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ATT Windows Phones Arrive At ATT Stores On November 9

ATT Windows Phone Smartphones Arrive At ATT Stores On November 9 – ATT just announced today that its long waiting ATT windows phones series, ATT Nokia Lumia 920, ATT Nokia Lumia 820 and ATT HTC 8X will arrive at ATT stores starting on November 9 and pre-orders begin on November 7.   

ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Pre-Order

ATT Nokia Lumia 920 will able to purchase by ATT customers at ATT stores for $99.99. ATT added special promo offers for ATT Nokia Lumia 920 with free wireless charging plate. ATT Nokia Lumia 920 will available in red, white, black, yellow and cyan and ATT Nokia Lumia 920 pre-order will begin on November 7 for $99.99 with two year agreement.

ATT Nokia Lumia 820 will available in black model only and same with 2 others windows phone 8 will begin for pre-order on November 7 for $49.99 with two year agreement. ATT Nokia Lumia 820 will offers the same exclusive content like ATT Nokia Lumia 920 including Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and Nokia City Lens.

ATT HTC 8X with pure unibody design will offers in two version for shoppers, ATT HTC 8X 16 GB available in California blue color for $199.99 with two year agreement and ATT HTC 8X GB version in California blue or Limelight (yellow) will offer for $99.99 with two year agreement. ATT HTC 8X pre-order will begin on November 7.

 “Our Windows Phone portfolio features the best designs for the fantastic experience of Windows Phone 8, Combine that with very exciting prices and our customers have lots of good reasons to choose Windows Phone this holiday season." said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices and Developer Services, ATT Mobility regarding to ATT Windows phones released.   

Source: ATT Press Release

ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Price Confirmation

ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Price Confirmation – ATT Nokia Lumia 920 expected will be arrive on ATT next week, but till now ATT still not release the price tag of the upcoming ATT Lumia series.
ATT Nokia Lumia 920 appear on Nokia line up and mentioned there that the windows phone will be price at $149.99.

ATT Nokia Lumia 920 Price

According to the folks on WPcentral, That price is from Nokia's mobile site (, which via a PC just shows some static Tiles but upon launching it on your phone, you get a different picture. The top Tile reveals an AT&T logo with that $149.99 price, which should be reassurance for those of you who have not pre-ordered.

Waiting for announcement from ATT Wireless will be clear off the issue and some analysts said it will come on November 9 and the price of ATT Nokia Lumia 920 will be announced by the carrier.

Source: WPCentral

Amazon Wireless Offer ATT Nokia Lumia 900 For $20

Amazon Wireless Offer ATT Nokia Lumia 900 For $20 - The ATT Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows Phone 7.5 is one in all the primary mobile handsets with LTE connectivity that conjointly employs a Windows Phone operating system. The handset conjointly delivers the biggest show that smartphone manufacturer Nokia has ever engineered, and also the camera combo is accentuated by a Carl Zeiss optics package. Pixel density runs 217 pixels per in. for an overall screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels with multitouch gestures are used to navigate the handset. Corning Gorilla Glass layer offers scratch resistance and glare reduction. and Amazon Wireless offer this handset for low price.

Amazon Wireless Offer ATT Nokia Lumia 900 For $20
Continuing within the hardware profile may be a Qualcomm APQ8055 Snapdragon microchip package that has a speedy 1.4 GHz Scorpion central processor, whereas a separate Adreno 205 GPU handles all graphics duties. Nokia offer The ATT Nokia Lumia 900 4G contains 512 MB of RAM memory and 16 GB of built-in storage.

That rear facing camcorder comes equipped with a twin LED flash and autofocus, bit to focus, video stabilizing, exposure management and Geo tagging options. Video recording is obtainable at 720P HD and 30 frames per second, conjointly the front facing VGA quality chat cam also offers video decision support.

In the multimedia package on board the ATT Nokia Lumia 900 4G Windows phone may be a music player that filters by album and artist or play list,  and a YouTube video player. You'll obtain the ATT Nokia Lumia 900 for $20 at Amazon Wireless.

How To Update ATT Samsung Focus S To Windows Phone Tango

How To Update ATT Samsung Focus S To Windows Phone Tango - The ATT Samsung Focus S will be updated toWindows Phone Tango even if the carrier isn't pushing the update simply nonetheless. Then make certain that you simply have a laptop with Zune put in and your information cable nearby.

How To Update ATT Samsung Focus S To Windows Phone Tango
The trick is to rig the system—basically use a similar trick several of you probably did for Mango where you set your phone into Airplane mode (disable all radios), plug into Zune and check for an update. Currently you wait concerning thirty seconds and an update is going to be shown.

You doubtless ought to repeat the procedure many times, and with every iteration, a more modern software version is going to be put in. Eventually, your ATT Samsung Focus S ought to get the 8773 firmware. Some speculate that the carrier is prepared to allow it the inexperienced lightweight; however it's looking ahead to HTC and Nokia to be prepared with their Tango updates too. Or maybe the new software desires some a lot of testing before it's prepared for prime time. Oh, and by the method, the technique would possibly work with the Samsung Focus Flash and therefore the ATT Samsung Focus 2too, though we do not have a concrete confirmation on that.

HTC Will Release 3 Windows Phone 8 Devices This Year

HTC Will Release 3 Windows Phone 8 Devices This Year - Accordingto sources, HTC are releasing 3 Windows Phone 8 devices presently within theyear  the HTC Rio, HTC Accord and therefore the HTC Zenith.

HTC Windows Phone 8
HTC was one among the primary makers confirmed to be teaming up with Microsoft to unharness a batch of Windows Phone 8 handsets, and like they did with the Android-powered one series, they’ve got phones designed for various markets. The Accord is HTC’s mid-range Windows Phone, and can have a rather larger Super LCD two screen at 4.3 inches. The phone can feature a dual-core Snapdragon S4 and, 8-megapixel camera and NFC support. The Zenith ought to lead the method with its array of spectacular specs, as well as a quad-core Snapdragon S4 and, 4.7-inch Super LCD two screens and 8-megapixel camera.

Not surprisingly, these offerings are packaged in nearly identical method because the One series, albeit with Windows Phone 8 rather than Android Ice Cream Sandwich. What we have a tendency to do understand, sadly, is that the unhealthy news that ATT Nokia Lumia users won't be ready to upgrade their Windows Phone 7 platform to Windows Phone 8.

Amazon Dropped ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Price

Amazon Dropped ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Price - Amazon has dropped the worth of the ATT Nokia Lumia 900 for brand spanking new customers and people wishing to upgrade to ATT’s flagship 4G LTE Windows Phone.

Amazon Dropped ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Price

Before Amazon had been providing the Lumia 900 for a mere $19.99 for those wishing to form an upgrade. The retailer has currently dropped the worth for upgraders the entire manner all the way down to $9.99 with a brand new two-year agreement.

Amazon offered the ATT Lumia 900 for $49.99 with new two year contract before nowadays, but now, Amazon has the device listed for the paltry total of $39.99.

Those trying to snag the phone off-contract also will get a reduction at Amazon because the phone currently prices $449.99 that is down from Amazon’s original off-contract worth of $499.99.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is ATT’s current top-of-the-line Windows Phone and one in all the numerous 4G LTE devices that the carrier currently has in its stable.

ATT Nokia Lumia 900 VS ATT HTC Titan 2

ATT Windows Phone

Yesterday ATT and Microsoft opened its registers for 2 4G LTE Windows phones: the ATT Nokia Lumia 900 and also the ATT HTC Titan 2.

Both have the foremost recent version of Windows Phone OS, massive screens over four inches, and 16GB of storage, with 25GB of additional storage on-line. First off, the ATT Titan 2 and ATT Nokia Lumia 900 are each solid phones. Though decision quality and battery life also are vital, the characteristics that create the foremost distinction are a phone's style, screen, camera, and price. The ATT Lumia 900's style in blue and white (the black color appearance a lot of understated,) however the ATT Titan 2 is by no means that unattractive.

First, the smaller screen (4.3 inches versus the Titan II's four.7 inches) makes the show sharper. Additionally, the Lumia 900's AMOLED screen material and Clear Black show technology create blacks look darker and colors pop.

Side by facet, with brightness on each screens set to the best settings, the ATT Lumia 900's show appearance richer, deeper, and much a lot of vibrant than the Titan II's. In my view, the ATT Titan 2's 16-megapixel camera is HTC’s single best argument against the Lumia 900, and not simply because the Titan II produces photos with doubles the megapixels. 

The Lumia 900 photos have a yellowish forged; the Titan II's are bluer, maybe more true to life. I additionally found the Titan II photos little darker, however the hues appeared richer, particularly indoor shots of living, respiratory humans (camera phones are typically really expert at laundry us out.)

I seldom futz with camera settings, except for forays into macro mode and night mode. Sadly for HTC, the 16-megapixel camera is that the ATT HTC Titan 2's one clear selling purpose against the ATT Nokia Lumia 900's value or a minimum of till its own value drops. On behalf of me that is not enough; however camera buffs would possibly shell out the additional money or look forward to Titan 2 costs to fall.

In favor of the ATT Nokia Lumia 900. HTC contains a heap to supply Windows Phone users, however during this head-to-head, Nokia's efforts in making a singular Windows Phone expertise that is priced to sell have.

ATT Nokia Lumia 900 Will Available On April 8

ATT Nokia Lumia 900

The ATT Nokia Lumia 900, the Windows Phone named “Best of CES” for all smartphones, are accessible completely within the U.S. from ATT on April 8 for $99.99. one in every of the primary 4G LTE Windows Phones within the world, the Nokia Lumia 900 provides ATT customers a lot of 4G LTE selections than ever before and therefore the largest choice of Windows Phones within the U.S.
Customers who will’t wait to induce their hands on this new smartphone can pre-order it in cyan or black starting March thirty by visiting or any ATT company-owned retail store. Qualified business customers who receive wireless service discounts will pre-order the Lumia 900 on-line, starting the afternoon of March thirty, at

Running on ATT’s superfast 4G LTE network, the ATT Lumia 900 delivers an unsurpassed mobile expertise. With 4G LTE speeds, the people-first kind of Windows Phone seven.5 and outstanding style lets customers access their emails, music and social media quickly and helps them look sensible whereas doing it.  The ATT Lumia 900 are accessible in distinctive and attention-grabbing cyan blue and a matte black on April eight, with a newly announced high-gloss white version on sale starting April 22.

“ATT and Nokia’s relationship spans a few years and we’re thrilled to introduce their initial 4G LTE Windows Phone just for our customers,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice chairman – Devices, ATT Mobility.  “The Lumia 900 is impeccably designed with clean lines and a camera that rivals stand-alone digital cameras on the market nowadays. mix that with the people-first Windows Phone expertise and our 4G networks – the nations’ largest – and it’s clear that {this is|this is often|this will be} one in every of the simplest phones customers can notice.”

The ATT Nokia Lumia 900 includes a four.3-inch ClearBlack AMOLED show for wealthy, bright pictures each indoors and out and a long-lasting 1830 mAh battery for enjoying content. 

Its eight megapixel camera includes Nokia's exclusive Carl Zeiss optics, with massive aperture (F2.2) and wide angle focal length (28mm) for high-quality, uncropped pictures even in low-light conditions. The front-facing camera boasts an outsized aperture and a good angle lens that ensures sharp, bright pictures for high-quality video calling, right out of the box.  Additionally, customers will get pleasure from their favorite music and videos from their Lumia 900 wherever they're with the Nokia Purity HD On Ear Stereo Headset by Monster, additionally accessible starting April 8.

Samsung Focus Windows Phone - Att go - at&t go

Samsung Focus Windows Phone is gps-enabled phone can access the ATT Navigator service for turn-by-turn directions as well as its Video Share service, which enables you to send video of yourself to another compatible phone while making a voice call. It's powered by a blazing-fast Qualcomm 1 GHz Snapdragon processor for a fast mobile data experience. The Windows Phone 7 operating system has been carefully crafted to help you get more done in fewer steps with a unique Hub and Tile interface.

ATT Samsung Focus

Samsung Focus make you easy to get moving with both business and fun, one of the world's first smartphones using the Windows Phone 7 operating system. The Focus also includes integrated Wireless-N Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) for access to home, corporate, and hotspot networks. And it includes free access to ATT's entire national Wi-Fi network

Windows Phone 7 also integrates with many popular Microsoft services such as Xbox LIVE, Windows Live, Bing, and Zune.

The Start screen includes the People Hub, which constantly refreshes with status updates from your favorite friends. Other Tiles allow you to quickly see new e-mails arrive in your inbox, play games via Xbox LIVE, and access recent photos and albums to view as well share with others. Swipe up to view more Tiles like music, Office, and more.

In addition to Internet Explorer 8 for full HTML Web browsing, the Samsung Focus also includes fully integrated Microsoft Exchange e-mail and calendar as well as Office Hub, which offers mobile versions of popular productivity programs, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote Mobile, and SharePoint Workspace Mobile.

Move or delete messages in bulk, and respond to meeting invites right from your inbox with Outlook Mobile. Streamlined account setup works with Windows Live, Google, Yahoo!, and other popular providers. Windows Phone 7 also combines your work and personal calendars into a single, color-coded view, making it easier to spot conflicts and manage your life.

Windows Phone 7 has mobile versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on hand for reviewing or editing on the go. 

Notes in OneNote Mobile--grocery lists, meeting memos, spontaneous musings--can sync wirelessly to the Web and include voice clips and pictures. 

Features : 

·         Fast 3G connectivity via AT&T's HSPA/UMTS network (850/1900 MHz bands; 3.6/7.2 Mbps speeds with network availability).
·         Digital compass sensor
·         4.0-inch Super-Amoled touchscreen display (480 x 800 pixels) with proximity and light sensors
·         HD video capture capabilities (720p)
·         Digital media player compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC/AAC+/eAAC+ music formats, and MPEG4, H.264, WMV video.
·         FM radio
·         Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.1) includes profiles for communication headset, hands-free car kits, and the A2DP Bluetooth profile--enabling you to wirelessly stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones or speaker dock.
·         8 GB internal memory
·         Access to popular instant messaging services
·         Access to personal and work e-mail (supports Microsoft Exchange corporate e-mail)
·         MicroUSB port (2.0)
·         3.5mm headphone jack