ATT Samsung Galaxy S 4 Comes With Touchless Gestures

ATT Samsung Galaxy S 4 Comes With Touchless Gestures – Here the new rumors for upcoming ATT Samsung Galaxy S 4, the new version of phenomenal Android smartphone will come with touchless gesture for screen navigation.

Touchless Gestures

The rumors came from Korean DDaily publication that speculates that something similar will be an added value with the ATT Galaxy 4, but on steroids. Samsung is reportedly using Atmel's newest maXTouch S controllers for mixed signal input to allow gesture-based navigation throughout the interface without contact with the screen.

The Touchless gestures will works like floating touch on Sony Xperia Sola, The feature will lets users hover your finger over the screen and select links or pictures in websites without actually touching the display.

Pantech Vega LTE sports gesture control, but it uses the front camera, which consumes a lot of battery, whereas Samsung's solution is rumored to be very power efficient, and you can see a basic floating touch demo in the promo video for the Xperia sola below to get a rough idea what we can expect if this rumor pans out.


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