ATT Promised To Credit Affected Uverse Outage Customers

ATT Promised To Credit Affected Uverse Outage Customers - ATT Uverse outage has been facing customers almost four days and ATT said on Thursday the service has been restored. ATT promised to credit all affected customers on their bills within next two months.

ATT Uverse Credit

The ATT credit will appear within 30-60 days, Josh Gelinas, carrier spokesman said. The ATT facing customer anger and service cancellations after Uverse outage and seems its great compensation for Uverse subscribers.

ATT did not specify the amount of the credit, but further announcements are expected in the coming days. Households and businesses typically lost three days of service. ATT blamed the disruptions on a server complex. ATT Uverse outage affected more than half the states in ATT’s 22-state territory.

In addition, thousands of customers posted streams of angry tweets on Twitter and Facebook complaining about the four-day ATT Uverse outage. ATT has 7.4 million Uverse subscribers across the country and 1 percent affected by the massive Uverse outage.


Sara said...

They only credited me $20, they cancelled a service call without notifing me, and the service IS NOT restored. It is still out and they say they do not have a expected time frame for it to be restored.

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