ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Will Feature 3 New Colors

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Will Feature 3 New Colors - Samsung has just announced that the ATT Galaxy S 3 will be available in three new colors, all of which stay consistent with the nature-based theme that Samsung's flagship smartphone has features thus far. Samsung said it's adding amber brown, sapphire black and titanium gray as color options for its flagship phone, which is offered by each of the four major mobile phone carriers.
ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Will Feature 3 New Colors

"Elegant, intelligent and stylish, the ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 is designed for humans and inspired by nature," reads Samsung's official blog post announcing the new colors.

The description of each colored edition gives users a historical context on the gemstone and shade that inspired the Galaxy S 3's design. The manufacturer has not revealed a release date or price for the upcoming color variants.

Samsung has also not revealed whether or not the ATT Galaxy S 3 will be released in all colors on all service providers. Perhaps Samsung will reveal more about the release date of these new Galaxy S3 color variations if it announces the Galaxy Note 2 tomorrow at the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event.

How To Add Folder To The Bottom Dock On Your ATT Galaxy S 3

How To Add Folder To The Bottom Dock On Your ATT Galaxy S 3 - Before we give ATT Galaxy S 3 tips about making a new folder. Now that we have put all Google apps into one folder, We want easy access to all those apps whe we use so often. The best way to do this is to actually you can put the entire folder into the Bottom dock of icons.

How To Add Folder To The Bottom Dock On Your ATT Galaxy S 3
Before you can do this on your ATT Galaxy S 3, you need to make some room and remove one of the icons from the Bottom dock. Ok, this is how to add folder to the bottom dock on your ATT Galaxy S 3

Step One
Touch and hold the App icon (in this case, Internet)

Step Two
Drag the icon upwards

Step Three
Touch and hold the folder (in this case, the Google folder).

Step Four
Drag the folder down into the Bottom dock of icons

Step Five
We now have a folder with eight apps instead of just one app in the Bottom dock

How To Make A Folder On Your ATT Galaxy S 3

How To Make A Folder On Your ATT Galaxy S 3 – Placing like apps on one folder will make you ease to find it and organizing your apps into folders can help by combining like apps in one place, which makes future retrieval much easier.  This is easy ATT Galaxy S 3 tips but it will make good results for you to operate your ATT Galaxy S 3.

How To Make A Folder On Your ATT Galaxy S 3

Start by tapping the Apps icon, which by default is at the lower right hand corner of the Home screen in the Bottom dock of icons.

Step One
Touch the Apps icon

Step Two
Locate the first app you want to put into a folder

Step Three
Touch and hold the app

Step Four
Drag the app to the lower left hand corner of the screen to the Create folder icon

Step Five
A new folder is created on the screen

ATT Facetime Limits Conflict With FCC Rules

ATT Facetime Limits Conflict With FCC Rules - Queries are raised concerning ATT allowing mobile share set up customers to actually access ATT Facetime within the cellular network. A few individuals have raised red flags relating to ATT Facetime limits upon the use of facetime upon the upcoming ios, alleging the restrictions may go against federal communications commission (FCC) rules.

ATT Facetime

Public knowledge could be a nonprofit organization that works on internet law. The discriminatory behavior that bergmayer is alluding to actually is ATT newly announced rules regarding the best approach its subscribers can employ ATT Facetime video decision service. last week, the network released a statement confirming that users on its upcoming mobile share set up will run facetime over its cellular network. however different plans still need wi-fi to actually utilize the video service.

To incorporate financing June, Apple announced that its latest mobile operating system, iOS 6, would permit users to actually carry out Facetime calls against a data network additionally to actually wi-fi. Queries were raised concerning just how much is network data this feature would eat up, at the side of speculation that ATT could charge its iPhone users for running the video chat feature over its cellular network.

By using ATT Facetime Limits for several of its customers, bergmayer wrote ATT is violating the FCCs open internet rules. The rules state that mobile providers shall not block applications that compete along with the providers voice or video telephony services.

Google Play Store Launch Google Gift Card App

Google Play Store Launch Google Gift Card App - Google nowadays announced the launch of Google gift card and the customers will surely be able out to purchase gift cards for google play store at radioshack, gamestop, and taget stores.

Google Play Gift Cards
According out to the Google gift card page, you'll be able out to redeem codes for music, movies and tv shows, books and apps. But, app subscriptions ( were not 100 % certain what that means that ), hardware and accessories are excluded. Google gift cards will surely be out there in denominations of $10, $15, $25 and $50. youll scratch off a the main card out to reveal a code, that youll then redeem at play. Google. com/redeem. A gift cards balance will surely be visible out of your google wallet account.

The Google gift card, similar out to the iTunes gift card and apple is selling for years, will be taken toward a sale at Googles former android app market, currently dubbed, well, google play.

Skype Update Adds Photo Sharing To iPhone App

Skype Update Adds Photo Sharing To iPhone App - Skype these days announced the availability associated with an update to actually its application for our iPhone and iPad. The latest version of Skype for iPhone and iPad devices adds the ability to actually send photos to actually different Skype users for free. Skype has conjointly created improvements to actually the apps power management. Skype claims that the app will run within the whole background for your entire day currently and not just kill the iPhone or iPads battery. 

Skype iPhone App
Skype conjointly improved the time it takes the application to actually launch, and of course the time it takes the contacts list to actually load. Skype for iPhone free download direct from app store.

You might want to grab an existing photo from a iPhone or iPad gallery -- or snap a whole new one -- after which im that photo to actually friends and family via skype. The corporate says theres no size limit by the photo. The contact needs to be found out for instant messaging. tap by the send photo button and select whether or not to actually use an existing photo or take a whole new one. Compose your message, after which click the send button.

If your contact is on-line, the answer and photo are sent on the approach ; otherwise the answer is pending till individual logs into skype.

Your Skype IM contacts will send you their photos in come back, the app and of course the contact list conjointly load slightly faster. photo and video sharing are already accessible via skype for android.

ATT Careers: ATT Full And Part Time Retail Sales Consultant

ATT Careers: ATT Full And Part Time Retail Sales Consultant - ATT careers currently offering career opportunity as retail sales consultant for young and talented out to be located in san jose and part time retail sales consultant located in Santa Clara, California. The retail sales consultants are paid a competitive hourly rate and could earn further monthly commission bucks by meeting and/or exceeding sales objectives.

Qualifications : possess a competitive spirit and desire to fulfill and exceed assigned sales goals. staying up-to-date inside the latest data/entertainment technology and devices, like wi-fi, knowledge devices, tv entertainment tools. understanding customers wants and serving to them discover how our product meet those wants. multi-tasking within the fast paced team environment. ability out to educate and engage customers through product demonstrations. ability out to interact with customers and providing prompt and courteous customer service out to all customers in person, via phone or written note. position can be commissioned and quota based

How To Apply: please visit this link if you want to apply for ATT retail sales consultant and for those who want to apply for part time as retail sales consultant follow this link.

Broward County TV Now On ATT Uverse

Broward County TV Now On ATT Uverse - ATT just announced that Broward County TV now on ATT Uverse, viewers will watch educational programming 24/7 throughout the form of subjects together with emergency preparedness, broward’s history, transportation, public safety and environmental programs on recycling, water conservation, solar power and tactics to go green.

Broward County TV

Additionally to actually nice educational programs, “Broward County TV” can feature live broadcasts on your broward county commission conferences held on tuesdays at 10 a. m. and also the broward county purchasing division bid openings every wednesday at 2 p. m. the county commission conferences will surely be rebroadcast at 5 :30 p. m. every friday participating in a tuesday commission meeting.

A schedule of upcoming county commission conferences is out there. The broward county tv provides live coverage of broward county commission conferences on comcast cable channels 12 and 77 and advanced communications on channels 64 and 25. This good news will make ATT Uverse consumers have more choice to watch on ATT Service.

ATT Samsung A157 User Manual Guide

ATT Samsung A157 User Manual Guide - ATT Samsung A157 User Manual Guide now could be out there for download, you can download it direct from Samsung website. This User Manual Guide is available in pdf, right before you read through it, please build certain the adobe reader are installed on your own own pc. if you can searching for the basic purpose of calling and texting, this can be excellent. For more detail about ATT Samsung A157 read our reviews about this ATT Go Phone.

ATT Samsung A157 User Manual Guide

This ATT Samsung A157 User Manual Guide document can provide you with data regarding user manual for samsung mobile phone. no long term commitment. no contracts. no overwhelming bills. only a nice phone, with nice ATT Service and you have got total management over what you may pay.

Download ATT Samsung A157 user manual guide in english version HERE.

Download ATT Samsung A157 user manual guide in spanish version HERE.

Samsung A157 ATT Go Phone Currently On Sale

Samsung A157 ATT Go Phone Currently On Sale - The sleek and stylis ATT Samsung A157 compact style is good for those that primarily wish a device for voice calling, but in addition wish the ability for sms text messaging. ATT Samsung A157 may be a feature phone by having clamshell style, it was actually firstly rolled out on february 21st this year, and currently it really has been quitely offered on sale via ATT Stores.

Samsung A157 ATT Go Phone

The ATT Samsung A157 pay as you go phone is similar onto the Samsung Rugby, it is equipped with a rugged appearance, in addtion, this handset features 1. 77 inches display, equiped by having music player, 256 MB memory, support text messaging. The Samsung A157 weighs 2. 82 ounces and measures 3. 76 x 1. 83 x 0.65 inches. Using 800mah li-ion battery is rated at up out to 5 hours of talk time, and up out to 10 days and 6 hours of standby time. The device runs on ATT dual-band 3g network ( 850/1900 mhz ; hsdpa/umts ). unmarried core, 416 mhz

ATT No Longer Subsidized For Tablets

ATT No Longer Subsidized For Tablets - Carrier can now not supply discounted pricing of slates with two-year knowledge contracts, it seems the times of tablet subsidies pricing are over at ATT. Customers purchasing a tablet starting on August 19, 2012, now not utilize a two-year pricing possibility. the real possibility out there can function as the no commitment pricing.

ATT Tablets
In line with a leaked ATT memo, the times of signing a 2-year contract and receiving a subsidized value coming from the carrier to firmly purchase a fresh tablet are over beginning on sunday. The only real pricing possibility out there for all those investing in a tablet from ATT is that the carriers no commitment pricing.

Those who purchased a tablet before sunday and signed a 2-year contract will still register for mobile share for $10 as long as they actually fulfill the two-year term of one's contract.

ATT joins verizon had already pulled subsidized pricing from its tablet lineup in the arrival of its share everything set up. For ATT though, the affect of going cold turkey on tablet subsidies is lots less painful than for verizon customers.

7 Simple Tricks On How To Use Pinterest App

7 Simple Tricks On How To Use Pinterest App - You're a Pinterest power user. You pay quite a few time curating your boards, pinning original content, and you may even utilize a substantial following. Your folks flock to firmly you with Pinterest-related queries, and as Pinterest veteran, you’re invariably willing when using the answers. Here the 7 simple tricks for Pinterest:

Pinterest Tips

Realize the original supply of a photograph.

How over and over have you stumbled upon an awesome item and clicked the pin, no more than to firmly stumble upon a defunct tumblr blog ? With some further steps, you'll be able to virtually invariably realize the original supply as to the image, in order that you'll be able to pin it when using the proper supply, or perhaps purchase the pictured product.

right-click the image within the whole pin and choose copy image url. Then head to firmly http ://images. google. com/ and click the camera icon within the whole search bar. Paste the image url, hit search, and browse across the results till you discover the images original supply.


Browse pinterest while not comments.

When as much as you need to firmly do is look into pretty pictures, comments on pins often is distracting. Luckily, an indie web developer created this bookmarklet that lets you hide and unhide comments. Simply click the bookmarklet and also the comments can disappear.


Highlight text before pinning.

Head to firmly a page you need to firmly pin and highlight a few text, much like the blog title. Then click the pin it button out of your bookmarks bar which highlighted text can automatically become the pins description.


Add price

If you’re pinning a product, embody a dollar ( or euro ) sign when using the value within the whole description as well as a value banner can automatically be overlayed inside the pin if you publish it. Its very useful when creating wish lists, and it helps your followers avoid clicking the pin simply to firmly realize what quantity the item prices.


Specialise in niche boards.

In comparison to pinning to firmly a collection of boards with broad topics, produce several niche boards.


Pin a photo-less page.

We’ve all been there : you click the pin it button, no more than to firmly be told that... there are not any huge images or video to firmly pin for this page. As a result of Pinterest needs that web pages have giant images or compatible videos to firmly develop a pin, this issue isn’t uncommon for Pinterest addicts.

To firmly work around the trouble, pin any photo connected to firmly the page you initially needed to firmly pin. Click see your pin to firmly read it on Pinterest, then click edit. Currently enhance link thus so it leads to firmly the page you initially needed to firmly pin. Its not the simplest answer, however works if you’re desperate to firmly pin a page.


Install the pin it button from the smartphone.

Pinning content you discover is usually higher than merely repinning things you discover out of your feed. Once its discovered, you’ll merely head to firmly your pin it bookmark everytime you see one thing pin-worthy. If you do have the official Pinterest app installed, can be called it will likely be referred to as up if you choose the image you need to firmly pin.

Unfortunately, the pin it button can’t be installed on android simply nonetheless, however ill keep you posted with any developments.

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Jelly Bean Update Featuring New Touchwiz

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Jelly Bean Update FeaturingNew Touchwiz - Samsung uses a track record of as well as new features of its own at the side of major os updates ready for its phones., leaked build of Jelly Bean regarding the ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3. However, since that day an newer version has arrived at lightweight, revealing not no more than stock Jelly Bean features like Google Now and of course the redesigned notification shade, however a bunch of additional Touchwiz goodies too. 

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 Jelly Bean Update Featuring New Touchwiz
A typical Jelly Bean feature, Samsung has unsurprisingly incorporated the redesigned notification shade into its Android 4. 1 update regarding the ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3. The redesigned date and time section is present up prime, whereas the Touchwiz settings controls stay beneath. jelly bean’s new expandable notifications are supported too -- you'll drag down on a few messages to actually expand and read a lot of info, by way of example what it s all about body associated with an email, or maybe a screenshot you’ve simply taken. Sure apps even enable button controls direct from notification shade too -- by way of example, screenshots get a “share” button, whereas calendar notifications often is snoozed or dismissed.

Alongside S Beam, the ATT Galaxy S 3 on jelly bean can support file transfers through jelly bean’s built-in android beam feature. Jelly bean brings making use of it the new Google search application, as well as the Google Now feature, that attracts upon location and Google account info to actually show relevant messages like weather, calendar appointments, navigation information and sports scores.

One of the significant of such happens to be the ability to actually switch between 2 home screen “modes.” Simple mode automatically populates your apartment screens with giant widgets showing your favorite settings, apps and contacts, additionally to actually some of larger Samsung widgets. users will switch between simple mode and basic mode across the mode management space as to the “settings” menu.

Finally, we ought to note that a number of the home screen enhancements of stock jelly bean are ported over too, thus icons will currently be bumped out the manner to actually create manner for larger widgets. Adding folders is currently little a lot of intuitive -- to actually develop a folder with an app within it, Merely drag it up towards the produce folder management along at the prime as to the screen.

Different “dormant mode” choices embrace the ability to actually block incoming calls and alarms or disable the led indicator fully.

S Memo has is eliminate, replaced with the use of a cut-down version as to the full-blown S Note app found on ATT Galaxy Note devices. S Note lite lets you produce multimedia notes by the ATT Galaxy S 3, incorporating texts, drawings, sound, video and voice recordings. The version within the current leaked firmware remains little buggy. Simple mode isn’t the only real manner within which Samsung’s aiming to actually create the ATT Galaxy S 3 less intimidating to actually first-time users. The jelly bean update too includes a dedicated new “help” application, that walks you through learn how to perform basic tasks o the phone. within the current leaked build the facilitate app covers learning basic functions like keys, the lock screen and notification space, further as how to remove vital settings like wi-fi or bluetooth and ringtones.

The possibility to actually limit background information usage, that was confusingly absent from ICS-based ATT Samsung Galaxy S 3 firmware, is currently out there within the jelly bean update.

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 Will Get Jelly Bean Update

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 Will Get Jelly Bean Update - Samsung confirmed to actually unharness the Android 4. 1 Jelly Bean updates for ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 and ATT Galaxy Note in late September or early October. The tests by Samsung are fine and Samsung can create the general public Kies unharness version.

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 Update

If everything goes according to actually set up you may get this update to actually android 4. 1. 1 jelly bean in schedule time. Whereas the ATT Galaxy Note has conjointly been confirmed to actually receive the android 4. 1. 1 update. It appears it's also a reliable selection to purchase the ATT Samsung Galaxy S 2 as well as ATT Galaxy Note currently. Thus Samsung can update additional devices than HTC, LG, Sony or perhaps Google to actually Android 4. 1. 1

Facetime Over Cellular Will Need ATT Shared Data Plan

Facetime Over Cellular Will Need ATT Shared Data Plan– ATT will provide Facetime Over Cellular as an added profit in our new mobile ATT shared data plans, that were created to actually meet customers growing data desires at an excellent worth. With mobile share, the additional data you employ, the additional you save. Facetime can continue to actually be obtainable over wi-fi for many our customers.

ATT Mobile Shared Data Plan

ATT won’t charge further to actually use apples Facetime Over Cellular networks as previously reported, other there is still a catch: subscribers can want a brand new mobile share set up to actually utilize video chat service inside the network.

ATT shared data plans is a brand new style of wireless set up that ATT will launch on August 23. It allows users to actually share a only bucket of knowledge across multiple phones, tablets, hotspots and includes unlimited talk and text.

In general, mobile share plans are costlier than basic individual and family plans, other then they’re a very good worth for subscribers who already use a lot of voice minutes and text messages.

How To Manage Which Instagram Photos Turn Up On Your Own Photo Map

How To Manage Which Instagram Photos Turn Up On Your Own Photo Map - Instagram 3.0 can map out your geotagged photos to actually your followers. heres how to actually manage which photos turn up on your own photo map.

instagram 3.0

One of the many new features in Instagram 3.0 could be a new photo map section, which should show your geotagged photos on any map in exchange for followers to actually read.

To actually edit the photos on your own photo map, heres you want to actually do :

Step One
Launch Instagram and navigate to actually your profile tab.

Step Two
Tap on photo map and zoom directly into space you need to actually take away photos from.

Step Three
Tap on edit, then tap by the photo and tap by the edit pop-up.

Step Four
Deselect any photos you need to actually take away and tap on done. any geotagged data can then permanently be faraway from the photos youve deselected.

Viewing photos on any map in Instagram isn't something new. previous of this update, geotagged photos were somewhat buried and needed the person your follower to work photo by photo, or venue by venue. currently users are able to read a map of all your photos with simply one or two taps.

ATT 4G LTE Again Expand To New Markets

ATT 4G LTE Again Expand To New Markets - ATT has announced 2 new markets on their 4G LTE Market rolloutt. Fayetteville, Springdale and Rogers, Ark. , and Waco, Texas are lit up for ATT 4G LTE Market and customers in those areas will begin enjoying faster access upon their compatible devices.

ATT 4G LTE Markets

ATT focus to provide the absolute best mobile internet expertise goes beyond ATT 4G LTE Market to actually embrace further connection technologies. ATT Wireless operates the nation’s largest wi-fi network among wireless carriers with more often 30, 000 hotspots within the whole US, and provides admittance to  225, 000 hotspots globally through roaming agreements nearly. most ATT smartphone customers get admittance to our entire national wi-fi network at no further cost, and wi-fi usage doesn’t count against customers’ monthly wireless data plans.

How To Synchronize Galaxy Nexus With Your Google Account

How To Synchronize Galaxy Nexus With Your Google Account - The reality in today’s smartphone world may be that organization of one's vital knowledge – contacts, calendars and media is easiest after you “buy into” the ecosystem on your primary developer. Your Galaxy Nexus can possibly be an superb tool for keeping your daily life organized.

How To Synchronize Galaxy Nexus With Your Google Account
Even right before you login into your google account on your own own galaxy nexus, the initial issue out to do is get your google home so as. If you do have duplicate contact entries, make use of the built in tools in Google contacts out to merge them. If you do are which means out to subscribe out to calendars out of your Google calendar, subscribe via your pc therefore the data transfers seamlessly into your device. Once your Google account is got wind of on your own pc, you can able to bring out of your data.

Step One
Power on and unlock your galaxy nexus.

Step Two
Either pull the notification space and tap the settings icon along at the high on your screen or merely slide onto the second home screen and bit the settings icon.

Step Three
Scroll down onto the personal settings and tap accounts and sync.

Step Four
Tap add account along at the bottom on your screen.

Step Five
Sign in out to your Google account.

Your data can then set out to sync onto the galaxy nexus. Only keep in mind if your phone is synced with the Google account, any changes you build out to contact data, calendar entries or another changes will surely be created across any and all devices that sync with the Google account.

Best Buy Offers Free ATT Sony Xperia Ion

Best buy Offers Free ATT Sony Xperia Ion - Appears that the ATT Sony Xperia Ion isn't thus famous, this is because barely has also been offered on sale for nearly 2 months, in spite of this, currently best obtain is giving the ATT Xperia Ion for free with the use of a new 2 year contact. Though the ATT Sony Xperia Ion is mid level smartphone, it's an improved opt for regarding the friends who don’t have an excessive amount cash however like to firmly the massive touchscreen and also the powerful cpu. So, We need to say this can be a good deal, as a result of this promotion saves you the $99. 99( currently ATT is selling the Sony Xperia Ion for $99 with 2 year contact ). And you get free shipping at Best Buy.

Best Buy Offers  Free ATT Sony Xperia Ion

When having sold it for $50 to produce a few months, best obtain currently lets you snag the ATT Xperia Ion 4g for $0. The worth sensible for is perfectly for new customers and upgraders and there’s the obligatory two-year contract with ATT, that starts at $20 per month.

The ATT Sony Xperia Ion has all the makings associated with a very good phone, however sony make a blunder by releasing it with android 2. 3 gingerbread on board. The exact issue often is said in regards to the call to firmly equip the ion with the use of a snapdragon s3 processor. Look past these 2 features, and also the rest as to the specs are pretty solid, particularly its 4. 6-inch hd show with mobile bravia engine and 12mp rear camera with exmor R technology.

Google Voice Search Update Adds More New Languages

Google Voice Search Update Adds More New Languages - Google has updated the Google Voice Search application for android devices. The new app boosts the quantity of languages to the total of 42 when using the 13 latest additions. The new languages embrace basque, bulgarian, catalan, european portuguese, finnish, galician, hungarian, icelandic, norwegian, romanian, serbian, slovak, and swedish. According to Google, devices running android 2. 2 and up will just be updated when using the new language support automatically. Older devices can really need to manually install the application coming from the Google Play Store.

Google Voice Search Update

Google Voice Search is only able to get additional correct after a while with further users, as Google uses the search queries to develop the service.

Every new language typically needs that we both initially collect numerous a large number of utterances from volunteers and, though Google been acting on speech recognition for a few years, adding these new languages led our engineers and scientists out to tackle a few distinct challenges. Whereas languages like romanian follow predictable pronunciation rules, others, like swedish, needed that we both recruit native speakers to produce us when using the pronunciations for a large number of words.

Google Maps Update With Route Out To 1 Million Transport Stations

Google Maps Update With Route Out To 1 MillionTransport Stations - Google nowadays provided a fresh update out to Google Maps for your own android platform. The newest version on your software makes strides in fleshing out public transportation details and info. Google Maps forandroid will currently give scheduling and departure time info additional than for 500 transportation hubs, like those for buses, trains, and subway systems, Totalling a little more than 1 million stations. The new software also will enable users out to set up routes including or excluse specific modes of transportation. The update is expcted to remain within the google play store later nowadays.

Google Maps Update

The improvements center on listings for public transportation choices in nearly 500 cities close to the world. At a few stations, Google can give indoor directions out to facilitate riders navigate sst.

Out to highlight what it sees just like a competitive advantage, Google is giving its latest improvements solely on devices running its android operating software. They actually embrace models from Samsung, Sony, HTC and Google Motorola mobility division.

Instagram App Update For Android and iPhone

Instagram App Update For Android and iPhone - Instagram App these days rolled out a major revision to firmly its android and iPhone applications. Now, the photo editing and sharing application currently lets users sort through photo albums by location. Obviously, geotagged images will all definitely show their location, other then users will manually flip off of the location-sharing feature photo by photo if they actually therefore wish. The photo map lets users see their unique pictures a given location, additionally as those shared by others from that same location. The app too makes many style tweaks, as well as a multi-line caption box as well as a cleaner read of user profiles.

Instagram App Update

A whole new feature known as photo maps allows you to actually showcase where you’ve taken your photos and check out where others have made use of photos. Additionally to firmly that, new profile page changes are really in impact and numerous alternative bits among the app have modified additionally. Nothing drastic other then it cleans the Instagram app up nicely.

Finally, the foremost welcome amendment for myself and doubtless others -- speed. Instagram App has also been updated to firmly permit for faster, endless scrolling and overall browsing on your app has picked along the pace. Users ought to notice less jerkiness within the whole app and images loading relatively faster. Otherwise, go ahead and fireplace along the google play store and iTunes App Store be able to arrive at downloading Instagram 3.0.

Pantech Flex The New ATT Android 4G LTE Phone

Pantech Flex The New ATT Android 4G LTE Phone - Pantech these days revealed that its next 4G LTE Android smartphone for ATT will surely be known as Flex. Pantech said the ATT Flex device will surely be out there within the coming weeks, however didn’t offer a lot of info concerning the phone.

ATT Pantech 4G LTE
Pantech is quite scant on specific info and isn’t providing photos nevertheless for the ATT Flex 4G LTE phone, however it did mention that the new device will surely be out there within the coming months. For the moment well have out to await Pantech out to spill the beans, however anyone that feeling impatient will hit the Pantech beach championships, wherein the 4G LTE Phone will surely be on show for the Pantech expertise. The Pantech beach championships is happening in ocean town, md., from august 16 through august 19. 

Press release


Top Action Sports Athletes Bucky Lasek and Brett Banasiewicz
To Compete As "TEAM PANTECH"


ATLANTA – August 16, 2012 – Pantech Wireless (, the U.S.-based subsidiary of Pantech Co., Ltd., announced today that two premier BMX and skateboarding professional athletes -- Bucky Lasek, and Brett Banasiewicz -- will represent the innovative and leading wireless device manufacturer as Team Pantech when they compete in the 2012 Dew Tour.

Pantech also announced that attendees of the Pantech Beach Championships will get an early peek at Pantech's newest 4G LTE smartphone, Flex, at the Pantech Experience onsite. Flex will be available at AT&T stores and in the coming months.

Pantech is the official wireless device partner of the 2012 Dew Tour, the world's premier action sports tour that kicks off next week and concludes in December. As the first of three events encompassing the 2012 Dew Tour, the title-sponsored Pantech Beach Championships will take place in Ocean City, Md. Aug. 16-19. (

The Dew Tour Pantech Beach Championships will air live on NBC Sports Network on Friday, August 17 at 7:30 p.m. ET, on Saturday, August 18 on NBC at 1 p.m. ET, and on Sunday, August 19 on NBC at 2 p.m. ET.

This marks the second season that Pantech will sponsor Lasek and Banasiewicz. Two of the most recognizable names in action sports, these athletes were selected to represent the Pantech brand because of their superior athletic ability and dedication to their sport.

"These remarkable athletes are role models to our core audience and have a tremendous positive impact on the sport and the Pantech brand," said Erin Magee, director of channel marketing, Pantech. "Bucky and Brett are excellent brand representatives and we are excited to have such a strong roster of Pantech athletes in the 2012 Dew Tour."
"Pantech continues to show solid support for the action sports community and I'm honored to once again be part of Team Pantech," commented Lasek. "Pantech wireless products are ideal for keeping me connected to my friends, family and fans. With great speed, innovation and design, they are easy to use and offer cool features that enable me to stay on top of my life."

Lasek and Banasiewicz will participate in special autograph sessions at Dew Tour events. Dew Tour fans will also have the opportunity to interact with the Pantech brand and products, such as the new Pantech Flex, at the Pantech Experience during the 2012 Dew Tour events.

As fans enter the Dew Tour Pantech Experience, they will register on a Pantech Element, Pantech's waterproof tablet and receive a unique PIN. The PIN will be used for checking in at different interactive kiosks within the Pantech Experience to win prizes and share their interactions on their personal social media platforms. From a Social Jukebox to a Pantech Element Dunk Tank to Dew Cup photos, fans will participate in an interactive and social journey during their Pantech Experience visit.

For long-distance fans, Team Pantech will be featured in daily highlight reels on Pantech TV, available for viewing on the Pantech YouTube channel each day of competition. Fans can also keep up with their favorite Pantech athletes on the Pantech USA Facebook and Twitter pages.

Pinterest App Review

Pinterest App ReviewPinterest App. Pinterest, arguably the worlds foremost social network for recipe concepts, knitting patterns and alternative esty-esque intrigue, has finally return to actually the iPhone and android in app kind.

Pinterest App Review

Pinterest is among the newer social networks, however gained prominence fairly swiftly once its closed beta in march 2010.

Each the Pinterest App for iPhone edition and android version are obtainable currently, from iTunes and google play respectively, and each are free downloads.

The ipad version displays four rows of pinned topics in garden, in which the iphone sticks to actually 2 in its usual portrait orientation. Pinterest App for Android ? well that version plays things somewhat fast and loose, automatically reorganising the screens contents depending on your private gadgets resolution.

Additionally noted upon the blog, android users have apparently been the foremost vocal app-hungry crowd of one's lot, begging for your own factor any time Pinterest App has created an official announcement about… something.

Pinterest had reportedly had swelled to actually 23 million users by july 2012. You can get Pinterest App for Android via Google Play Store and Pinterest App for iPhone via iTunes App Store for free.

How To Install Adobe Flash Player On Your Android Device Manually

How To Install Adobe Flash Player On Your Android DeviceManually - From these days, for a few new devices, Adobe Flash Player can not be obtainable from google play, marking the tip of flash’s temporary flirtation with android. Fortunately, though, it’s pretty simple for getting flash up and running manually, assuming you perceive the risks.

How To Install Adobe Flash Player On Your Android Device Manually
There’s no official support for flash on android currently. The indisputable fact that security updates will be no longer being developed for flash for android suggests that that running this may potentially open you up to firmly security risks and malicious flash content. Bear in mind to firmly re-enable it afterwards in exchange for device’s security.

On newer hardware, notably devices running android 4. 1, you'll expertise stability problems with flash content. That’s merely the means flash rolls on mobile devices.

You’ll would like a phone or tablet running android 2. 2 ( froyo ) to firmly 4. 1 ( jelly bean ). If you’re on jelly bean, check that you own a stock browser installed besides google chrome as chrome for android doesn’t support flash.

Currently, down to firmly business. the procedure of receiving flash for android connected to device that doesn’t already have it's pretty easy.

Step One
You’ll have to be compelled to show you device it’s ok to firmly install apps from sources alternative than google play. You’ll would like to envision the box marked “unknown sources. ” on android 2. 2, 2. 3 or 3. x, this is often found beneath settings applications. On android 4. x, you’ll witness it beneath settings security.

Step Two
On your phone or tablet, navigate to firmly http ://goo. gl/ca1wu and download the flash for android application file ( apk ).

Step Three
Once that’s done, pull through the notification space and tap upon the file to firmly install it. Tap “install” on following screen to firmly confirm.

Step Four
When flash is installed, head into your phone’s stock browser ( once more, google chrome won’t support your newly-installed flash apk ).

Step Five
On android 3. 0 or later, move to menu ( 3 dots next in the address bar on a few phones ) settings advanced enable plug-ins. to firmly enable flash content at all times, choose “always on, ” or to firmly enable it selectively on every page, opt for “on demand. ” or on android 2. 2 or 2. 3, move to menu settings ( generally menu a lot of settings ), where you’ll realize the “enable plug-ins” possibility.

Step Six
You ought to currently be prepared to work. check this link from the phone to firmly confirm that flash is up and running.

ATT Launch Anti Driving-And-Texting Campaign

ATT Launch Anti Driving-And-Texting Campaign - ATT just announced wednesday for it launching a national campaign to actually encourage folks Anti Driving-And-Texting Campaign.

ATT Anti Driving-And-Texting Campaign

The wireless communications provider said it's urging folks to actually build a pledge never to actually text and drive as a part of its “it will wait” campaign. ATT said it plans to invest “tens of ample dollars” nationally on its campaign this year, together with operating with celebrities to actually create public service announcements on TV, launching a social media campaign and operating to supply a toolkit of no-texting-while-driving info to actually each your childhood within the country.

though n. c. lawmakers banned texting and driving 3 years ago, it remains an ongoing problem. Great for ATT for their Anti Driving-And-TextingCampaign.

4G LTE BlackBerry Play Maybe Headed To ATT

4G LTE BlackBerry Play Maybe Headed To ATT - Whereas rim’s 4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook tablet isn’t precisely the device that everyone’s queuing up for or selling out, the corporate has created it a lot of engaging device by adding 4G LTE support out to it. Unfortunately at this purpose in time, the 4g playbook is just offered in Canada, though plans out to roll it up to US, Europe and therefore the rest of the planet is certainly within the cards, other then how soon, and a lot of importantly that carriers within the us will surely be supporting it?

4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook

Because of the newest developer beta os for your own playbook which has been rolled out nowadays, bundled ATT apps were noticed, so suggesting that ATT may be one amongst the carriers to aid rim’s 4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook. It has to additionally be noted that Verizon is another possibility just like the Verizon wireless store tab compiled a temporary appearance within the app world in the previous.

Nokia Will Launch Windows Phone 8 Lumia In September

Nokia Will Launch Windows Phone 8 Lumia In September - Another report has surfaced claiming that we both could get our initial glimpse on a new Nokia Lumia smartphone powered by windows phone 8 software in only 3 weeks. The purported Lumia launch might possibly be one week before Apple is anticipated out to launch consequent iPhone 5. The phone maker is scheduled to carry a Nokia world event sept. 5 and 6 in Helsinki centered primarily upon the company’s operator and retail partners. The event might possibly be a good time for them to unveil a whole new Lumia lineup out to get its business partners fascinated by upcoming devices and arrange strategies for pushing the phones along at the retail level. Bloomberg in early august initial reported that nokia planned out to unveil new windows phone 8 handsets throughout Nokia world.

Nokia Windows Phone 8

If Nokia will launch a whole new Nokia Lumia device throughout Nokia world, it might return concerning every week before Apple is anticipated out to launch consequent iPhone 5.

There’s no word however on what Nokia’s new windows phone 8 handsets would seem like or what hardware features these would possibly have. Other then based mostly on what’s coming out to windows phone 8 we are able to guess the devices would feature nfc, a quad-core processor and an sd card slot for removable storage.

On other hand Microsoft in june said that windows phone 8 would launch within the fall.