ATT Uverse Outage Caused By Issue With Server

ATT Uverse Outage Caused By Issue With Server – ATT customers has been experiencing with ATT Uverse outage in some numerous states such as South Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia Tennessee and Arkansas. ATT customers around the states has been impacted by ATT Uverse Outage began on Monday.

ATT Uverse Outage

The ATT Uverse Outage results the subscribers unable to use ATT Uverse Voice, internet service and television. ATT said that Uverse Outage caused by issue with server that support Uverse.

"We're working to identify the issue and restore services as soon as possible. The issue has impacted a limited number of customers in some of our Southwest and Southeast region states," ATT said in a prepared statement.

“A limited number of ATT customers in some markets may be experiencing issues with Uverse service. A team of engineers and technicians are working to resolve the issue, and we apologize for any inconvenience to our customers." 


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