ATT Launch Eco-Ratings For 16 Phones

ATT Launch Eco-Ratings For 16 Phones - Wireless supplier ATT has begun rolling out an eco-rating system for its mobile devices, a program the corporate announced in February. Sixteen current models are scored on a 5-star scale, however iPhones weren't included.
ATT Launch Eco-Ratings For 16 Phones

Apple's recent call to rejoin the EPEAT environmental rating system for computers, when facing public criticism, might indicate shoppers are involved concerning how inexperienced all of their electronics are.

ATT uses a 15-point scale, based mostly on minimization of hazardous substances (4 points), environmentally preferable materials (3 points), energy potency (2 points), accountable end-of-life treatment (3 points) and environmentally accountable producing (3 points). Every purpose corresponds to one criterion, like having a removable battery. Phones should score a minimum of fourteen points to receive a 5-star rating.

Phones should score a minimum of fourteen points to receive a 5-star rating. Solely the ATT Galaxy Exhilarate earned 5 stars. Apple's iPhone wasn't included within the program.

ATT’s eco-ratings offer shoppers product data they require, Jeff Bradley senior vice chairman, Devices, ATT Mobility said. Our eco-ratings accomplish simply that. If you’re within the marketplace for a replacement ATT phone, check up on the ATT EcoSpace web site for additional data concerning the eco-rating system.

BestBuy Offer The 8 GB iPhone 4 For $50 On Contract

BestBuy Offer The 8 GB iPhone 4 For $50 On Contract - BestBuy has quietly dropped the worth of the fundamental 8GB version of the iPhone 4 to $50 on a two-year contract. The news hits simply as we tend to begin hearing rumors regarding Apple obtaining consecutive iPhone prepared for launch prior expected, on September 21.
BestBuy Offer The 8 GB iPhone 4 For $50 On Contract

Both the white and black iPhone 4 8GB are currently discounted to $49.99 with a replacement two-year contract on BestBuy. It’s solely tangible drawback is that the 5-megapixel camera that is way from the wonderful 8-megapixel shooter on the iPhone 4S. Otherwise, the iPhone 4solely options a rather less capable processor, and is basically a similar as its successor.

Now, the iPhone 4 competes with a large amount of Android and Windows Phone devices, however none match its intricate style. In what seems to be a permanent worth drop, Best Buy is selling Apple's 8-gigabyte iPhone 4 for $49.99 with a replacement two-year contract.

Samsung Launches Music Hub rivals Google Play Music

Samsung Launches Music Hub rivals Google Play Music - We’ve talked concerning Samsung Music Hub quite some times already, however these days is that the official day. Samsung has currently launched their Music Hub 3-in-1 mobile music solution for the U.S. users and it’s accessible for many Galaxy S 3 phones. 
Samsung Launches Music Hub rivals Google Play Music

The service is truly quite nice and brings some treats from Google’s Music choice, Spotify, and iTunes all into one providing. 

You can upload and revel in your own music, stream from a catalog of four major record labels (similar to Spotify) or stream counseled content in addition as your own music from the cloud. 

Samsung has announced the provision of their Music Hub service, a free and paid music service that offers users a library of music to each purchase and stream.

Samsung utilizes scan-and-match technology to permit you to not exclude from your 100 GB storage limit the least bit, simply ciao as your uploaded songs match ones they’ve got here their own library. The free Music Hub service merely provides you the power to shop for new tracks from Samsung for a flat, one-time fee. It’s not in contrast to the music-buying expertise Google Music currently offers. Where they're going deeper than Google is their premium $9.99 per month service that enables you to stream unlimited music from four completely different labels, a “scan and match” feature.

This looks like it’ll confirm that songs you’re uploading from your existing assortment and place them into your account from Music Hub rather than having to upload those tracks, customized custom radio based mostly on artists, songs, genres, and a recommendation engine, and more.

Samsung Galaxy S 3 users are going to be the primary to induce their hands on Samsung Music Hub, and that they will fancy the complete extent of the service’s premium options for complimentary for 30 days.

Workout Trainer App Review

Workout Trainer App Review - Workout Trainer App it presents you together with your own virtual personal trainer, who offers up completely different exercise challenges for you to undertake. These embrace instruction photos and videos, moreover as motivational audio prompts whereas you are performing the exercises. Most of the workouts don’t involve the utilization of any expensive workout equipment, thus you'll perform your coaching at home or outdoors within the garden or your native park. Workout Trainer App aims to resolve this downside by providing a colossal library of workouts and be it free or via micro-transaction for the user to participate in. The user begins their Workout Trainer journey by either making an account, or logging in via Facebook. The user is then presented with an inventory of goals, like weight loss or building muscle, and asked to decide on what they want to attain.
Workout Trainer App Review

Workouts Trainer App for Android or iPhone are divided into free and ‘Pro’, that the user has got to pay to unlock. When you wishing to use free workouts are amply catered for, and won’t go wanting. Conjointly included is that the ‘Shakerciser’, which needs the user to shake their iOS device, and this, shuffles many random exercises along and creates a workout routine.

Speaking of routines, when the user sets one going every exercise is displayed on-screen, with the choice to look at an illustration video via YouTube. Workout Trainer App for iPhone or Android conjointly adds a full host of social network options for the user to require advantage of. Successful workouts may also be printed on Twitter and Facebook and even sent to others via email and sms. Communities created workouts also are gift that the user will download what others do and see if it works for them. To high it all off the app even works with Apple TV and Airplay.

Workout Trainer seems to be the proper app for those serious regarding their health and fitness. You can get the Workout Trainer App for Android via Google Play Store and Workout Trainer App for iPhone via iTunes App Store.

Kayak App Review

Kayak App Review - We’ve all seen the hilarious commercials from Kayak App, a brand new all-in-one trip coming up with web site.  Kayak App for Android or iPhone permits you to try to some pre-search setup functions so as to create your looking out and booking little smoother. As a result of the Kayak App works in landscape and portrait, the layout changes little. The opposite setup perform can permit you to pre-enter your info (such as name, address, phone, etc) so as to expedite the booking method.  Along the aspect of the screen, you'll see the symbols for flights, hotels and cars. You’ll additionally realize a map primarily based search perform represented by the GPS image, another plane image for tracking your flight, and a baggage image for viewing your saved visits.

Kayak App Review

Let’s begin with Flights. Initial click the highest plane icon, then the search bar.  From here you'll realize a One-Way, Round-Trip, or Multi-City flight. Pretty self explanatory with One-Way and Round-Trip.  Multi-City adds the flexibleness of permitting you to book flights with every leg outlined by you.  Using the Multi-City alternative, I used to be able to choose the depart purpose as Philadelphia, and Arrive purpose as Honolulu.  Then, on the comeback flight, I used to be able to choose Kahului because the depart purpose, and Philadelphia because the Arrive purpose. Each leg permits me to pick the dates.  Since I’m staying on two islands, I will be able to want two hotels.  Kayak App makes this gorgeous easy.  From the Hotel icon, I hunt for Waikiki, the primary town I would like to remain in on Honolulu.  And then I enter the check-in and check-out dates also as variety of guests and rooms.  Once searched, I will filter the results by variety of stars, brand, specific hotel name, and/or worth.  If I click on one, a sleek popup can show choices for Booking (prices from totally different websites), Overview, Photos, and Reviews.  I additionally get a tiny low map with the hotel’s location also as its address, phone variety, and a choice to show it on the iOS Maps.  If I would like to book, I will merely click Book on-line next to the row I would like to use.  From here the app can pull up the total website among the app.  If you propose to book the hotel, and you chose auto-fill from the preferences menu, you'll be presently happy to search out all of your info is already crammed in!  Repeat this method if you wish another hotel on totally different dates.

Clicking a pin can zoom in to indicate the most cost effective flight to that location from your current location on Kayak App for iPhone or Android. The ultimate possibility permits you to look at your visits.

I would like to produce a visit with hotel, flight, and automotive rental saved so as to book at a later time. You can get Kayak App for Android via Google Play Store and Kayak App for iPhone via iTunes App Store.

16 GB Nexus 7 Back On Google Play Store

16 GB Nexus 7 Back On Google Play Store - when a 2 week amount of Google attempting to catch up on 16 GB Nexus 7 orders, on Google Play Store the device is currently showing as being back “in stock.” Between the 8 GB and 16 GB versions of Nexus 7, the larger storage possibility is either the warmer selling of the 2 or Google was expecting the 8 GB to be a lot of standard and easily manufactured more of it instead.

16 GB Nexus 7 Back On Google Play Store

With the 8 GB possibility, you have got to recollect that 2.5 GB or therefore are taken up by the operating system which HD movies will land at around another 2.5GB, leaving you with little or no house for major gaming titles, music, or alternative videos.

Since the 16 GB Nexus 7 version solely prices $50 additional to order, it looks like a logical step-up for the versatile 7-inch tablet. 

While 8 GB may well be enough for a few basic users, The Nexus 7 lacks an SD card slot or the other methodology of upgrading storage when purchase.

Android 4.1 Won Substansial Praise

Android 4.1 Won Substansial Praise - The biggest reason Android 4.1 has won substantial praise, particularly because it relates to its smoothness and it performance on the favored Nexus 7 tablet. Its Google currently, its default browser is Chrome for Mobile and heck, you'll unlock it by blinking (even if that’s not thus secure).
Android 4.1 Won Substansial Praise

I’ve been showing off Android 4.1, on each a Galaxy Nexus phone and also the Nexus 7 tablet, and what individuals dig concerning each is that the nearly intangible improvement to the planning and feels.

The latter could be a common expertise on Android devices running 4.0 and earlier. “Project Butter” is, in fact, a highly touted facet of Android 4.1; however it helps to own a frame of reference for what’s been created buttery. Beyond home screen sliding, the opposite major amendment is how one switches between apps. If there’s any delay, it’s within the moment before the app launches, instead of having a shell screen pop up and watching as all its knowledge and pictures force themselves awake from a nap. Heading back to the house screen conjointly doesn’t feel sort of a huge request. Looks little, feels big.

Automatic widget/app shuffling: Move an enormous widget onto a home screen where an app or 2 is within the manner, and people apps automatically fly into empty areas elsewhere on the screen.

More descriptive and interactive notifications: Android has long had a grip over Apple when it involves showing individuals what’s occurring. Then iOS added its Notification Center that was still somewhat unwieldy, however a pleasant enough try. Email notifications embrace the primary few lines, text messages have primarily the complete message, and apps will select no matter actions they’d wish to provide you with. My personal favorite? Take a screenshot, and you get a notification--which looks redundant, however then you faucet “Share” and fling that screenshot to Dropbox, Gmail and wherever I’d like.

Camera operation: The camera in Android 4.1 hundreds terribly quick. When viewing photos you'll pinch “out” to enter a “filmstrip mode,” where you'll then fling photos up or all the way down to quickly delet. That's why Android 4.1 won substansial praise.

ATT Continues Expanding Eco Push With ATT Pantech Renue

ATT Continues Expanding Eco Push With ATT Pantech Renue - The ATT Pantech Renue contains a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and helps spearhead ATT's new eco-ratings standards. The ATT Pantech Renue is made from 67 % recyclable parts, and its packaging is built from 95 % recycled papers and printed with soy ink, that is not a petroleum business by-product. The on-board power saving app is another nod to Earth's resources. Additionally, the ATT Renue contains a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 3.2-inch bit screen, and a 3-megapixel camera.

ATT Continues Expanding Eco Push With ATT Pantech Renue
Starting July 30, ATT says it'll unharness eco-rating labels on postpaid handset devices, and on fourteen existing cell phones.

The eco-rating system pertains to hazardous materials like sure chemicals, environmentally preferable materials like recycled paper and soy ink, energy potency, "responsible end-of-life treatment," and "environmentally-responsible producing."

Google Maps And Earth Updated With High-Resolution Imagery

Google Maps And Earth Updated With High-Resolution Imagery - In time for the Olympic gap ceremony, Google released a large update of aerial and satellite imagery for each Google Maps and Google Earth, together with for the Olympic Park in London.

Google Maps And Earth Updated With High-Resolution Imagery
Google has added recent high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery to its mapping services for twenty five cities and seventy two countries. 

Among the imagery to urge an update is that the Olympic Park in London, where athletes round the world are currently vying for medals within the London 2012 games. 

More than twenty U.S. cities are additionally updated with 45-degree imagery, those Google users to make its urban 3D models, as a part of the refresh. Meanwhile, alternative major European cities within the U.K., Spain, and Germany additionally saw upgraded satellite imagery, as did elements of Latin and South America, the center East, and Australia.

The new imagery is going to be offered in GoogleMaps, the net mapping service, yet as Google Earth and the downloadable desktop application. 

In the past month, Google has additionally updated its maps of Antarctica, by adding street-level imagery of the ceremonial South Pole.

iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Will Release On September 21

iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Will Release On September 21 - Both devices are going to be announced within the middle of September, followed by the discharge of the iPhone 5 on September 21, claims blog website iMore.

iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Will Release On September

Apple shoppers may maybe see the debut of each the iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini return September.
Citing sources who have proven correct within the past, report by iMore that Apple can announce the 2 devices at a special event on Wednesday, September twelve. This latest report follows a tidbit last week from French website (English translation), that pointed to a September 21 release date primarily based on intel from Chinese producing sources. That guarantees a busy day launch day for Apple, however the corporate usually spruces up its iPhone announcement with updates to the iPod and alternative merchandise.

The new iPhone would supply a 4-inch, 16:9 screens, whereas all new iOS devices would accompany a smaller Dock connector.

Last year, the corporate launched the iPhone 4S in October. Likely, this demand for the new phone rewarded Apple with a gangbuster calendar fourth quarter. Releasing a replacement phone in September ensures that Apple ends the calendar third quarter on a high note, with the expected significant demand extending into the fourth quarter.

ATT Pantech Renue User Manual Guide

ATT Pantech Renue User Manual Guide - ATT and Pantech just release ATT Pantech Renue for ATT cutomers. ATT Pantech Renue is Quick messaging phone with sliding QWERTY. Pantech as manufacture for this handset has release the User Manual Guide for this new phone.

ATT Pantech Renue User Manual Guide

The ATT Pantech Renue User Manual Guide available on PDF and you can download it direct from Pantech website. ATT Pantech Renue User Manual Guide will guiding you and give you more information about this handset. If you want to buy this handset take alook for our ATT Pantech Renue review or you can download it this User Manual Guide to get more information.

Download ATT Pantech Renue User Manual Guide in English version HERE.

Download ATT Pantech Renue User Manual Guide in Spanish version HERE.

ATT Pantech Renue Review

ATT Pantech Renue Review - The ATT Pantech Renue has an appealing style, a touch-friendly interface, and a quick good slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Poor speakerphone, mediocre camera and short battery life are the Renue's biggest deterrents of this ATT Phone.
ATT Pantech Renue Review

Heavy texters can notice abundant to love within the cute, compact ATT Pantech Renue, however its short battery life and underdeveloped camera are setbacks.

It might be one thing just like the sleeker, subtle ATT Pantech Burst Android phone, the Sidekick-style of ATT Pantech Swift, or the overgrown ATT Pantech Pocket. In typical Pantech fashion, the planning and interface are high points, and also the tools are fairly stuffed out for a feature phone. each phone-maker includes a signature vogue, and for Pantech, it's "cute." Like several of Pantech's phones, the ATT Renue could be a compact rectangle with rounded-off corners. At only 3.9 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide by concerning 0.47 in. thick, the compact Renue folds simply into the palm of a hand also tucks into a pocket or purse and excels at one-handed touch-screen operation. after you firmly slide out the four-row QWERTY keyboard, you are greeted with rectangular plastic keyboard buttons accented in aquamarine. The ATT Renue accepts up to XYZGB in expandable memory.

As a feature phone, the ATT Pantech Renue runs on Pantech's proprietary operating system, primarily based on BREW. there is a lock screen with shortcuts to open to the camera app plus message composition screen or call log and voice mail if you'd rather skip the house screens.

The app tray fits twelve giant, finger-friendly icons on every "page." Multimedia plays a job also, with a basic music player and video player, and a web music store. there is additionally a calculator and tip calculator,a stop watch, a unit converter and a timer.

In addition to apps, there is an array of settings you'll apply to customise this ATT Phone. On the show front, you are able to swap out the house screen and menu screen wallpaper. you are additionally ready to choose your clock kind, select the font, amendment the lock screen image and choose backlight times for the screen and keypad. The Renue's 3-megapixel camera/camcorder lacks a flash, that is already one limitation. sadly, mediocre image quality is another. you'll activate the self-timer and switch off the irritatingly loud shutter sound.

Unsurprisingly, video quality is not a robust suit. We tested the quad-band (GSM 850/900/1800/1900; UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900) ATT Pantech Renue in San Francisco on ATT's network. Volume was a tad low, and voices sounded thick and muffled. sadly, the ATT Pantech Renue battery life might hinder marathon communication. it's a rated battery lifetime of 3 hours speak time and ten days of standby time with 1,000mAh battery.

Amazon Wireless Offer ATT Nokia Lumia 900 For $20

Amazon Wireless Offer ATT Nokia Lumia 900 For $20 - The ATT Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone 7.5 is one in all the primary mobile handsets with LTE connectivity that conjointly employs a Windows Phone operating system. The handset conjointly delivers the biggest show that smartphone manufacturer Nokia has ever engineered, and also the camera combo is accentuated by a Carl Zeiss optics package. Pixel density runs 217 pixels per in. for an overall screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with multitouch gestures are used to navigate the handset. Corning Gorilla Glass layer offers scratch resistance and glare reduction. and Amazon Wireless offer this handset for low price.

Amazon Wireless Offer ATT Nokia Lumia 900 For $20
Continuing within the hardware profile may be a Qualcomm APQ8055 Snapdragon microchip package that has a speedy 1.4 GHz Scorpion central processor, whereas a separate Adreno 205 GPU handles all graphics duties. Nokia offer The ATT Nokia Lumia 900 4G contains 512 MB of RAM memory and 16 GB of built-in storage.

That rear facing camcorder comes equipped with a twin LED flash and autofocus, bit to focus, video stabilizing, exposure management and Geo tagging options. Video recording is obtainable at 720P HD and 30 frames per second, conjointly the front facing VGA quality chat cam also offers video decision support.

In the multimedia package on board the ATT Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows phone may be a music player that filters by album and artist or play list,  and a YouTube video player. You'll obtain the ATT Nokia Lumia 900 for $20 at Amazon Wireless.

Lookout App Review

Lookout App Review - Lookout App offering up a triple-threat of protection, this free, easy-to-use app could be a must-have for each Android phone owner. Lookout Security & Antivirus provides free security protection, remote locating, contacts backup, and screaming for both phones and tablets. The Lookout App for Android or iPhone needs you to form a free Lookout account, which might be accessed by going to site just signing in with your account credentials. Upgrading to a premium account ($2.99/m or $29.99/yr) adds safe browsing, a privacy advisor, backup of images and decision history, and remote locking and wiping.

Lookout App Review
The security protection automatically scans apps you put in and update and (optionally) new files for viruses and malware. The backup feature saves your contacts and, if you have a premium account, your photos and decision history to your on-line account. Premium account holders will favor to restore their data to another tablet or phone, a handy feature if you are migrating to a replacement device. The missing device feature enables you to remotely control your device from your on-line account. If a thief replaces the SIM card in your phone with their own, the Lookout App can detect the modification and show the new number on your on-line account. If you upgrade to the premium account, automatically the safe browsing feature detects and alerts you if you visit a phishing or malware website. and also the privacy advisor helps you identify apps that may be invading your privacy by listing apps that have sensitive permissions, like those that will read identity data, access messages, or track your location.

When evaluating Lookout App for iPhone or Android on my Android phone and iPhone I didn’t realize any major problems. Though Lookout uses an equivalent uninstall protection as alternative security apps (setting the app as a tool administrator), it'd be great to examine further uninstall protection thus it’s more durable for thieves to remove it.

Overall, this can be an excellent app to help defend your Android smartphone or iPhone. You can get the Lookout App for Android via Google App Store and Lookout App for iPhone through iTune App Store for free.

BullGuard App Review

BullGuardApp Review - BullGuard App provides sensible antivirus and parental controls, however the app's backup options may be improved. BullGuard offers a mobile antivirus and security app for Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry devices, referred to as BullGuard Mobile Security

BullGuard App Review

BullGuard App for Android or iPhone additionally offers antitheft, parental controls, and knowledge backup--all of which might be accessed via BullGuard's web-based management panel (that it calls the Mobile Security Manager). For this review we put in BullGuard Mobile Security on an Android smartphone. Putting in place the app is easy: you only enter your license key, email address, and make a password to be used on BullGuard's on-line management panel.

From the Antivirus screen you'll be able to initiate a scan of your device and additionally manually update the app's virus definitions to the foremost current version. When performing a plague scan, you'll be able to select whether or not to scan the complete phone or simply individual folders and files. Once I performed a full device scan it took durable compared to most different mobile antivirus apps I’ve reviewed, however BullGuard scans all files and not simply the put in apps like another antivirus apps do. On the Parental Controls screen you'll be able to read this parental controls in place, however if you wish to form any changes to them you will have to try to thus through the web-based management panel. There you'll be able to enable SMS, MMS, and voice monitoring thus you'll be able to read and search through the history of SMS and MMS messages (including the particular text or pictures) and therefore the log of ingoing and outgoing voice calls. You’ll be able to enable image monitoring to capture and log any pictures taken by the phone’s camera and any pictures downloaded from the net. One in every of the lot of helpful Parental management options is that the ability to warn you if sure words or phrases are utilized in text messages or emails. On the fundamental Backup screen you'll be able to enable or disable the backup of your contacts and calendars. You’ll be able to manually backup inside the app or via the web-based management panel, however there’s no auto backup feature. There’s additionally no restore possibility inside the app, however you'll be able to initiate restorations via the web-based management panel likewise. BullGuard App for iPhone or Android antitheft functionality will solely be activated from the net management panel. You’ll additionally realize settings to enable automatic device locking and or wiping if somebody changes your SIM card.

You can get the BullGuard App for Android via Google Play Store and BullGuard App for iPhone via iTune s App Store.

6 Best App To Follow the 2012 Olympic Games

6 Best App To Follow the 2012 Olympic Games - Since NBC is covering the Olympics, it is the solely app during this assortment which will have live streams of events. With athletes from all over the world competing for their respective countries and it's easy to get excited as you root for your country to win

6 Best App To Follow the 2012 Olympic Games

Reuters Olympics London 2012

Reuters Olympics London 2012 allows you to expertise the Olympics games with huge high-res skilled photos. The app incorporates a distinctive touch-screen interface and showing a timeline of all the events with stunning photos. At the terribly prime you get the most recent photos from events, and as you scroll down, you'll be able to see photos all the thanks to preliminary events and qualifiers.

You also will originate notifications for results of specific events and select your country therefore it'll notify you when your country's athletes are successful. You furthermore might have the power to look at solely photos from specific events, by touching a photograph Filter button within the higher right of the most screens, then touching the icon that corresponds to your favorite events. Download Reuters Olympics London 2012 App for iPhone.

NBC Olympics Live

NBC Olympics Live additional is that the official app for streaming video from the network covering the games here in North America. I am hoping NBC can discern the video issues therefore we will all check up on events wherever we tend to are.

The interface includes buttons across the highest for the house screen with the most recent videos, video clips shifting by individual sports also a schedule of events and a Favorites section where you'll be able to faucet a heart-shaped icon next to events to stay track of what interests you most. The London 2012 Official Results App is precisely because the name implies, and it's nice for maintaining with what is going on and when your favorite Olympic events occur.

The Live section shows a scrolling blog with photos and news things for every event happening at the instant. You furthermore might have buttons across rock bottom to browse by schedule, medal counts, athlete bios, sporting event and a My Games section where you'll be able to track your favorite events. During this last section you will be prompted to pick your country, set your location to look at the schedule in native time (GBR is that the default), and originated push notifications for your country's events and daily event roundups.

Though the interface is fairly complicated, the London Official Results App has all the information you would like for with regards to something surrounding the 2012 Olympic Games. If you are looking for an Olympic app with exhaustive data concerning the games and nicely this can be the app to own, if you'll be able to get past the confusing interface. Download NBC Olympic Live App for Android and iPhone.

Summer of Sport

With Summer of Sport you don’t have to be compelled to be in London or in front of the TV to relish the 2012 summer Olympic Games. The apps can offer you with all the action and drama from the London games, and we've included some additional ones which will allow you to have some Olympic-themed fun. Download Summer of Sport App for Android and iPhone.


IntoNow, you’ll even be ready to see a programming schedule for upcoming Olympics broadcasts, still as medal counts, images, athlete bios, and more. Download IntoNow App for Android and iPhone.

BBC Olympics

BBC Olympics, The BBC has the rights to stream content solely within the UK (NBC has the rights to all or any Olympics coverage within the United States); therefore solely UK users are going to be ready to stream video with this app. Download BBC Olympics App for Android and iPhone.

2012 Team USA Road to London

2012 Team USA Road to London Support Team USA at the Olympic Games with this dedicated app.

You can explore photos also videos of the athletes and cheer them on with a special button that sends personal messages to athletes collaborating via Facebook and Twitter.

Other nations with free team apps for each Android and iOS embody Austria, Ireland, South Korea, Netherlands, and Slovenia. Download 2012 Team USA Road To London App for Android and iPhone.

Nokia Release Contacts Share App For Lumia Windows Phone

Nokia Release Contacts Share App For Lumia Windows Phone - Nokia promised back a couple of weeks ago that that they had lots of software to still releases however for his or her Lumia line of Windows Phones and nowadays they did so once more with the Contacts Share app.

Nokia Release Contacts Share App For Lumia Windows Phone

Contacts Share App is one more fill what’s missing in Windows Phone app from the Finnish company and will be a large boon for business users. The app is straightforward enough because it permits you to send contact data via email or SMS to any phone together with Symbian, Android, iOS and BlackBerry in normal Vcard format.

The contacts are then imported by email or when the app is opened and that they brought right into the folks Hub like every alternative contact...

The other is that the app notes this isn't compatible with CDMA that mustn't be scan as Nokia not supporting CDMA phones within the future like Verizon or Sprint, it’s just because the app relies off of the SIM card inserted into the device, therefore don’t scan an excessive amount of into that.

Confirmed for ATT users this may not work as this contact share app is evidently addicted to a yet-to-come firmware update or probably tied to Tango.

Pantech Release ATT Pantech Renue

Pantech Release ATT Pantech Renue - Pantech has announced the launch of the ATT Pantech Renue Quick Messaging Device for ATT. The phone are on the market on Sunday in stores and on-line for $69.99 once new 2 year agreement and $50 mail-in rebate. The key feature of the ATT Pantech Renue is that the phone itself is that the bodyshell, that is formed of 67 % recycled material, that makes it one in every of the foremost eco-friendly phones on the market yet joined of the foremost rugged.

Pantech Release ATT Pantech Renue

ATT Pantech Renue Quick messaging device with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and also the phone does not need a smartphone knowledge arrange, however uses Qualcomm's BREW-MP platform to supply smartphone-like options, together with barely screen and multiple customizable home screens. This ATT phone additionally options a 3.0 megapixel camera and a microSD slot. The ATT Pantech Renue is tested and rated to military specs for dust, sand, extreme temperatures, sun, vibration and humidity.

London 2012 Join In App Review

London 2012 Join In App Review - London 2012 Join In App, there's a ton to hate concerning the Olympics and the oppressive weapons on tower blocks and parkland across London, and therefore the copyright and branding nightmares that may befall anyone who dare show a brand or mascot while not approval. thus to create certain we're all obtaining the most effective of the Olympics, there is the London 2012 Join In App for Android, iOS and BlackBerry. 

London 2012 Join In App Review
Maybe most charming is that the abundance of data concerning community events in your space. It's here that the entire Olympic machine is a smaller amount obvious, and folks will get along to get pleasure from somewhat of sport, and hopefully celebrate some British wins. There is conjointly many probabilities to celebrate alternative cultures too, thus everybody ought to be ready to get one thing from this app.

On London 2012 Join In App For iPhone or Android events, places and sports will all be bookmarked, thus you'll be able to get a notification when events you are inquisitive about are close to begin. You may conjointly notice event venue info that tells you where the Visa-sponsored money machines are, and the way to seek out the Coke-sponsored urinals.

For one, there is a pretty chunky database concerned in accessing the info, this is not a part of the initial download, however has got to be delivered once. If you do not begin the app when you are connected to Wi-Fi, you may hammer your knowledge tariff to the tune of nearly 100MB. Plus, the app contains all the standard sponsorship nonsense from the most, international sponsors.

The other issue is that to induce results for London 2012 Join In App, you would like a separate results app. aside from once you shake your phone, and people hell escapees Wenlock and Mandeville pitch up and do one thing stupid on the screen.

ESPN Radio App Review

ESPN Radio App Review - ESPN Radio App is an official ESPN designed for being attentive to a spread of ESPN Radio content and stations. ESPN Radio App provides access to dozens of ESPN Radio affiliates nationwide, taking part in ESPN Radio content, native sports speak, and live sports broadcasts each native and national; I found a minor league baseball broadcast on one station whereas browsing.

ESPN Radio App Review

The app provides for access to a lot of ESPN content; to my surprise, even MLB games were out there through the app, though native blackouts do apply. There’s additionally a good type of prerecorded content out there, from the newest broadcasts of each national radio shows, however additionally some native shows on ESPN Radio App for iPhone or Android stations. The app additionally supports iOS multitasking and headset controls, therefore leaving the app whereas still being attentive to a station or podcast is simple.

The challenge is finding stations; the sole displays are by a listing of favorites or by location that shows the closest stations. The currently taking part in description on every station is often inaccurate, or not specifically descriptive; yes, I presume that this ESPN Radio App for Android or iPhone  station is taking part in “ESPN Radio content” once I see it within the list of stations! ESPN Radio provides a treasure trove of ESPN and sports content for less than $2.99, though the interface makes discovering this content tougher than it ought to be. For sports fans and particularly fans of ESPN content, this app provides nice mobile access to a good type of content.

You can get the ESPN Radio App for Android via Google Play Store and ESPN Radio App for iPhone via iTunes App Store.

ATT Uverse Bring 2012 London Olympic Games On The Go

ATT Uverse Bring 2012 London Olympic Games - ATT in agreement with NBCUniversal, these days announced a multiplatform content providing for NBCUniversal's coverage of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games to start on Wednesday on July 25 through Sunday on August 12. "We're thrilled to deliver NBCUniversal's around-the-clock Games content to ATT Uverse customers just about whenever and wherever they need to observe."

ATT Uverse Bring 2012 London Olympic Games On The Go

In addition to intensive coverage on the networks of NBCUniversal, as well as NBC, NBC Sports Network, MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo and Telemundo, and 2 HD specialty channels, subscribers will keep connected to the London Summer Olympic Games wherever they're going completely via, and also the NBC Olympics and NBC Olympics Live further app on the market to mobile and pill users.

As a part of  ATT Uverse customer's video subscription, which incorporates all Olympic TV content, NBCUniversal is bringing Olympic content to subscribers live and on-demand, online, and on mobile and pill devices via applications. This extra access to NBCUniversal's Olympic programming extends ATT Uverse customers' opportunities to observe the Games on the go through ATT Uverse App.

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Shoot The Zombirds App Review

ShootThe Zombirds App Review - Shoot The Zombirds App is that the quite game you expect to hit the App store simply in time for Halloween. Shoot The Zombirds App for Android or iPhone complete with a pumpkin-headed boy and a Tim Burton-esque atmosphere (well, when Tim Burton created sensible films, anyway), and a fleet of cute very little pumpkin kids to avoid wasting, it's simply the factor to induce you within the mood for the most effective vacation ever.

Shoot The Zombirds App Review

Except, Shoot The Zombirds came out in could. Shoot The Zombirds App for iPhone or Android has one easy goal: use arrows to shoot flying zombie birds. You execute this whereas standing in an exceedingly spooky, blood-drenched landscape whereas these aerial beasts crowd the sky higher than. Fat, slow ones and very speedy very little ones alternate, which means you've got to be very precise to form certain you nail the correct ones.

Some will fly by with a pumpkin child in their claws. Prioritization is essential. When you nail quite one, you will get additional points further as a flowery very little accolade for making zombie sausage (yuck). In every wave, you will have a goal to shoot for, like collecting one hundred coins in one game.

Coins come back your manner by shooting speedy very little winged skulls that explode into a downpour of cash. These coins will be utilized in the game's "Grave Store" to induce additional arrows or to start out your game with the next range of pumpkin children. Save additional and you may have access to larger poseurs like Speed Up and Time Freeze. The simplicity of Shoot The Zombirds App is unquestionably key in creating it such an appealing pick-up-and-play title. Whereas bite-sized gaming is that the active ingredient in several iOS games, some nail it higher than others, and this one falls into that class.

Inotia 4 App Review

Inotia 4 App Review - Its 2012, which should mean we tend to get another installment within the somewhat common KRPG series, Inotia 4 App from Com2uS. half four of this seemingly interchangeable series of games offers nothing new, apart from the chance to pay a lot of your real-world cash. You play Inotia 4 App for Android or iPhone as one more reluctant, angsty teenager who should navigate round the lands of Inotia throughout some style of civil war. At the start of the sport you select between one in all six totally different character categories, and then you and a companion will go merrily on your manner grinding, grinding, grinding against all manner of creatures like wolves and big turtles. You may conjointly withstand random, repetitive side-quests whereas muddling through the uninteresting and nonsensical main plot and completely interminable cut-scenes.
Inotia 4 App Review

On Inotia 4 App for iPhone or Android the controls are rigid and stiff and can have your character obtaining stuck constantly or running around in “circles” in futile makes an attempt to aim properly. If you don’t need to pay hours upon hours grinding against enemies, you’ll ought to pay the money to urge good equipment and progress.

There’s not a full ton additional to mention regarding Inotia 4, as there merely isn’t lots to the sport itself. It’s a hollow, characterless bore fest that's practically an equivalent game because the previous entries. Inotia 4 App it's for super diehard fans of the series or Korean RPGs solely.

Google Fiber Wonderful Internet Plan

Google Fiber Wonderful Internet PlanGoogle Fiber, broadband TV isn't a brand new concept, with HDTV, DVR, and also the currently defunct TiVO, being employed for the first generation of net based mostly streaming video. Google intends to fulfill this market heads on and provides individuals a deal they cannot refuse. With a seemingly no-brainer to possess Google’s infrastructure piped into owns home, they follow up with a no-fuss tiered selection system:

Google Fiber Wonderful Internet Plan
Gigabit TV/Internet at $120/month
Gigabit net at $70/month
Free net w/ $300 construction fee
TV Box
Storage Box
Network Box
1TB Google Drive
Optional Chromebook ($299)
No monthly fees simply to observe HDTV

But if you were hoping that Google was aiming to use Google fiber project to reorder the TV landscape, you’re aiming to be disappointed. A minimum of during this incarnation, Google is enjoying by the TV establishment’s rules.

The Kansas town fiber project that Google announced yesterday goes to offer customers broadband like they’ve never seen before. The pay-TV half, though, goes to look terribly familiar: They’ll pay Google $120 a month, and getting a bunch of TV channels, whether or not they need all of them or not.

The TV service ought to provide a bunch of nifty options which will build it easier to search out and watch what you wish. And it comes with a free Nexus 7 tablet. And in contrast to the cable box you've got currently, it ought to heal with some frequency via software updates.

How To Set Up New Ringtone On ATT Nokia Lumia 900 With Your Own Music

How To Set Up New Ringtone On ATT Nokia Lumia 900 With Your Own Music - In fact many folks don’t need to use default ringtone on their smartphone, so that they need to use their favorite song or music from in style singer or artist. ATT Nokia lumia 900 provide and have ability to support for you once you have to be compelled to try this. If you don’t just like the default ringtones on your ATT Nokia Lumia 900 amd you'll cause you to own sounds files as ringtones. 
How To Set Up New Ringtone On ATT Nokia Lumia 900 With Your Own Music

Before you are doing it you must have ATT Nokia Lumia Syncronize Software

Step One
Connect your ATT Nokia Lumia 900 together with your pc using compatible USB cable.

Step Two
On your pc, open Zune. And then choose the sound file you would like to use as a ringtone.

Step Three
Right-click the file, then choose  Edit. then Write ringtone within the genre field, or choose it from the list.

Step Four
Drag and drop the new ringtone to your ATT Nokia Lumia 900 phone.

Step Five
On your ATT Nokia Lumia 900, choose  ringtones+sounds, then select your ringtone.

ATT Offer ATT HTC One X For $99.99

ATT Offer ATT HTC One X For $99.99 - ATT will begin selling the ATT HTC One X for just $99.99 with a two-year contract which suggests patrons curious about HTC’s 2012 flagship smartphone can have an opportunity of taking advantage of a healthy $100 discount for the device.

ATT Offer ATT HTC One X For $99.99

In the mean time, we've received confirmation that RadioShack also will provide its customers constant discount when shopping for the ATT HTC One X. Radio Shack announced nowadays it's cutting the worth of ATT HTC One X in 0.5 to merely $99.99 on this July 29. ATT has matched that worth on-line.

Also beginning on Sunday is RadioShack’s $30-$300 Trade & Save Promotion for further savings on the ATT HTC One X when a client trades in their recent device. this suggests any client who trades in a very phone in operating condition and purchases a replacement postpaid handset with a replacement or upgraded two-year agreement can receive a minimum of $30, and up to $300 for his or her traded-in device. RadioShack’s $30-$300 Trade & Save Promotion can run till Saturday on August 11.

This new worth matches up with similar reports hitting the web within the early morning. And considering the high-end Android smartphone is barely some months recent, the $100 worth drop is sort of noteworthy. Trying across the smartphone landscape, I am seeing a trend in high-end models obtaining nearer to the $100 worth purpose. ATT offer for its half, can have 3 prime models at this worth as well as the ATT Xperia Ion and ATT AtrixHD. whereas all 3 are engaging handsets with drool-worthy specs, the ATT HTC One X is maybe the simplest of the pack.

4 iPhone 5 Features You Must Know

4 iPhone 5 Features You Must Know - Apple has said consequent version of its mobile operating system, iOS 6, is coming back this fall; however it's been mum concerning its next-generation iPhone. Technology media are whipped into a frenzy speculating concerning what new and exciting of the iPhone 5 features can carry when it's rolled out in September or October.
4 iPhone 5 Features You Must Know

Improved Security

The deal's not done nonetheless, however Apple simply announced it'll obtain AuthenTec, a mobile and network security supplier that makes a specialty of security techniques that might facilitate create the iPhone safer, like content security and fingerprint recognition -- a feature the protection company sells to many laptop manufacturers and recently agreed to supply to Apple's bitter smartphone rival, Samsung.


With iOS 6 comes a replacement feature referred to as Passbook, that initially are used to store travel passes, coupons, and loyalty cards. However some tech watchers assume the new feature indicates consequent iPhone can embody an exclusive payment program primarily based on near-field communication (NFC) designed into Passbook. AuthenTec's technology may facilitate Apple padlock any NFC feature it implements.

19-pin Dock Connector

Another unconfirmed story, from Reuters, recently claimed that consequent iPhone can use a smaller 19-pin dock connector as opposition the 30-pin connector in all current iOS devices. The smaller connector can create space for a headphone jack on very cheap of the iPhone.

And if you own iPhone accessories currently, you'll need to get an adapter for them, assuming Apple releases one. pictures of an alleged iPhone 5 front panel recently appeared on the photo-sharing web site Photobucket that show panels with a extended frame where the screen would be, suggesting consequent iPhone's show are larger than it's currently. The image shows the frame's front-facing camera within the center of the device, simply on top of the earpiece.

Support for 4G LTE

If the iPhone 4S will do well with customers, the LTE-equipped iPhone 5 features ought to sell even higher.

In fact, massive numbers of individuals attempt to obtain or upgrade to the primary 4G iPhone, several of them citing the new LTE wireless technology as a main reason.