ATT Pantech Link 2 Review

ATT Pantech Link 2 Review - The ATT Pantech Link 2 with plastic skin gives it a decidedly un-premium feel, even with the textured surface on the rear cover. At 4.5 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide by 0.39 in. deep, the ATT Pantech Link 2 may be a comfortable size and it fits squarely in my hands, as weighs simply 3.3 ounces that is nice for portability, but not therefore nice if you favor a tool with some heft.

The 2.4-inch display supports 262,000 colors and 320x240 pixels. The display's high purpose, however, is the clean and basic interface. You must have no bother navigating through the icon-based main menu (complete with easy animations) or the list-based internal menus.

The navigation controls continue the ATT Pantech Link version easy theme. there's a sq. toggle with a central OK button, 2 soft keys, a back button, an infatuated speakerphone control, 2 soft keys, and also the speak and End/power control. And all of the keys are large and have a pleasant domed shape.

The keyboard buttons are raised yet, that makes typing a cushy experience. With simply four rows of keys, keyboard was the slightest bit cramped. Letters share house with numbers and symbols, though the handset offers a fair number of specialty keys together with a vibration control, a symbol key, and a ".com" shortcut. The house bar is tiny, but it's smack within the center of the lowest row of keys.

Remaining controls embrace a thin volume rocker on the correct facet and a Micro USB/charger port and camera shutter on the left facet. The camera lens is on the highest end of the ATT Link 2's rear facet next to a tiny low speaker.

As I mentioned, the ATT Link 2 has a standard feature that's built around communication, but with a couple of extras. The phone book holds 1,000 names with area in every entry for multiple phone numbers, a corporation name with title, also e-mail, using mailing address, nickname and birthday, a photo, and notes. Basic options embrace a timepiece, a calendar, a notepad, a voice memo recorder also world clock, easy calculator also currency and unit converter, a stopwatch, and a timer. You will conjointly find Bluetooth a pair of.1, a speakerphone, USB mass storage, with also text and multimedia messaging, support Web-based POP3 e-mail and instant messaging.

You also get a couple of editing options like four white balance settings, 3 color effects, a self-timer, an adjustable brightness meter, 3 quality settings, and a 2x zoom. There is only 1 shutter sound, but you can flip it off.

You can load songs simply through a USB cable and a memory card and you can download tunes through ATT Music. And if that's not enough, there is ATT radio. For storage, the Link II has 200MB of internal shared house with a microSD slot that can accommodate cards up to 32GB.

The ATT Pantech Link 2 comes with a fair selection of games and app. This ATT Pantech options embrace ATT Navigator and Maps, Uno, ATT Social net, MobiTV, Tetris, Scrabble, WikiMobile, ATT Family Map, ATT Code Scanner and Family Feud.

ATT Pantech Link User Manual Guide

ATT Pantech Link User Manual GuideATT Pantech Link is an old ATT Phone but seems like in my post, there are some visitor come and visit my review about ATT Pantech Link. It’s late but I want to share ATT PantechLink User Manual Guide for you. This User Manual Guideavailable on PDF and you can directly download it from ATT Website.

ATT Pantech Link User Manual Guide contains of basic set up on how to maximize your handset in operation. The ATT Pantech Link is a slim, full QWERTY device with features such as Mobile Email, instant messaging, ATT Mobile Share, ATT Social Net, ATT Navigator. Beside this user manual we also give you ATT Address Book and ATT  Navigator Guide. 

ATT Pantech Link User Manual Guide Download HERE

ATT Pantech Link ATT Address Book Download HERE

ATT Pantech Link ATT Navigator Guide Download HERE

Switchy For iPhone Best Cydia App 2012

Switchy For iPhone Best Cydia App 2012 - Switchy Cydia App makes the task switcher how it should’ve been from the beginning. Brent Caswell’s concept for a more robust task switcher is delivered to life during this tweak. Operating closely with Brent, his style selections took prime priority. Switchy delivers the absolutely practical product that he envisioned.

Switchy tweak cydia app For iPhone
Switchy expands the task switcher to incorporate 2 rows of icons. It adds Artist and Album info to the currently taking part in space, bringing it along side not solely a lot of info however additionally by adding a volume slider to an equivalent space.

The lot of requested “Clear Apps” button is added into a replacement page dedicated to settings. The settings page is additionally a fast thanks to regulate the display’s brightness, additionally as functioning as a shortcut to the Settings app.

The Switchy Cydia App compatible with iPhone or iPod Touch and requires operating in iOS 5.0 or higher and not compatible with iPad.

Google Moog Doodle Made The World Scene

Google Moog Doodle Made The World Scene - Google Moog Doodle yesterday made the world scene!
Doodle is to respect the character creator "engine" tone-producing electronics for music, yes he is Dr. Robert Moog.

Doodle 'Moog' can be played and recorded..! Which can be set to produce music ‘electronic’ unusual, weird alias, according to our ears? Dear 'Moog' has disappeared. If you still want to try, 'Moog' is still perched on the site Google Moog Doodle (new page).
Sound mixes also a trivial language. After the sound so, the keyboard will assemble the notes had become a great music.

Each button can be 'set 'by clicking the button to activate, and then click again to vary the setting.

Groups 'Oscillators' is the source of the sound. There are three sources of noise: red, white, blue. The center button serves as a 'tuning fork' which aligning tone. Change button to change the keyboard tone 'do' sounds really 'do'. The right button controls the 'color noise', declared with geometric symbols triangle, saw tooth, rectangular, pulse (thin rectangle). Loud noise or 'volume' of each oscillator is set the volume buttons on the right in the 'Volume'. Also free, set yourself a hard sound you want from each oscillator. Of the volume buttons 'parent' or master of all the noise.

Play these keys alone produces a unique sound and weird. Filter or filter, is the process of making the sound effects. There is a cut-off filters, pitch glide, contour, attack, decay, sustain. Hehe ... that exclusive term advanced for a layman to music (like me).
Filters 'cut-off' for example, serves negate or eliminate the high notes ('treble'); filter 'sustain', ring tones along the keyboard button is pressed and stops when released. Forget sophisticated terms and try to train our ears detect the sound effects which are formed by the other buttons.

There are two rounds, first round of the same tone sounded by setting filters 'cut-off' different. Second half, the filters 'attack' only, the following is added filter 'decay' (another voice in the back?), Both of which varied in length, and the last is a noise filter 'sustain'. Effects 'decay' is covered and has no effect anymore.


'Envelope'? The top left button ('envelope attack'), for example, set the length of time a tone reaches maximum volume since sounded. The middle button ('envelope decay'), reverse, set the length of time a tone reaches smoothly volume.
Keys 'envelope sustain' set the length of time a ring tone. On the filters 'sustain', the tone is sounded for the keyboard is pressed; the 'envelope sustain' the sound stops when time is up even though the keyboard still pressed.
The tone sounds at once (not affected the sound of 'decay' in the background). The next two sounds 'envelope attack' is set for a certain time.
If the 'envelope decay' is removed (set to '0 ') be the next sound.
Done is the person who tinkers 'Moog'. Created strange tone has been assembled and finished piece of music.


we can record in the 4 'channel' or 'track' that is available. Start by filling in the 'track-1' (far left): Click the windows 'm' 'track-1' (lights on); click the 'Record' (red light), play music, stop.
Repeat with remaining filling track the effects of other music. Play!
Oooo ... so magical music sounds. We've been so weird music creator wear 'Google Moog.

How to update your smartphone software using Firmware Over-the-Air

How to update your smartphone software using Firmware Over-the-Air - Firmware over the air (FOTA) is one of choice to update your phone closely when the new update available. You don’t need to connect your phone with USB data cable and FOTA allows you directly to update your phone. We just remember it if you forget about this feature cause some provider just offer to update your phone through this feature. 
How to update your smartphone software using Firmware Over-the-Air

·         From Home screen go to Menu - Software update Icon.
·         Menu - Setting - phone info - Software update check.
·         If there is available software will be checked automatically by your smartphone.
·         Select “Download “ on the Software update screen It will then begin to update your software, if there is software update available.
·         Select “Install now” on screen.
·         After installation complete your phone will restart automatically.

ATT Nokia Lumia 900 VS ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3

ATT Nokia Lumia 900 VS ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 - The ATT Nokia Lumia 900 no doubt again is the hottest new Windows Phone ever released. The ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 is that the lot of anticipated third release from Korean Company. Which smartphone would you choose? Let's take a glance with specs comparison of both widespread smartphone.

The ATT Nokia Lumia 900 after all runs the Windows Phone operating system whereas the Galaxy S3 will have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Moving on, the Lumia 900 looks gorgeous and is a sleek device with very good style however lacks the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S3. One of the anticipated factors of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that the 4.8 in. Super AMOLED screen which provides HD during a resolution of 1280x720p. The ATT Galaxy S3 will keep company with a 1.4GHz quad-core processor in Europe whereas the Nokia Lumia is powered by 1.4GHz single core processor. Both of handsets using the rear cameras 8 megapixels with the Samsung taking the edge with dual LED flash and the Nokia having only single LED flash and the RAM both of them 1GB and also both have front-facing cameras and overall good build quality contrary to widespread belief, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is not product of plastic however polycarbonate instead.

Choosing which phone to buy may very well return down to style or power. Closely ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 is a clear winner when it involves specifications, whereas the ATT Lumia 900 is a winner in regards to its style. Software wise, the Windows Marketplace has less app than Android, and you'll be able to also expect less offered third-party accessories for the Nokia Lumia 900 than the S3.

Comparison Between ATT HTC One X And ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3

Comparison Between ATT HTC One X And ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 - Recent benchmark tests have shown that the ATT HTC One X may not perform similarly as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3. The benchmark tests results have shown that the ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 was able to upend the ATT HTC One X. An Antutu benchmark take a look at showed that the ATT One X was able to score 10.827 points compare against the 12.122 points for the ATT Galaxy S3. The results of Antutu benchmark tests include the CPU speed, memory and graphics.

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3
The Quadrant benchmark also showed similar results as the ATT One X garnered four, 904 points compared to the five, and 289 points for the upcoming ATT Galaxy S3. The quality Egypt take a look at of GL Benchmark also showed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was better compared to the HTC One X. Samsung Galaxy S 3 ran at 59 frames per second, that is higher compared to the 52 fps of the HTC (TPE: 2498) device.
The results of the Vellamo browser take a look at, the Samsung device scored 2077, that was below the score of the HTC One XL primarily based on the database of the appliance.

Although the ATT HTC One X options a quad-core processor with a faster clock speed and the results tests show that the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was additional powerful. The HTC device comes with the Tegra 3 processor from Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) while the Samsung device options the Exynos four processor of Samsung.

The performed of ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 more better than alternative devices on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark take a look at where a smaller variety is taken into account better.

ATT Offer ATT Samsung Galaxy Note For $189

ATT Offer ATT Samsung Galaxy Note For $189 - ATT Samsung Galaxy Note arriving on February 7 exclusive for the ATT wireless network within the US, Now ATT offer ATT Galaxy Note beginning at $189 for this Android smartphone. You can add notes to previously recorded video and snapshots. You can choose Ceramic White or Carbon Blue for handset color, the standard of handset mostly using black color.

ATT Samsung Galaxy Note
Joining the Gingerbread operating system that is obtainable out-of-the-box is Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface, and standard online like Facebook, YouTube, Picasa and Twitter apps have been pre-installed. Near Frequency Communications (NFC) support is also present.

That 5.30 inch show delivers visuals in additional than sixteen million colors and 285 pixels, a high-end screen resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels. Super AMOLED show technology and standard lightweight and proximity sensors are built in. The Qualcomm MSM8660 Snapdragon microchip package powering the handset includes one among the quickest central processors of any smartphone, a twin core 1.5 GHz Scorpion. An Adreno 220 microchip handles all the graphics processing, 16 GB of storage is constructed into the ATT Galaxy Note and 1.0 GB of RAM system memory is present. The rear facing 8.0 megapixel camcorder offers autofocus, smile detection and preloaded scenes, still as multishot and panorama shot taking capability. The rear facing handset provides video capture with 1,080P HD resolution and 2.0 megapixel chat cam is present up front, delivering video call support and portrait snapshot functionality.catch this ATT offer....

LG E970 Confirmed To ATT

A new LG E970 confirmed come to ATT and has been revealed because of a benchmark it ran. A number of the specs of the LG E970 are uncovered, and others will simply be inferred using the leaked specs for the LS970 that is on its thanks to Sprint. 1st of all, the LG E970 can keep company with Adreno 320 graphics and a processor clocked at 1.5 GHz. this can be indicative of either a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 professional dual-core CPU, or a quad-core APQ8064 unit. Sadly we have a tendency to don’t recognize obviously that one it'll be, however the foremost recent leak regarding Sprint’s LS970 talked regarding it coming back with a quad-core Snapdragon. Therefore we’re betting that if that’s the case, the E970 can get the quad-core half too.

Adreno 320 graphics is what the first-gen S4 processors (the dual-core one.5 GHz units found in the majority high-end smartphones announced recently that don’t use Nvidia’s Tegra three or Samsung’s quad-core Exynos) ought to have had as companion GPU. But delays in developing the Adreno 320 graphics created Qualcomm unharnessed the primary batch of dual-core S4 Snapdragons (MSM8960) with solely an improved last-gen Adreno 220 GPU renamed from Adreno 225. That make in most graphics-intensive benchmarks Nvidia’s Tegra 3 outperforms the MSM8960 Snapdragons. But in non-GPU intensive benchmarks, the S4s typically embark on high.

And with Adreno 320 graphics and up to four CPU cores, it’s pretty clear that the new MSM8960 professional and APQ 8064 can rise higher than Nvidia’s current giving in all regards. It’ll be attention-grabbing to visualize if they manage to best Samsung’s quad-core Exynos too.

It will even have 1280×768 show resolution, that isn’t in the slightest degree common within the Android world (but is additionally what was leaked for the LS970 for to Sprint). And it runs Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Alien Scanner iPhone App

Alien Scanner iPhone AppAlien Scanner app has been engineered by Lowell Duke team, was released on April 20, 2011. you'll download alien scanner app for iPhone on iOS Store. this version is 1.0 and it’s solely on the market in English. this can be premium application, therefore you've got to pay $ 0.99 to download it. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod bit (4th generation), iPad two Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi iPad two + 3G, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad Wi-Fi. several queries emerged regarding the existence of aliens, Do alient very exist? The question became a thought. 

Alien Scanner iPhone App

Lowell Duke team to create an application that's solely meant for entertainment functions solely. Now, this application is just on the market for IOS and should be on the market for Android. iPhone and assisted with an application that's referred to as alienscanner app, you'll rummage around for alien signals within the whole universe. employing a scanner radio alien signal, you'll strengthen the hand movement signal, therefore the hand movements are terribly influential on the performance of this app and your hand as an antenna that helps strengthen the signal from an alien.

Run the appliance. Hand movements can have an effect on the signal, reposition your hand to search out a powerful signal from aliens. on every occasion you alter your hand position, this app can report the standing of the search, therefore get a clean signal from them. If a proof is found, you've got to defend the position of your hands till the decode method. So, your device can play the incoming sound.

Review, show application is kind of smart, however this application failed to benefit the standard of a given technology retina iPhone. How regarding the sound? Overall, this application is incredibly normal, nothing special and has minimal options. Alien scanner needs an extra feature which will build it easier to get the simplest signal.

If you prefer Alien Scanner iPhone App and need to seem for signals from aliens, you'll get this app in apple store.

How To Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 with Absinsthe 2.0

How To Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 with Absinsthe 2.0 - The iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak is now available with the release of Absinthe 2.0. This jailbreak is compatible with most iOS devices capable of running iOS 5.1.1. Here how to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 with Absinthe 2.0:

Absinsthe 2.0
-          Download Absinthe 2.0 for your device.

-          Run the Absinthe 2.0 on your iOS device

-          Connect your device to your computer running Absinthe, and ensure that Absinthe detects the exact device that you connect. Make sure your device is turned on and at the Home screen. You do not have to use DFU mode at all.

-          Click Jailbreak, and let the process complete. You will see your iPhone act as if it’s performing a restore, this is normal, be patient.

-          Once complete, you should receive an alert on Absinthe telling you that the jailbreak is complete, and you should see the Cydia app icon on your Home screen. It is now safe to unplug your device.

-          Open Cydia, and it will prepare for first use. Congratulations, your iOS 5.1.1 installed device is now jailbroken with an untethered jailbreak.

How To Get Voicemail On Your ATT Uverse Voice

How To Get Voicemail On Your ATT Uverse Voice - ATT UVerse Voice features with voicemail service, you can access it online from your phone. If you want to access your voice messages from your phone you must have access PIN or ATT Uverse login information. Here how to get voicemail onyour ATT Uverse Voice

-          From your home phone dial "*98".

-          Enter your voice mail PIN when prompted.3

-          Press "1" to play your first voice mail message. You can press "#" to skip to the next message, "7" to delete a message, "1" to rewind a message, "33" to go to the end of a message and "9" to save a message.

When you Online or using internet

-          Navigate to the ATT website and log in to your online UVerse account.

-          Click "Check voicemail" in the "UVerse Voice" section of the UVerse landing page.

-          Click a message from the list of messages review the recording.

How To Set Up ATT Uverse Voice Mailbox With Your Phone

How To Set Up ATT Uverse Voice Mailbox With Your Phone – Need assit to set up your ATT Uverse Voice mailbox from your phone. Here we give you tips on how to set up your ATT Uverse voice mailbox by your Phone:
ATT Uverse Voice Mailbox
  1. Simply dial *98 from your home phone. The system may take 5-7 seconds to begin voicemail setup.
  2. When prompted, enter a new PIN and press #. Your new PIN must be at least six digits in length. If you make a mistake, press * and start again.
  3. Re-enter your new PIN followed by the # sign.
  4. When you're finished choosing your PIN, you will be given the option to select a personal authentication question and answer. Your personal authentication code will be used when you need to reset your PIN.
  5. Next, you'll be prompted to record your name. Say your name after the tone and press #.
    • If you're happy with the recording, press 1.
    • To record again, press 2.
    • If you need more time, press 8 to pause. To resume, press any key.
  6. Now you'll be prompted to record your personal greeting or to use a pre-recorded system greeting. Press 1 and say your greeting after the tone and press #.
    • If you're happy with the recording, press 1.
    • To record again, press 2.
    • To use a different type of greeting (pre-recorded), press 3.
    • If you need more time, press 8 to pause. To resume, press any key.
You can also access the voicemail system by dialing your home number from any touch-tone phone and pressing *. Note: when dialing into voicemail remotely, you may incur additional access charges for non-local calls, hotel services charges, or cellular charges.
(Source: ATT)
Note:  For added security, an authentication code will be required for your voicemail box. This code must be in 8 digit MM/DD/YYYY format and can be your mother, father, spouse or child's date of birth.

How to Factory Reset ATT Uverse Remote Control

How to Factory Reset ATT Uverse Remote Control  – When your ATT Uverse Remote Control didn’t work or having some trouble to use it, you can solve it problem with factory reset or master reset. Generally this action will make your ATT Uverse tools work in good condition again but I doesn’t work you can contact ATT Support.

  1. Press and hold the ATT key on the remote control.
  2. Without releasing the ATT key, press and hold the OK key.
  3. Release both the ATT key and the OK key.
    All four mode keys will flash twice to indicate programming mode.
  4. Enter programming code 900 by pressing the number keys on the remote control. The ATT key will flash three times indicating the code was successfully entered and the remote has been reset to the default settings.

ATT Offer ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket For $9.99

ATT Offer ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket For $9.99 – ATT just announced that has the Refurbished ATT Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket 4G LTE in black or white colors, ATT offer for a low price $9.99 Free Shipping with 2-Year Contract for new or upgrade customer.

The ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket 4G LTE measures an incredible 0.37" thin and 4.6oz with a 4.5" 480x800 Super AMOLED Plus Gorilla Glass display and powered by a powerful 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 ScorpionChip w/ 1GB of ram. Graphics are handled by a dedicated Adreno 220 GPU. Captures 1080p HD Video via the rear 8MP camera and has a front facing 2MP front-facing camera. 16 GB of memory with MicroSDHC expansion. Read our review for ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket for more info.

ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 User Manual Guide

ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 User Manual Guide - ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 user manual guide or owner guide has been released at The ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 user manual is available in PDF file format (88-pages, 17.54 MB). The owner of ATT Pursuit 2 ATT phone must read this user manual guide before using their device. This ATT Pursuit 2 user manual will guide you how to operate the Pantech Pursuit 2 phone properly.

The ATT Pantech Pursuit II mobile phone is powered by a QSC 6270 ARM9/230MHz processor with Brew MP 1.0.2 operating system. Read our review for more details about ATT Pantech Pursuit 2. We also give you link to download PDF ATT pantech Pursuit 2 ATT address book and ATT navigator guide for you.

ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 User Manual Guide download HERE

ATT Pantech Pursuit ATT Address Book download HERE

ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 ATT Navigator Guide download HERE

ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 Review

ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 Review - The ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 has the same display as the original--a 2.8-inch touch screen with a 240x320-pixel QVGA resolution. For a simple messaging phone like this, the display works well enough. You can adjust the appearance of the home screen, the lock screen, and the menu theme, choose from seven different font styles, and adjust the brightness and the backlight timer.

ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 Review
As with the original ATT Pantech Pursuit, the ATT Pursuit 2 has a proprietary BREW operating system. Along the bottom row of the home screen are shortcuts to the phone dialer, the contacts list, the messaging inbox, and the main menu. On the left spine is the volume rocker, while the right spine is home to the screen lock key and the camera key. The number keys are highlighted in green, and there are the usual Shift, Function, and Symbol keys. There's also a handy vibrate key if you want to silence this ATT Phone.

Instead of a 600-entry phone book, for example, the ATT Pursuit 2 comes with a 1,000-entry phone book with room in each entry for four phone numbers, two e-mail addresses, a street address, a company name, a Web URL, a messenger username, a social networking ID, and other information. The basics include a vibrate mode, a speakerphone, an alarm clock, a calendar, a notepad, a sketchpad, a voice memo recorder, a world clock, a calculator, a tip calculator, a unit converter, a stopwatch, and a timer. The relatively small screen size also doesn't make for a very satisfying Web-surfing experience. As you might expect, the Pursuit 2 has all of the usual messaging features. They include text and multimedia messaging with threaded conversations, instant messaging, and ATT's mobile e-mail. Unfortunately, the service isn't free. It also has an app called ATT SocialNet, which acts as a hub for all of the aforementioned social-network services plus customized news feeds. It supports MP3, WMA, AAC, and eAAC music formats and 3GP, WMV, MP4, MPEG4, AAC, AAC+, and eAAC+ for video. The 2-megapixel camera on the Pursuit II has a variety of different settings. Speakerphone calls were quite solid as well, though the phone's dinky speakers did result in tinny voice quality.

The ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 has a rated battery life of 3 hours talk time and 10.4 days standby time. The ATT Pantech Pursuit 2 has a good build for a quick messaging phone. It has smooth curves, rounded corners, and a solid sliding keyboard.

How To Activate Your ATT Address Book On ATT Samsung Galaxy Focus 2

How To Activate Your ATT Address Book On ATT Samsung Galaxy Focus 2 - Before you activate and login to ATT Address Book, you must check it if your handset compatible with this ATT Service. Here how toactivate and manage your ATT Address Book:

-          Follow the Prompt, activate under Setting and selelct ATT Address Book
-          Login to ATT Address Book, You can manage your contacts by login to ATT Address Book Website
-          Add, edit or import contacts from other address book
-          Add contact from YP.Com
-          Find Maps and directions
-          Send text messages to your contacts or group

ATT Samsung Galaxy Focus 2 User Manual Guide

ATT Samsung Galaxy Focus 2 User Manual Guide

ATT Samsung Galaxy Focus 2 User Manual Guide – ATT was released ATT Samsung Galaxy Focus 2 few time ago, and now you can download the ATT Samsung Galaxy Focus 2 User Manual Guide. This user manual for this some people said ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 copycat in PDF. See our review for ATT GalaxyFocus 2.

ATT Samsung Galaxy Focus 2 user manual guide contains of general instructions for how to and tips to operate and basic set up for your android phone. This ATT Phone support ATT 4G LTE data. Other features include Windows Phone OS, OLED display, XBox Live gaming, Zune music player, 5-megapixel camera with HD video capture, and Wi-Fi.

ATT Samsung Galaxy Focus 2 User Manual Guide download HERE

Reasons Why You Need To Buy for ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3

Reasons Why You Need To Buy for ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 - ATT Samsung galaxy S3 is currently become the most waiting ATT Phone on US. the most recent report that ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 will hit the shop in US on June 1st date. Still latest report that ATT galaxy S 3 running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with default appearance interface using Samsung TouchWiz.

Featuring With S Voice
Similarly, the ‘S Voice’ that is Samsung’s answer to its rival iPhone’s app Siri. Well, let’s not go into the controversy whether Samsung copied the concept from Apple rather discuss about the beautiful feature in S Voice known as good Alert. This feature can sense when you’ve picked up your phone and then alerts you about the notifications through vibrations.

Camera And Photo
The phone's 8MP camera features a zero-lag shutter speed that lets user capture moving objects at once. The 'Burst shot' operate allows users to capture twenty continuous shots. HD video may be recorded even with the 1.9 MP front facing camera.

Game Hub And Video Hub
Samsung Galaxy S 3 features with Game Hub and Video Hub, which provide users access to varied social games and high quality TV shows and flicks, respectively.

S Beam
As the tag line of the Samsung Galaxy S3 says ‘designed for humans’; this phone has some attention-grabbing features that makes us feel that the phone knows you're using it. S Beam is another beautiful feature that this smartphone has. merely bit your phone to another phone and share large HD videos quickly.
And there is 'Pop up play' feature that allows user to look at an HD video on the phone while sending an email or text simultaneously.

A vital purpose that each smartphone patrons can have in their mind is how the corporate has been producing phones in the past. With wildly successful phones like ATT Galaxy S2, ATT Galaxy Note as an example that took the Android world by storm, ATT Galaxy S 3 can surely be a lot of power packed.

Stolen iPhone Adventures on Disney Wonder

Stolen iPhone Adventures on Disney Wonder- the big apple Magazine includes a rather outstanding story a few cruise passenger who alleges that her mobile phone was stolen throughout a cruise in April on the Disney surprise.  She was ready to determine the alleged thief, a cruise ship employee, because of cloud technology once the photos from her iPhone were uploaded to Apple's Photo Stream.
Stolen iPhone Adventures

The cruise passenger, "Katy," cleverly uploaded a number of the photos taken by Disney crew member, "Nelson," into her Facebook album entitled "Stolen iPhoneAdventures."

Passenger "Katy" places captions on the photos, identifying the alleged crew member thief at numerous ports, hanging out together along with his girlfriend and partying with his cruise ship posse. one in all the photos includes a crowded crew party with a political candidate gift with a caption identifying the officer allegedly because the captain of the cruise ship. 

Ah, what fun - a political candidate partying with the crew below deck documented with a iPhone stolen from a guest.

Disney says that it placed the crew member on "administrative leave" and restricted him from guest areas.
The world currently is aware of that things aren't continually as they appear on cruise ships, even on the Magical Kingdom's fleet.

Facebook Camera For iPhone

Facebook Camera For iPhone – Facebook just announced that unleash the Facebook Camera for iPhone and iPod bit, this app running on iOS four.0 and later. The Facebook Camera app from Facebook permits users to upload and share multiple photos, whereas the Facebook camera app restricts you to uploading only 1 photo at a time. Another benefit of Facebook Camera is users can even crop, rotate, and even add one of fourteen total filters to a photograph.
Facebook Camera For iPhone

Still bear in mind that Facebook simply bought Instagram, Facebook has proceeded to unleash an app that some would say competes directly with Instagram.
With additional and additional app being released by Facebook, all planning to replace a special native app on our smartphones, one has got to wonder: when can the Facebook phone go from being a rumor to being a reality? I might argue that Facebook is teaching users the way to use its legendary device, one app at a time, together with the upcoming App Center service. The educational curve, if Facebook will ever unleash its own device, is going to be virtually nonexistent. You can get it for free in Apple Store....

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Leaked Version Of S Voice

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Leaked Version Of S VoiceATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 is the hottest topics on the mobile handset now, ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Release date, Price and app, another hands. Samsung to block the leaked version of S Voice from the ATT Samsung Galaxy S3 and it didn’t take so long. But now we’ve got a new version of that Android App file to play with. Seeing as the app is running on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus with stock Android, there are a few functions, like note taking and voice recording, that doesn’t work because the Samsung TouchWiz apps are missing. From voice dialing, to inane requests for information, and to hardware control.

Samsung’s S Voice software has some serious skills. There are times I can see the foibles of the Vlingo technology that backs S Voice peeking through but it seems fairly polished, even in its current pre-release state.

I quite like the ability to toggle hardware features on and off, and launching apps by voice is handy too. Because I was not running this app on a Galaxy S3, S Voice can’t be called up from any screen via the voice command, “Hi Galaxy.” You can also start and stop timers, or change hardware settings without lifting a finger — just start talking to your phone like a crazy person.

Most of the queries I tried work, and it is integrated well with core Android services.

How To Start ATT Visual Voicemail With Your Android Device

How To Start ATT Visual Voicemail With Your Android Device – If you own android device and support for LTE network you use ATT Visual Voicemail through your device. ATT Visual Voicemail messages are delivered directly to compatible LTE Android devices. You can store up to 40 Visual Voicemail messages, with a maximum length of two minutes per message, on your Android device. Messages are stored for 14 days. You can upgrade to ATT Visual Voicemail with Text to read your messages as text ($3.99/month).

Key Features
  • View a list of your voicemail messages.
  • Play messages in any order you choose.
  • Upgrade to Visual Voicemail with Text to read your messages as text ($3.99/month).
  • Pause, stop, replay, and fast forward messages while playing.
  • Reply to messages by return call, text message, or email.
  • Forward voicemail messages via text message or email.
  • Add important contacts directly to your device address book.

  • Visual Voicemail for Android is included on select LTE Android devices and requires an LTE Android data plan.
  • You can upgrade to Visual Voicemail with Text to read your messages as text ($3.99/Month).

How To Change Your ATT Voicemail Password On Your iPhone

How To Change Your ATT Voicemail Password On Your iPhone - Your ATT voicemail password can also be reset from your myATT online account. But this option only work and available for original iPhone and iPhone 3G, if you want to turn off your ATT Voicemail Password you can do it too. Read more our iPhone tips for more help.

·         Tap Settings.

·         Flick to and tap Phone.

·         Flick to and tap Change Voicemail Password. Enter the current voicemail password, and then tap Done.
NOTE:  If current password is not known, reset the password from AT&T's website instructions above or call customer care.

·         Enter the desired voicemail password, and then tap Done.

·         Re-enter the new password, and then tap Done.

·         A confirmation screen will be displayed. To return to the Home screen, press the Home button.
Turn the ATT voicemail password on or off from your phone
·         From the phone keypad, tap and hold the 1 key. iPhone will begin calling the voicemail system     

·         Enter the current voicemail password.

·         Tap the 4 key for Personal Options.

·         Tap the 2 key for Administrative Options.

·         Tap the 1 key for Password Options.

·         Tap the 2 key to turn passwords on or off.

·         Tap the 1 key to turn passwords off. Tap End to cancel and hang up.