt to get the small red lines along straight and typically not-so-straight sections of road, marking very little flags for begin and stop. That half is cool, and works okay. You’ll be able to then read the route as a street map, aerial read or topographical map similarly as analyze it with views that depict elevation changes over the course of your ride and plots your varying speeds throughout that point on a graph.

Routes could also be created public or kept non-public, and you'll be able to scout for routes created by others either where you reside or in numerous cities and states if you're travelling and wish to look at prospective runs or rides at your destination.

For instance, it's true that you simply will download routes created by others to your phone using the AllSport GPS. What you get instead are static maps that are barely readable on your phone's very little screen. I had a few of alternative issues with the AllSport GPS application for cellular phone that you simply ought to bear in mind of.

Additionally, when using the AllSport GPS application on your phone to trace a ride or run, if you wish to form or receive phone calls, you have got to place the program in suspend mode, which implies it's not recording any motion at that point. The essential web site functionality is beneficial and regarding constant as what you get on Mapmyride.com and alternative route mapping sites. you'll just like the AllSport GPS tool if the approximately $5.99 monthly subscription is worthwhile to you to own your routes automatically tracked as you run or ride and uploaded to your laptop.

iFitness ATT App

iFitness ATT App

iFitness ATT AppiFitness App is an exercise database with over a hundred and fifteen detailed exercises- nonetheless most a lot of. You’ll be able to produce a custom workout routine or choose from many preset routines. Each exercise has photos to indicate you the way to properly perform the exercise, still as step-by-step directions on the way to do it. You’ll be able to search the database of exercises by muscle cluster or alphabetical order. And if there’s one thing you are doing that they don’t have, you'll be able to produce a custom exercise to feature to the list. Unfortunately, you can’t add step-by-step photos of the exercise. Bummer.

There are seven preset workout routines to settle on from: a beginner program, abs, weight loss, muscle building, strength building, complete body and a business travel workout. No problem. You’ll be able to simply produce your own workout routine that you just need to follow. If you wish to target your back and chest on Mondays, then you'll be able to produce a custom workout that wills simply that.

After you are doing an exercise, you'll be able to log your workout and track your progress. The exercises have totally different logging fields, just like the dumbbell curl permits you to enter within the weight, reps and sets, whereas the step machine asks for length, resistance, steps and calories. If you're employed out or if you’re thinking of beginning, iFitness may be a darling very little app which will are available terribly handy for you- particularly if you can’t afford a private trainer. (That suggests that scan the damn directions if you’re not 100% certain the way to do any give exercise.) It works nice, its great- rather like you once you tear it up at the gym.

How to Use Google Drive on the iPhone

Goodreder app

How to Use Google Drive on the iPhone - Google Drive doesn’t have an official iPhone app and the mobile web version fails more often than not, but there is a better way to access Google Drive on the iPhone.
Google Drive is a new online file storage and syncing service form Google that replaces Google Docs and offers additional features similar to Dropbox.

GoodReader is $4.99 in the iPhone app store, and connects to several services as well as offering PDF annotation and access to many file types. GoodReader can even unzip files on the iPad.

How to Use Google Drive on the iPhone
1. After downloading GoodReader, open the app and tap on Web Downloads.
2. Tap on Connect to Servers and scroll down until Google Docs appears on Screen.
3. Tap on Google Docs and Name the folder Drive. Enter your full Gmail address and Gmail password.
4. The new Google Drive connection will now appear on the iPhone under GoodReader’s Web Downloads section.
5. Tap on Drive to access Google Drive from the iPhone.
From here you can download most of the files to the iPhone to view, use and even send to iPhone apps like iBooks, Evernote and Dropbox.


Google Drive Will Come To iPhone And iPad

Google Drive Will Come To iPhone And iPad - Google finally unleashed its cloud storage service, Google Drive. And while the application has been released for Android users on the Google Play Store, the company failed to launch a dedicated Google Drive iOS application for iPhone and iPad users. According to Google though, the application is close to completion and should be arriving soon.

According to comments made by Google SVP of Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai to AllThingsD, the Google Drive iOS app “is 98 percent done” and it will be arriving on the iOS App Store “soon.”
Pichai declined to offer specifics on exactly how soon iOS users might see it.


How To Mix Your Old iOS Device With New App

How To Mix Your Old iOS Device With New App

How To Mix Your Old iOS Device With New App – If your new app and old iOS device have trouble or not mix you must doing several things for resolve it, what to do, you need to create new iTunes library. and quitting iTunes, launching your new iTunes library again while holding down the Option key, and then choosing to create a new library.

When you do this you'll begin with an empty iTunes library. You'll then need to add to that library any files that you want to sync with your iPod touch--this includes not only apps but also media files. You can do that by dragging the files into the media area of iTunes' Source list. If you don't want to create a second copy of these items, open iTunes' preferences, click the Advanced tab, and disable the Copy Files to iTunes Media Folder When Adding to Library option.

As for updating your apps, I'd suggest doing it from the iPod touch as it won't download incompatible updates. If you do choose to do it via iTunes, I'd suggest taking a long look at my Automator work-around for saving copies of old app.

When others in your household need to use the original iTunes library, simply quit iTunes, relaunch it while holding down the Option key, click the Choose Library button, and navigate to the old library.


ATT 4G LTE Will Come To Salt Lake City

ATT 4G LTE Will Come To Salt Lake City

ATT 4G LTE Will Come To Salt Lake City - ATT expansion now plans to roll out the ATT 4G LTE in Salt Lake City later this year. bringing the ATT 4G LTE customers in Salt Lake City the latest generation of ATT wireless network technology. ATT Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson announced the plans today at the company's annual meeting of stockholders. ATT 4G LTE come with faster speeds. Customers can stream, download, upload and game faster than ever before. Faster response time. LTE technology offers processing time it takes to move data through a network, such as how long it takes to start downloading a webpage or file once you've sent the request.

Glympse ATT App

ATT Glympse App

Glympse ATT App - Glympse App could be a free application that permits choose contacts to trace your location throughout your travels in timed increments. this might be a good tool for fogeys who need to visualize where the kids are on the road provided the kid permits that feature on their phone, or for when you’re visiting friends and wish to share your progress along the manner. There’s no signing up or enrolling the sole factor that's required is for the opposite person to possess any email/SMS account and access to the web to click a hyperlink.
It’s free, users ought not to sign on with them, simply download a bit app to your cellular phone. You’ll be able to} set permission to who can track you. You’ll be able to set a particular quantity of your time to how long others can track you, like half-hour. You only ought to send a link via SMS or Email to others for them to trace your location. Glympse is a lot of correct than Google Latitude; the accuracy is among many hundred feet whereas Google Latitude has an accuracy of a mile.

Code Scanner ATT App

ATT Code Scanner

Code Scanner ATT App -  ATT Code Scanner reads UPC, QR and Data Matrix barcodes that you find on products, in ads or on-line, allowing you to compare product prices, read product reviews, view mobile web sites and video clips, get coupons and discounts or learn more about your favorite products.
You can get Code Scanner ATT App on ATT AppCenter free



MUSICID 2 ATT App - MUSICID 2 is an app that helps folks establish music tracks and simply add them to their iTunes music libraries. When a person hears an interesting track taking part in on the radio or at a club, she merely launches MusicID 2, presses a button, and holds up the device, and the app will do its best to spot the song. If the ID is successful, MusicID 2 displays the song, artist, lyrics, and album title, plus album art, artist bio, links to associated videos on YouTube, similar songs, and a link to purchase the song through iTunes. 

Songs can also be searched for by typing in some of the lyrics. MusicID 2 isn't always correct, however it's still a handy tool for music lovers to have in their back pocket.

Parents ought to recognize that MusicID 2 is an app for identifying songs. There are not any language filters, so songs whose titles contain strong language may show up in searches. The app does not work on first generation iPod Touches, and every one iPod bit users must attach an external microphone to use the "Identify" feature. Our review is predicated on the iPhone app; the Android app may have some variations in functionality.

Mark The Spot ATT App

Mark The Spot ATT App

Mark The Spot ATT App - ATT has received many criticism because the exclusive iPhone seller and network within the U.S. Mark the Spot is meant to assist deflect a number of that criticism and improve the network. If a decision fails otherwise you have another network drawback, launch the app, make certain the map shows where you're, and select the problem: Failed decision try, No Coverage, and thus forth. If you don’t have a live knowledge affiliation, the report is distributed later. whereas appealing to iPhone users for obvious reasons, the app conjointly has been optimized for the iPad, so pill users who’ve ponied up for 3G coverage with ATT may report any problems.

The app conjointly includes useful recommendation on improving coverage and battery life that are among your management.

7 Reason Why ATT HTC One X Stand Out

7 Reason Why ATT HTC One X Stand Out

7 Reason Why ATT HTC One X Stand Out – ATT just pre order the ATT HTC One X and will available on ATT Stores Soon, Before ATT HTC One X had more expectations from phone users during the announcement, but according to our expectation there are several conditions why this android phone become stand out.

·         For appearance of ATT HTC One X, simple and elegant. 

·         Bigger and with a 4.7 inch large touchscreen.

·         good camera

·         NVIDIA quad-core processors.

·         Battery life

·         OS on Android 4.0.

·         Featuring the latest HTC Sense 4.0 and Beats Audio

FCC Approved Spectrum Licences From ATT To T-Mobile

FCC Approved Spectrum Licences From ATT To T-Mobile

FCC Approved Spectrum Licences From ATT To T-Mobile - The FCC or Federal Communications Commission announced to approve the transfer of AWS spectrum licenses from ATT to T-Mobile USA. The transfer is part of the kill fee awarded by ATT to T-Mobile for last year's failed acquisition. T-Mobile gains AWS spectrum in 128 Cellular Market Areas, including 12 of the top 20 markets. "We applaud the FCC for acting swiftly to approve the transfer of these spectrum licenses," said Neville Ray, chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA. T-Mobile plans to use the AWS spectrum for its forthcoming LTE 4G network, which is expected to launch in 2013.

Part of the $4 billion breakup deal that was activated when the ATT acquisition of T-Mobile fell through was that T-Mobile would receive a chunk of AWS wireless spectrum from ATT. That spectrum transfer is now free to proceed as the FCC has given its approval. 

Start Tweets ATT App Review

Start Tweets ATT App

Start Tweets ATT App Review Star Tweets App is another good rating app from Bonfire Media. Star Tweets rating from 859 users and claim at top ten ATT App. ATT labeled this App with $3,99/month like other Bonfire media app, Wikimobie Encyclopedia.

Star Tweets ATT App Description : 

Keep up-to-date and in touch with your favorite celebs on Twitter with Star Tweets. Want to know where your favorite TV star or musician is lunching? Get the latest tweets from all your favorites and respond from your mobile. View stars' uploaded photos or search Google Images for high-quality pics of top stars. Stay current on the hottest gossip with Star Tweets!

Wikimobile ATT App Review

Wikimobile ATT App ReviewWikimobile Encyclopedia develop by Bonfire Media. This App had a good rating for ATT users and voted by 6,681 users. ATT labeled Wikimobile price $3,99/month, You can download it through ATT Appcenter.

Wikimobile Encyclopedia Description :

Carry Wikipedia wherever you go, and you'll never be stumped again! Want to look up bios for your favorite movie star or the effects of global warming? Looking for sports facts or the capital of Zimbabwe? With WikiMobile, you gain access to all 2 million Wikipedia articles, including pictures and quick facts. Bookmark your favorites for quick and easy tracking. Being a walking encyclopedia is now at your fingertips. Airtime is required for use.

ATT 4G Speed Now Available In Lubbock

ATT 4G Speed Now Available In Lubbock

ATT 4G Speed Now Available In Lubbock - ATT Announced Just released that ATT 4G Speed now available in Lubbock. The ATT 4G Speeed make users sour times faster approximately 2-6 Mbps. The speed data from ATT 4G Speed can use to connect to internet mobile using smartphone and other devices to access the web, app and social bookmark.

With the nation’s largest 4G network, covering nearly 250 million people, more ATT customers can access 4G speeds on the latest devices than customers on any other network.

ATT 4G LTE Now Available In Austin

ATT 4G LTE Now Available In Austin

ATT 4G LTE Now Available In Austin - Good News for ATT 4G LTE users in Austin cause ATT just Announced to expand their ultra fast mobile internet now can used. ATT 4G LTE launched in Austin on January and now ATT users can enjoy it with the latest LTE devices. 

The ATT 4G LTE coverage area includes San Marcos and Kyle now, The expansion covers cities north of Austin through Jerrel and creating continuous coverage along the IH-35 corridor from San Antonio through Austin.

Google Offer Unlocked Galaxy Nexus On Google Play Store

galaxy nexus

Google just release unlock phone device for ATT Galaxy Nexus, owners can now unlock ATT Galaxy Nexus directly through Google Play Store. Google Labeled to unlock this GSM device with price $399 and you can find it in Devices a new section on Google Play Store. 

Google also give the chance for T-Mobile users whom owner Galaxy Nexus to unlock it, with the same price in Google Play Store with ATT Users. ATT Galaxy Nexus being sold by Google unlocked and without carrier contract.  

ATT LG Xpression User Manual Guide

ATT LG Xpression User Manual Guide

After Launch that ATT available The ATT LG Xpression on ATT store, now owners can download the ATT LG Xpression User Manual Guide. The ATT LG Xpression User Manual Guide is available on PDF so you can download it easily. 

The ATT LG Xpression is messaging phone and featuring a side sliding QWERTY keyboard, a 3-inch touchscreen display, 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity. The ATT LG Xpression User Manual Guide available in 2 language, english and spanish.

ATT LG Xpression User Manual Guide Download In English HERE

ATT LG Xpression User Manual Guide Download In Spanish HERE

iPhone 5 Come With Liquid Metal Display

iPhone 5 Liquid Metal

The new iPhone 5 which scheduled will be release on september 5 still be the first highligt and most waiting for apple users. The new rumours about iPhone 5 is the new iphone will expected to be more lighter and thinner than the Liquid Metal. The liquid metal will be replace the glass screen display.

According to several source that we trust, like International bussiness Times said that Apple required a Liquid Metal patent on 2010 from Delaware LiquidMetal Technologies. ETNews from Korean said that The Liquid Metal will be used on the Apple iPhone 5, and will be release in june at the World Wide Developers Conference.

But the most important thing Apple must make the iPhone 5 stand out and be the most wanted device said several experts, So Apple users will wait it…

Tips Before Update Your Phone Software

update software phone

Tips Before Update Your Phone Software - Want to update your phone software, yea if there is software update available for my phone. If one phone have a good sale estimated by the manufacture, they always update the software to make the phone more better.

There are a lot of things you must considered before users update their phone software. To protect your phone if trouble shooting happens during the process of updating, users must prepare some steps to handle it.

·         Fully charge your phone battery.
·         Save important data before updating the software on your device. .
·         Remove the micro SD memory card.
·         Close all open applications on your computer before proceeding with the update.  

·         Ensure device"Mass storage only" mode is not selected.

ATT LG Xpression Now Sale On ATT

ATT LG Xpression

ATT LG Xpression Now Sale On ATT - ATT just announced will begin selling the ATT LG Xpression, ATT LG Xpression is a sideways slider phone style. The LG includes a touch screen and slide-out QWERTY keyboard on this slider phone. The ATT LG Xpression runs LG's feature phone operating system as Operating System. The ATT Xpression has special feature it called LG Instant Note, this feature which lets users to enter text with one touch then send via SMS or upload to Twitter or Facebook.

ATT LG Xpression Specification and features : Screen : a 3.0-inch (400 x 200) touch display, Camera : 2-megapixel camera with video capture, Others : ATT Navigator, Bluetooth 2.1, web browser, social networking apps, email, microSD support (up to 32GB), 3G and LG Instant Note.

ATT offer The LG Xpression price $49.99 for a new contract after rebate.

How To Add Chrome To Your Bookmark On Android Phone

google chrome

How To Add Chrome To Your Bookmark On Android Phone - Chrome for Android recently updated, adding some new features. Yesterday we took a look at ditching the mobile version of a Web site and forcing the desktop version to load. Today we are going to take a look at the ability to add a bookmark shortcut to your home screen.

To place a shortcut on your home screen, you simply need to view your bookmarks in Chrome for Android. Pick the bookmark you want to add, and then long-press on the icon. You will then see a menu pop up, with the last option being add to home screen. Select that option and then go back to your home screen. That's it.


How To Add Notes To Your Photos Taken On iPhone

Shot MeMo

How To Add Notes To Your Photos Taken On iPhone - Having a smartphone, complete with a note app and camera was supposed to ensure we always had a quick way of recording something, be it through a photo or text, so we wouldn't forget it. Well, it all sounds grand, until you leave out some details in the photo, or forget to write down exactly what it is you needed to remember.

Shot MeMo, an iPhone app, allows you to take a photo and add notes to that photo, complete with date, time, and location.

After downloading and installing the app, you can jump right into taking a photo. You will notice that the bottom portion of the photo is obscured by a placeholder for the note. You can adjust the size of the note field before taking the photo by dragging the top bar of the note field up or down.

After taking the photo, you are then prompted to enter a note. Tap on Done when you are finished. From there, you can then share the photo-note to a list of social services, or save a copy of the photo to your Camera Roll.
You may notice, my note doesn't have the current date/time or location as I mentioned earlier. That's because I turned those options off in the settings beforehand, as it's not something I will need. Make sure to customize the app to your liking, including photo size and font.

The final product that is either shared or saved to your Camera Roll will look similar to what you can see above. The photo will have a border around it, with the note placed below it.
Shot MeMo is currently $0.99 in the App Store.


White ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Now On ATT Stores

ATT White Nokia Lumia 900

White ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Now On ATT Stores - White ATT Nokia Lumia 900 now Available on ATTStores, This White ATT Nokia Lumia 900 version OS by Windows Phone 7 and  posted by Mobility Digest on their Facebook Page, this latest version of ATT Lumia 900 arrives 2 days before this phone release on april 22.

The White ATT Lumia 900 have different with the black and cyan version, the white model have a glossy finish instead of matte. Nokia said that it was too difficult to achieve on white ATT lumia 900 than the black and cyan version. Nokia also said this white ATT Nokia lumia 900 come with a 4.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED screen, a front-facing f2.4 camera, and an eight-megapixel f2.2 camera on the back.

The ATT Nokia Lumia 900 will be the last Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 offering, cause future models like the Nokia Lumia 610 will be running Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh.

Now ATT HTC One X On Pre Order

ATT HTC One X Pre Order

Now ATT HTC One X On Pre Order  - Today ATT start to pre order the ATT HTC One X on ATT Site. ATT offer this phone with 2 year contract and price $199 for new customers or an upgrade. Buyers could also get the ATT One X it outright if the customers between upgrade with price $549.

The ATT HTC One X pre order also can find in Radio Shack by pricing $149 with required 2 year contract, so the customers can buy this HTC phone in ATT site or Radio Shack Offer. ATT HTC One X will sale on May 6, this good time for you if you want to own this phone.

Make it order and you don’t have to worry when the day sale will come for ATT One X.